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10 Remote Office Ideas to Help Reduce Workplace Fatigue

25 August 2021

In the workplace, mental exhaustion is a major issue, and it is often directly tied to physical exhaustion. For example, having unsuitable seating or a wrong workplace setup can cause anxiety in many employees, leading to additional long-term concerns. 

An optimal workplace considers the application of ergonomics. Office ergonomics focuses on the impact of furniture and surroundings on our productivity and efficiency at work.

Many home office design ideas will help you conquer that barren spell if you are seeking work-from-home office ideas to combat workplace exhaustion. 

You will be surprised at how much a simple adjustable standing desk or your sensible decision to choose an ergonomic chair may increase your work effectiveness. 

This blog post discusses some of the best home office setup ideas that are both attractive and functional.

Vici Duplex Standing Desk

Simple and Creative Ideas for a Work-from-Home Desk Setup

The right home office space ideas can improve your complete environment and help you achieve better job results. According to several studies, creativity in the workplace is linked to a variety of characteristics found in our surroundings.

There are various ways to decorate your workplace and achieve improved outcomes, ranging from simple and basic office design ideas for tiny firms to strategies to set up a significant professional office.

Here are a few low-cost and simple work-from-home office setup ideas that will help your small home office look and feel more organized, which in turn reduces your work fatigue.

Monochrome Office Design

Going monochrome is a brilliant idea if your office wants to do serious work (no offense). A simple office design can aid in the maintenance of a cleaner environment, ensuring that your workplace does not feel cluttered and that you can focus. And, if you need to have a highly concentrated work style, make sure you do not overcrowd your desk or push yourself too hard on discomfort. Monochromatic offices, on the other hand, are far more appealing.

Take Advantage of a Corner Space

It is a clever idea for a work-from-home office that saves space. The corners of your rooms are often overlooked, but the pandemic has shown us that they are also the most valuable portions of your home. 

Corners have several advantages over the front or center, including being quiet, providing seclusion, and being suitable for an L-shaped workstation. Yes, an L-shaped or corner standing workstation has several advantages over a regular desk. 

You might, for example, use it as a multi-monitor computer desk or use the extra room for your gaming setup.

L-Shaped Standing Desk E4L

Desk with Two Drawers

If another household member needs to work from home, this setup is essential. However, do not consider sharing a desk; it will just result in a slew of arguments. A twin desk setup comes in handy in this situation. 

Even if you work in different businesses, you will be side by side, connected and chatting about office gossip, and you will have some privacy with your workstation. A shared workstation, such as a double desk or an L-shaped desk, allows you to work together.

Make Sure to Add a Touch of Nature Through Plants

If you want to make your modest workstation more pleasant and comfy, add a few plants. For your workstation, it is a popular work-from-home office option. 

The benefits of having something green and fresh by your side will make you happy. However, avoid plants that demand a lot of attention and water, as your supervisor will not like your frequent gardening breaks.

Esben Standing Desk UD4

Desk with Drawers

One of the most important hacks for a work-from-home office setup is this. Desk storage is necessary since it maintains the workspace tidy and stops you from frantically searching for a single file. 

If you choose the perfect desk with adequate storage, you will use it for multiple reasons.

Close to the Window

There is no better spot for your work corner than by a window. Natural light is the ideal way to work or focus so that you will not have any strain or pressure on your eyes. 

You can also avoid having to set up a decent light or a desk lamp by doing so. If you prefer to work late at night, you may require a large desk lamp.

Make Use of Your Closet

It is an intriguing work-from-home office concept. Any closet that does not have enough clothes to host or even the empty closet in your guest room, can be used to set up your home office. 

You can clear out the closet and set up a workstation in its place. A floating desk, paired with an excellent work chair, is also a fantastic option. Ensure that the closet is well-decorated to achieve the desired effect.


There is no need to be concerned if your desk lacks drawers or any storage system or if the ones that fit your budget do not allow you to retain items. 

An excellent storage option beside your work desk or home office is the wall. All you need to do now is mount a few small shelves to suit your needs, and you have got yourself a proper home office arrangement.

Transformable Multipurpose Home Office Design

Is there a table where your child studies at night? Alternatively, if your working hours extend past their bedtime, investing in an individual desk is pointless. Start crunching the statistics on your laptop. 

To discover the ideal location for your company, all you need is a clear vision. You can also look for an empty dressing room or a kitchen counter with nothing on it. This is currently one of the most popular work-from-home office concepts. Let us give it a shot right now!

Esben Standing Desk UD4

Standing Desk Workstation

Sitting for long periods has been scientifically established to have numerous detrimental health effects. This could induce back pain and exhaustion throughout your body.

As a result, try not to limit yourself to the same position, especially while working from home with little work-life balance. You should invest in a standing desk if you want a more particular workplace design that is ergonomically sound rather than a patchwork home office style. 

It is a good idea to invest in an adjustable standing desk if you want to alternate between sitting and standing. You can get yourself a standing desk by browsing the wide selection of ergonomic equipment available on flexispot.com

You can find the Esben Standing Desk UD4. This desk is a one-of-a-kind tool that will help you appreciate your work and even reduce any physical and mental fatigue.