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11 Back to School Must-Haves for Fall of 2021

12 August 2021

Children are returning to school across the country. You may be excited to return to the daily routines after some time of distance education. As the Delta variant increases, it may be wise to plan for alternatives, closures, or future hybrid programs. There are bargains on some of our beloved school supplies, whether you're starting secondary school or university or whether you're an educator getting back into the swing of things.

To restore normalcy in their lives, schools must be reopened and the routine resumed. Schools must be cautious in their strategy so that children's lives are not jeopardized when they reunite with their pals. As crucial as raising awareness and educating people about regulations and social distancing is, choosing the proper gear is equally vital. You can push students to accomplish better and keep them busy by selecting the appropriate accessories. 

Many schools all over the country are working under a hybrid approach to slow the transmission of COVID-19, so students and parents are preparing for a fall semester of online learning — and, as a result, a back-to-school shopping overhaul. Aside from setting up a study desk and loading up on standard school materials, moving to online classes involves procuring a computer, headphones, computer peripherals, and other gear that enable full-time online education. While parents are spending more on work-from-home items like computers and expensive electronics, they are skimping on new clothing purchases. Swap out your new jackets and shoes for sweatpants, your fancy backpacks for standing desks, and headphones. Here's a list of everything you'll need to get back to school safely and rationally.

Masks, Soaps, Sanitizers

The most critical factor is to remain safe. The CDC recommends that your children wear a mask while inside if they are attending lessons in person.

  • It wouldn't hurt to take your safety precautions a step further and use eye protection such as face shields and goggles.
  • Don't forget the sanitizers, but make sure to read the label first: The FDA has issued a warning against using many antibacterial wash formulations that contain methanol, a potentially hazardous ingredient. Stock up on kid-friendly sanitizing carriers that may be conveniently tied to a backpack or belt strap to prevent misplacing. Fill them with your preferred bulk sanitizer.
  • Handwashing with soap and warm water is still one of the best and simplest ways to protect yourself from the coronavirus, so stock up this school year.

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Computer / Laptop

Without technology, no online learning is complete. Because it will be your (or your children's) connection to the distant classroom, a decent computer or laptop should be at the top of your back-to-school spending list.

  • If the school does not provide them, your student will need to purchase a laptop with a built-in webcam and microphone. Still, anything costing more than $1,000 is certainly excessive for your needs. Choose something that is both adaptable and inexpensive. One that has a fast Intel Core m3-8100Y processor, a backlit keyboard, plenty of connections, a full HD touchscreen display, and 4GB RAM with 64GB of storage space is a fantastic value. 
  • Working with a laptop mousepad might be difficult for young children. Purchase a wireless mouse, and make schoolwork more entertaining by allowing kids to choose from various vibrant blue, purple, or pink options.


A quality webcam should also be at the top of your purchase list since it will guarantee that your picture and sounds are clear while you're engaging in virtual talks. Although most recent laptops come with one, upgrading to anything like an HD Webcam, automatic light correction, a 720p widescreen camera, and a built-in noise-reducing mic wouldn't hurt.

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Laptop Riser

If you're bent over a laptop the whole day, a laptop riser or stand is essential for preventing neck pain. These monitor mounts/stands from FlexiStop can double as laptop stands. Just be advised that you may need an external keyboard and mouse when using such accessories.

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While working, slouching or bad posture can have a significant influence on your focus. If you find yourself slumping when sitting, you might gain from an ergonomic chair. You can use this in the study area. Although they may appear odd at first, many individuals vouch for them. You can work for a significantly longer time in an office chair without growing physically tired or stressed. Another benefit of ergonomic chairs is that they aid in preventing repetitive strain injury that can occur as a result of bad posture. Check out these qualities ergo chairs from FlexiSpot:

Wi-Fi Hotspot

When your lessons and courses are online, you'll need a strong WiFi connection. Living in a region with limited internet access, studying on the go, and requiring numerous simultaneous connections without sacrificing speed are all solid reasons to consider a WiFi hotspot.


When you're attempting to focus, a set of headphones can come in handy, especially for those living with several people and/or active pets. They'll also aid your children in concentrating.

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It's enticing to finish all of your homework from the luxury of your bed or couch—most of us who were lucky enough to be able to work remotely during the coronavirus outbreak. Putting up a dedicated workspace distinct from the rest of your home space can help you be more productive. A standing desk is an ergonomic product that has actual proof of better performance with its use. Starting with a standing desk is a terrific choice if you want to make a class more learning-friendly or identify the best solution for a study and learning desk layout.

FlexiSpot has many adjustable standing desks fit for any work or study set up. Below are some examples that we recommend:

You may also choose to use a standing desk converter if you want to keep using one of your existing desks but would like to give standing while studying and learning a try. You may go to the FlexiSpot to see more options!

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Choosing a desk light for children as part of the top desk equipment is crucial since you will notice that they have a more efficient study session and a more focused approach. These FlexiSpot lamps can be clamped to the desk or placed in the corner.

Microsoft 365

Even though more and more organizations are switching to G Suite, Microsoft's suite of office applications is still so widely used that it's well worth adopting. You could join up for Office 356 Education for free using the school email address, depending on the school you or your children attend. Microsoft Word, Outlook, OneNote, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Access are all part of this suite.

Coffee Maker

For the much older bunch, coffee will be essential for getting through the next few months (or more) of online learning, whether you're a learner or a student's guardian. There are blended machines that can make single cups and whole carafes of coffee with various brew strengths, based on how much caffeine you require to finish that last bit of schoolwork.

We hope our list of back-to-school needs will cover all the musts your children ought to have, whether you are a school owner searching for a means to make your institution safe for the learners or a parent concerned about their children.