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11 Easy and Fun Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

15 September 2021

If you've only used paper plates to make cleaning up after a grilling easier, you're in for a treat. Paper plates are a great craft source for kids because they are abundant and cost-effective. For the most part, all you'll need are paper plates, glue, construction paper, and possibly some fun paint or marker pens. All of these items are available at your local dollar store. Who doesn't love dollar store crafts? When it comes to paper plate art projects, the possibilities are nearly limitless, ranging from animal life and masks to flowers and holiday decorations. 

Paper plates are one of those household objects with so many impressive uses that most of us either underutilize or are unaware of. One of these applications is to make crafts with them. There are many beautiful crafts that you can end up making with your children using paper plates that you already have in your cupboard. Try some or all of these simple paper plate crafts the next time you get some easy kid crafting ideas. We've compiled a list of creative paper plate craft ideas for kids, but you might find that the entire family wants to join in on the fun!

Crafting While Standing

Crafting While Standing

Also, you may take advantage of using a standing desk when making these fun crafts with your kids! If you have your height-adjustable desk, you can quickly lower the height suitable for your child or have them sit on a stool while you stand. 

Whether helpful or harmful, early habits are typically carried over into adulthood. Help children adapt better practices, and by the time they are grownups, make standing and moving a more systematic way of life rather than excessive sitting, and one way to do that is by introducing the use of standing desks to them. Below are the known benefits of standing in children:

Reduces ADHD Symptoms

For children with ADHD, wiggling and fidgeting are essential and natural ways to lessen symptoms. Standing desks urge kids to move around frequently, and many of them have movable footrests so they can fidget while standing.

Fights Childhood Obesity

In a study conducted in third and fourth grade, standing kids were monitored alongside a control group of sitting students. While the BMI of children in the control group increased by 2%, the BMI of standing kids decreased by 3% throughout the same period.

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Improves Mood and Behavior

The simple change of adding standing workstations has been related to lower anxiety and stress levels and mental clarity. Standing also increases blood flow, which brings mood-altering chemicals into the brain.

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Paper Plates Crafts Ideas

Dream Catchers

Because dream catchers are such a trendy decoration item these days, why not try constructing one with your kids out of paper plates? You can use as many beads and fathers as you wish, or you could use yarn and plates. In either case, it'll be lovely, and you'll be able to display it in your home to show off to all your friends and your children's friends.


How about some holiday-themed crafts? This pumpkin paper plate craft is simple to make and adaptable. Tear up some orange construction paper for your child to use to wrap the paper plate. Cut out the green stem and glue it on top. Have your child sketch the eyes, nose, and mouth on black paper, which you will cut out, and have them stick it on the plate.

Wind Spinners

Wind Spinners

What better project to do with your kids than one they can hang outside and see blow in the breeze? They'll have a blast seeing their creation move and wind through the wind. Allow your children to color or paint a wind spinner however they wish, then cut it into a spiral pattern and hang it outside. Then, as they watch it sway in the breeze, watch your child's face light up.


You may not want to come across Jellyfish in the water, but you'll adore having them hung in your home. A paper plate (cut in half, one side decorated as the face) and eight cupcake liners (cut in strands for tentacles) are needed for each jelly, as well as paint, glue, tape, and a length of the string. After your child has finished painting the face (not forgetting the eyes), bind two lengths of identical cupcake liners to end to end, one end to the plate's base. Glue the plates together and attach a piece of string to the top to display the jellies.

Rainbow Pop-Up

Rainbow Pop-Up

This is a simple paper plate activity that children will enjoy. Display your finished rainbow on your sill for all to see. Begin by folding your paper plate in half and cutting a semi-circle out of the center. This will produce an arch, which would be your rainbow; color it in with your crayons. Color in the sky at the bottom of the plate with blue paint and add some cotton balls for clouds. Your rainbow pop-up is now complete.


This is a craft that your kids can do again and again. You and your child may construct a lovely little puppy mask using a template, a paper plate, a pom pom, paint, glitter (if preferred), glue, and elastic. You may need to help your child design and cut out the patterns using the template with a pencil, a hole punch, scissors, and perhaps a utility knife. Prior to punching holes in the sides and tying elastic to keep the mask in position, paint and/or glitter the forms.


To begin, cut your paper plate in two. For the eyes, cut out two little circles. Allow drying after applying the grey paint to both sides of the plate. Make a nose out of the pink foam by cutting off a little heart shape and sticking it on. Then, for the ears, cut out some huge triangle shapes and adhere them to the top of your mask. To make the whiskers, bend the pipe cleaners in half and attach them to your cat mask. Lastly, use some sellotape to secure the straw to the side of your mask, and your cat mask is finished!


Allow your toddler to make a tambourine out of paper plates. You might even watch them dancing their feet off while learning to play their new musical instrument. It could create a little of a ruckus, but to see their joy and enthusiasm as they play their new instrument will be worth it.

Flying Owl

Owls have been a trendy animal in home and event decor, clothing, and accessories. It's probably because they're so darn adorable! A cute, big-eyed owl will be a hit with your youngsters. They can play with it when they've finished it, or you can hang it from the ceiling and let it soar.

Paper Purse

All little girls adore carrying purses, and I'm sure they'd enjoy making their own. They can paint it any color they want, add whatever features they desire, and then proudly carry it about. They can even create a new one if they get tired of the one they have because, let's face it, girls need even more than one purse.

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

Paper plate Christmas trees made using decorative plates, straws, and papers, maybe a major hit. Draw a swirl on the back of the plate to cut, allowing about two inches between lines, then glue the straw to the middle of the plate. After that, turn it over and attach the cardstock to the tree's base, then fasten the straw to the cardstock, and presto, a tree!

Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, and the Fourth of July are all great times to make some fun paper plate crafts, particularly when it comes to making a hat for any event.

Paper plate crafts can be inspired by everything from the weather to superheroes could be a fun way to pass the time with your kids.