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10 Ways to Boost Your Gaming Performance

24 February 2022

PC gamers tend to typically spend more time on their desk, computers, and chair than office goers. Yet, their ergonomics is seldom thought of. This must change because all gamers should have an ergonomics setup so that gaming can be more flexible, comfortable, and much safer for their bodies. This becomes especially necessary considering how a large segment of the population plays video games on a regular basis.

There are multiple reasons why gamers should invest in gaming ergonomics. It can take your comfort and performance to the next level in many ways. This guide will walk you through the multiple reasons gamers should have an ergonomic setup. Additionally, we will also run you down through a brief guide on how to achieve such a setup.

Say goodbye to bad postures, backaches, neck, and eye strain while gaming, and say hello to gaming ergonomics!

Gaming Ergonomic Set-Up

 Why Invest In a Gaming Ergonomic Set-Up

Ergonomics is used to enhance comfort and prevent individuals from short and long-term health problems that could arise from sitting in front of a computer for extended periods of time. This can lead to a number of benefits, which are as follows:

Boost Your Gaming Performance

When you have a comfortable setup, you will also easily focus on the game with minimal distractions. It will improve your blood flow and oxygen in the body, which will keep your mind alert. Additionally, it will keep you motivated, energized, and in a better mood. All of this will help significantly boost your performance as well.

Alleviates Back Pain

Alleviates Back Pain

Perhaps the most significant benefit of an ergonomic setup is that it helps alleviate back pain, which is a common issue for gamers. An ergonomic chair will reduce the stress on your upper and lower back and spine. This will improve your posture and alleviate any back pain that would otherwise be common and might worsen over time.

Improve Blood Flow

Sitting in the correct posture through an ergonomic gaming chair will also improve your blood flow. The improved circulation can lead to a myriad of benefits since it positively impacts all parts of your body, especially your brain. As a result, you will have improved focus and think clearly, which can contribute to your gaming performance.

Reduces Risk of Carpal Tunnel

Reduces Risk of Carpal Tunnel

Carpal tunnel is common in individuals who regularly type in keyboards, including gamers. With an ergonomic keyboard and mouse, you will not have to worry about any such issues since they enhance your wrist and arm position to prevent pain, strain, and carpal tunnel.

Improve Posture

An ergonomic setup will help promote improved posture as you will likely be in a neutral position wherein your head, neck, shoulders, back, and hips will all be aligned. This improved posture will lead to a myriad of benefits and also prevent numerous health risks.

Not to mention, your posture will reduce strain and make you feel less tired. As a result, you will be 100% focused on your gaming.

Enhances Performance and Productivity

Enhances Performance and Productivity

A lot of people also use their gaming setup for work, especially these days when they have to work from home. When you create an ergonomic setup, you can also boost your productivity and performance at work. You will be more focused on completing tasks and do that in a better manner as your brain will be more energized, and your body will be more comfortable.

Reduces Muscle Cramps and Headaches

When you don't have an ergonomic setup, you are more prone to health issues and problems like muscle cramps, neck strain, backaches, and headaches. All of this is predominantly because of a lack of oxygen reaching your brain and body. When you improve your posture and have your monitor at the right distance from you and more, you can reduce the risk of all of these issues.

Can Keep You Active

Can Keep You Active

If you have an adjustable gaming desk that can turn into a standing desk, such as the Adjustable Gaming Desk from FlexiSpot, you can reap numerous benefits. Not only will it give you an opportunity to stretch your legs during your gaming session, but it will also help you stay active and burn more calories.

The ability to get in some movement while gaming will aid your mental and physical health. It will help you perform better in games and keep you feeling good.

Maintains Your Joints

A non-ergonomic setup might make you mildly uncomfortable in the short term, but it can lead to a series of serious issues in the longer term. This is because it puts unnecessary stress and strain on your body, and when that happens for an extended period of time, it can result in misalignment in your skeletal system. This could ultimately lead to serious back injuries.

Enhances Your Gaming Session

Enhances Your Gaming Session

All you need for an enhanced gaming session is to feel energetic, comfortable, and focused. With a gaming ergonomic setup, you can achieve all of that. They can improve your blood circulation, posture, comfort, and keep your mind alert. You will not even feel distracted often. As a result, you will be able to take your gaming session to the next level.

How to Achieve a Gaming Ergonomic Setup

An increasing amount of gamers realize these aforementioned benefits of an ergonomic gaming setup. It not only enhances comfort and performance, but the great thing about it is that the setup can easily be achieved with a few pieces of equipment.

Here is what an ergonomic gaming setup consists of:

Gaming Chair

Gaming Chair

This is perhaps one of the most important elements of an ergonomic setup. An ergonomic gaming chair will provide you with the utmost comfort and game without any distractions. Even in the midst of the excitement, while you are focused on playing, you will feel comfortable in an ergonomic chair that provides the best kind of back support.

Armrests and Cushions

If you cannot invest in an ergonomic gaming chair, you can always consider optimizing the chair you already have. This can be done by placing a cushion on your back. Adjusting the cushion should be done until your spine reaches a neutral position. A 90-degree position is not always the optimal one, but rather a 120-degree position would be more favorable.

Similarly, there should always be an armrest or place where you can rest your arms when gaming. This will reduce the strain on your arms and wrist.

Adjustable Gaming Desk

Adjustable Gaming Desk

The FlexiSpot Adjustable Gaming Desk allows you to adjust the desk's height while gaming. This means that you can alternate between sitting and standing. It will automatically rise without toppling anything. As a result, you will get the opportunity to stretch your legs, burn more calories, and stay active.

The adjustable gaming desk is sturdy, does not wobble, and provides enough space to rest your arms and wrist on it.

Gaming Mouse and Keyboard

There are tons of gaming mice and keyboards designed specifically for gamers to make the most out of their gaming experience. However, you can make your regular gaming mouse and keyboard ergonomic-friendly as well just by adjusting their position.

For example, the keyboard must be placed in such a way that it allows your wrists to stay in a neutral position. This is one where there is the least amount of strain and stress on your wrists. How you hold your mouse should also be one that reduces strain on your wrist. Consider a claw grip or palm grip.

Gaming Monitor

Gaming Monitor

The gaming monitor is another significant consideration in gaming ergonomics. After all, when it is not properly set up, it can lead to headaches, eye strain, and more. Adjusting the monitor to be more ergonomic can make all the difference to your gaming experience.

Your monitor should not be set at a high brightness level. But more importantly, it should be at eye level from you to reduce the strain in your eyes. If it is too high or too low, it will cause a neck strain.

It is also recommended that the monitor be set at an arm’s length from you. The farther, the better. To reduce the chances of strain on the eyes, you should also avoid positioning your monitor right in front of a window or a light source.

The Bottom Line

As you can tell by now, gaming ergonomics can make all the difference to your gaming experience. With an ergonomic gaming setup, you will be able to spend hours gaming while enhancing your productivity comfortably. Therefore, anyone who takes gaming seriously should invest in an ergonomic gaming setup.

One such ergonomic gaming investment you must make is to get an adjustable gaming desk from FlexiSpot. This will help you reduce strain, fatigue, and pain. It will alternatively enhance your blood flow, keep you active, and reduce health risks.