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10 Ways Businesses Can Support Parents Who Work from Home

27 September 2021

Many people have struggled with the new concept of working from home, and we have all had our fair share of difficulties moving to this stage. While some people appreciated being closer to their families and having more freedom, others missed the calm and professionalism of a traditional workplace. 

Furthermore, with daycares closed, it has been particularly difficult for parents working from home to focus and manage multiple children simultaneously.

A child's emotional breakdown may occur while the parent attends the most crucial meeting of the day. True, the best home office arrangement provides you with the ideal working atmosphere yet parenting while working from home is challenging in many ways.

Thankfully, even businesses are aware of the problem. There are numerous methods for a company to maintain a healthy work-life balance for its employees while also making it convenient for parents who work from home.

Parents Who Work from Home

How Can Parents Who Work from Home Be Supported?

As the work-from-home routine took hold, the company kept a careful eye on productivity and motivation levels. As a result of the freedom that working from home enables, many organizations have seen a significant increase in productivity. 

As a result, many organizations opt for remote work and provide their staff with the necessary job from home gear.

This also implies that firms are creating and discovering new ways to promote flexibility so that employees feel more valued and, as a result, perform more efficiently.

Here is some fantastic parenting advice for working mothers and how organizations may make this difficult time simpler, from knowing the definition of performance management to introducing various ways to run smoothly.

Talk to Your Coworkers

Just because your employee struggles with management does not mean they will not manage in the future. You can assist them by interacting with them and learning what they want to be done and how they want it done, and this will aid in the discovery of common ground.

Work That Is Based on Results

Work That Is Based on Results

Remote working has the advantage of being outcome-based rather than work-hours-based. As a result, there should be some flexibility between work and home as long as working parents complete their objectives, submit reports, and attend important meetings.

Programs of Assistance

Work may not be their primary difficulty but balancing other responsibilities with work is. Fortunately, you may implement a variety of support services for parents to assist them throughout the day.

Working parents who have flexible work hours, and a robust support system will be more engaged and productive. 

Working parents may appreciate the organization's ability to provide prepared meals or childcare support. This will also make your staff feel valued and understood, and they will enjoy working for you shortly.

Employee Identification

Employee Identification

Perhaps some of your employees are afraid of losing their employment if they speak up. Make sure you build a robust and safe platform for people to come forward and speak out about their problems. 

If employees are under pressure at work and can be productive, this will only lead to mental tension and worsening the situation over time.

Schedule That is Unique to You

Do not fall into the trap of believing that one size fits all. Allow for some workweek flexibility. This might mean a four-day workweek with ten-hour days for some, and others may spend three days in the office and two days working remotely. 

Allowing employees to propose a flexible work schedule promotes a culture of empowerment.

Flexibility Acceptance

Flexibility Acceptance

Things have altered as a result of the pandemic, and it is neither sad nor concerning. Flexibility, on the other hand, is a must-have attribute in today's workplace. As a result, businesses and employees must work together to provide the most innovative help solutions.

Allow working parents to spend as much time with their family as they need. Employees work digitally and are productive regardless of the time or location in which they work. As a result, the traditional 9-to-5 weekday has vanished.

Mental Health

We are all in this together, and sometimes all we need to hear is this. Employers should provide exceptional support to worried, perplexed, or afraid staff during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

They can also help parents who work from home to help their children cope with anxiety and fear. Employers should also ensure that only trustworthy information is disseminated and that all employees have access to psychosocial treatment.

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Providing the Right Office Tools for Use

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Tips for Work-at-Home Parents

Finding the correct time to work and maintaining a work-life balance is critical while working from home. Many parents suffer from depression due to their inability to keep their children occupied or maintain a proper work routine. This is not to say you are poor at parenting or work; it just means that learning to manage things takes time and effort.

So, if you find your mother or father struggling with this transition, consider purchasing them a work from home dad gift that will reassure them and assist them with their work. Aside from that, here are some helpful hints for working mothers.

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Make a Schedule

Everything is chaos without a schedule, whether it is business or life. Even if you have the freedom to work at any time during the day, the appropriate routine can help you stay organized. 

Setting a regular schedule may seem difficult at first, but you will soon become uncomfortable without it. So, although you make time for yourself, make sure your children have a routine that is as close to their pre-pandemic existence as possible.


No, you will not be a horrible employee as a result of this! Inform your boss of bosses ahead of time that you have children at home and cannot guarantee unbroken business calls.

Also, have a conversation with your children. Let them know that, while it may be a weekend or vacation because everyone is at home, working from home is a very unusual situation.

Making a List of Activities for Them to Participate In

Making a List of Activities for Them to Participate In

Plan diverse activities that require a little parental guidance, such as games, puzzles, exercise boxes, and so on, depending on your work schedule and your child's age.

You may also keep them entertained by allowing them to use safe programs and watch their favorite shows. Have a backup plan in place if these activities do not support the youngsters engaged.

Final Thoughts

Working parents' life is not easy, and given this pandemic situation, it would be more of a challenge. We mentioned in this article the tips you can use to give your remote employees the help and support they need. In addition, we added a few tips you can try as a remote worker to boost your productivity and balance everything that is going on in your life.