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10 Ways Drafting Tables Can Change Your Workplace

16 December 2021

If you work in the creative arts, engineering, or architectural industry, you might greatly benefit from a drafting table, and it should undoubtedly be a part of your workplace. They are distinct from standing desks in that they are more slanting and angled towards the user. This makes drafting tables easier to work and draw on while reducing pressure on the wrist, neck, and back.

Drafting tables can be used for multiple purposes, making them an extremely versatile addition to any workplace. Here is everything you need to know about these useful, practical, and aesthetic tables and how they can instantly transform your workplace.

Drafting Table

What Is a Drafting Table?

A drafting table, also often known as a drawing table, is a worktable angled towards the user and has a broad top. It makes it easier for users to draw on large papers, plans, and projects, such as in the case of blueprints, artwork, and mechanical drawings. At the same time, it maximizes the user's comfort while reducing pressure and enhancing ergonomic pressure.

Depending on the style, the height of a drafting table can be adjustable to suit the user. For example, FlexiSpot’s Height Adjustable Drafting Table maximizes comfort and keeps the user energized through the wide range of customizability it offers. Depending on your preference, you can adjust the height and keep it straight or angled. Moreover, it even holds a built-in drawer so that you can keep all of the tools and documents in one place.

A drafting table was quite popular back in the day as all artists, architects, and engineers used it to draft plans and draw. However, today, while the importance of drafting tables is undeniable, it is not as widely used anymore because they rely on computers to create their work. Still, people continue to have them in their workplaces and home offices because they serve multiple purposes, and their sturdy structure allows you to make use of them for years to come.

Drafting Tables Can Transform Your Workplace

How Drafting Tables Can Transform Your Workplace

A well-made drafting table from a reputable brand, such as FlexiSpot, can certainly be used for a long time, which makes it well worth the investment. However, you might be wondering how you can use a drafting table for your workplace. Here are some of the ways they can completely transform your workplace:

Provides a Large Working Space

Drafting tables are built to have a large surface and top, providing plenty of working space where you can place multiple huge papers and documents without them getting mixed up or wrinkled. You can also work on different drawings and projects all at once due to the large space. Moreover, this factor also makes it easier to look at the entire project at once.

Enhances Productivity

Enhances Productivity

A drafting table is designed to be adjustable and enhance your productivity so that you can work comfortably for hours. You can easily align your body accordingly to access the document or drawing in front of you and work effectively. It makes all of your tasks easier to do, and you can also easily make any required changes without worrying about messing up.

Moreover, the fact that it enhances your comfort while working also allows you to work productively and for a longer time. Hence, you will be able to finish up tasks much quicker than you would with a regular worktable.

Height Adjustable

Unlike regular worktables, drafting tables can be adjusted to your height. You can even increase its height so that you work while standing. This can be quite beneficial in the workplace where you put pressure on your abdomen by sitting all day long. When you adjust the drafting table to change it to become a standing table, you can reap more benefits.

For example, it tightens your core and straightens your back, keeping you in a healthy and upright position. Doing this for a few minutes every hour while working can help you stay in shape and be healthier.

Customized to Your Needs

Customized to Your Needs

The range of adjustability in a drafting table allows you to customize the table according to your height and the project you are working on. Depending on the style of the model, you might even be able to adjust the angle of the table. It can be straight or tilted depending on your needs. This helps curb monotony and enhance your comfort in the workplace.

All of this aids in morale and productivity and allows you to produce high-quality work.

Can Be Used By Multiple People Simultaneously

The large tabletop also aids in the value of drafting tables for offices and workplaces. You can spread various papers and documents together on the table to present them. You can create a storyboard so that many people can look at it simultaneously. Similarly, with everything accumulated in one place, they can look at the entire plan or design at once, providing better critique and changes.

Enhances Posture and Alignment

Enhances Posture and Alignment

The most defining feature of a drafting table that will transform your workplace is that it will significantly aid in better posture and alignment. With regular worktables, you spend a lot of your time with your head down. This is unhealthy for your neck and back and will lead to sore, tight, and achy muscles. Due to this, you likely cannot also work for longer hours.

However, with a drafting table for your workplace, you don’t need to worry about neck and back problems anymore. The design of the table and range of adjustability create an angled, front-facing view that provides more accessibility as well. This means that you likely don’t get tired easily either, allowing you to do your job more quickly and efficiently.

Perfect Drawings

Traditional worktables and desks are not ideal for certain types of tasks and professions. For them, a drafting table is extremely useful in many ways. This is why such a table will likely change your entire workplace, not just in terms of aesthetics and visuals, but also because it will enhance the productivity of each worker.

If you need a drafting table to create art pieces and drawings, you will notice that you can come up with even better drawings and results when you work on a drafting table.

Adds a More Professional Touch

Adds a More Professional Touch

Traditional desks are what you find at most offices. However, a drafting table is specialized for specific professions. While these may take up more space, they give others the right impression that your workplace is serious about the work.

Reduces Fatigue

Rather than having to conform to a regular and traditional table, the drafting table itself conforms to your needs. It can be adjusted to your needs and preferences, ensuring that you work with maximum comfort. In fact, after lunch hours are when you feel the most fatigued. You can get rid of this by extending the drafting table and turning it into a standing one. This can help you reduce fatigue and stay alert while working, hence enhancing your productivity.

Fewer Injuries

The most beneficial way drafting tables can change a workplace is through the fact that they enhance ergonomic postures and maximize comfort. Employees have to deal with multiple problems, including neck strain, backache, and wrist problems. However, all of these are alleviated by sitting and standing periodically and sitting with the right postures.

Moreover, this also reduces employees’ probability of injuring themselves. All chronic ailments are also alleviated, which means that employees will come to the office every day without having any pain or problems.

What to Look for In a Drafting Table

What to Look for In a Drafting Table

When you are shopping for a drafting table, there will be a few factors you need to take into consideration. They include the following:


Drafting tables vary in size, but most of them are quite large. This is why you will need to measure the room first before you purchase a drafting table.


One of the defining features of drafting tables is that they help provide comfort. This is mainly due to the height and angle adjustments. This is why, when shopping for the right table, you should look for a drafting table that you can adjust according to your height. If it cannot, then it is not the right one.


A drafting table is quite versatile and can be used for multiple purposes. If it comes with more features, then it is even more versatile. Hence you should find one that offers you features such as a built-in drawer, an adjustable light, and perhaps even a stool.

Final Words

If you want a drafting table for the workplace that not only transforms the look of your office but provides a myriad of benefits to you and your employees, then look no further than FlexiSpot’s Height Adjustable Drafting Table. An expandable drop leaf design, a built-in drawer, and a tiltable tabletop is the perfect addition for any workplace or home office.

Not to mention, it's currently on sale, so grab this masterpiece today!