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11 Employee Wellbeing Initiatives to Implement for a Company

29 November 2021

Employee well-being is an essential part of a company that employers cannot afford to neglect. It might not seem like a big deal at first, but if neglected, it can affect the productivity and profitability of the company in the long run. This is simply because unhealthy employees will not function maximally.

In the post-pandemic era, employee well-being entails more than just physical fitness. Mental wellness has become an essential component of employee well-being. There is a need for employers to adopt practices, policies, and activities focused on their employees' mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

When such unique workplace well-being initiatives are put in place, positive changes are bound to occur. This article will show you the importance of employee well-being and some initiatives a company can adopt to achieve a healthier and more productive workplace.

The Importance of Employee Wellbeing

The Importance of Employee Wellbeing

An unhealthy or stressed employee is an unhappy employee, and an unhappy employee is a less productive employee. Employee well-being is very important and benefits the entire company. Some of the positive outcomes of employee well-being initiatives are given below.

Improved Morale

Employee well-being initiatives increase staff engagement. Increased engagement means improved communication between employees and employers, which is a major morale booster. The increased interactions between employees during these wellness programs create an atmosphere for employees to motivate each other.

Workplace wellness initiatives also foster a bond between employees, which leads to faster completion of tasks and higher productivity. This is because everyone is concerned with one another's needs and helps out as much as possible. It creates a workplace that bubbles with positive energies.

Reduced Absenteeism

Reduced Absenteeism

An employee that is happy and satisfied with his work environment will not make excuses to avoid coming to work. A carefully planned employee well-being program will reduce the rate of absenteeism and help the company save time and cost of production.

A healthy work environment will also improve a company’s staff retention. No one wants to leave a place where they are well taken care of. Employees are less likely to suffer from burnouts and stay longer in a work environment that caters to their well-being.

Reinforced Employer Branding

One of the reasons leaders of large multinational companies invest in employee well-being programs is because it positively influences company culture. Efficient workplace wellness programs improve the brand outlook and attract new talent.

Wondering how this works? Happy employees will talk about their experiences with friends and family who will, in turn, spread the good news and recommend the company to their peers. This will significantly reduce recruitment costs. It will also give you a pool of engaged workforce.

Improved Employee Health Behavior

Improved Employee Health Behavior

One of the greatest benefits of well-being initiatives is that it helps people adopt healthy behaviors and maintain them. Employees feel valued and secure when their employer is concerned about their health and welfare. It’s even better when he takes the lead in teaching them to care for their health.

Behavior change is the core of employee wellness programs. Employees are provided with the right education, skills, motivation, and support to make necessary behavior changes. This helps them become healthier, lowering health risks.

Employees learn how to manage their mental health and minimize stress. It will also reduce the risk of workplace accidents and lessen sick leaves. They are better equipped to fight diseases, and even when they go down, they can bounce back faster. This also means fewer medical costs. Who wouldn't that?

Development of Resilient Workforce

A workplace well-being program serves as a guide for employees to deal with stress, whether work-related stress or stress in their personal lives. It is a way of showing your employees that they have your support.

A good well-being program teaches employees to deal with stressful life situations even when friends and family are not around. It builds them up to manage crises situations without panicking. It essentially builds resilience in them and gives you a stronger thing. Plus, your employees will feel appreciated and more indebted to the company.

Major Factors to Implement Employee Wellbeing

Major Factors to Implement Employee Wellbeing

Now that you know the importance of employee well-being initiatives, what ideas can you adopt to improve your employees' well-being? There are several employee well-being initiatives out there, but not all might be suitable for you. Here are some initiatives you can implement to boost your employees' well-being.

Reward and Recognition for Excellent Performance

How would you feel if you put all your heart into your work and produced excellent results, yet your employer does not recognize nor reward your efforts? Terrible, right? That's exactly how your employees feel when their work goes unappreciated. It can affect their mental and emotional well-being and slow their drive.

Recognizing the hard work of your employees and rewarding their results increases morale, commitment, and productivity. There are several ways to reward your employees. You could organize a trip, buy them a gift, organize a party, buy them lunch, and many more. Rewarding your employees makes them feel valued and cared for.

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Start an Employee Purchase Program

Starting an employee purchase program is one way to reward your workers. You'll be surprised at how happier your work environment will become. Staff will get home office equipment that would have been too expensive for them to purchase.

The program will benefit work from home employees who need office accessories to aid their work. The program enables them to get these materials with little financial stress. And because nobody likes financial stress, your employees will be more than grateful to you.

You can also use the employee purchase program as a reward system for employees that perform excellently. Not only will rewarded employees be happy, but other employees will be motivated to put in their best.

Employee Promotion and Payment Raises

This is arguably the most popular employee well-being initiative. Nothing makes an employee feel more appreciated than a promotion. And most often, a promotion is expected to come with a salary increment.

Even though promotions usually entail increased responsibilities and higher KPIs, the incentives that come with them make it worthwhile. Plus, promotions are raised long-term, unlike a bonus which is a one-off reward.

Work promotions and raises increase productivity, motivate other employees, and show that the company appreciates excellent performance. It also helps in advancing the career growth of your staff.

Introduce Flexible Work Hours

Introduce Flexible Work Hours

It might look like allowing flexible work hours will be counterproductive at face value, especially in traditional offices. However, studies have shown that flexible working hours enable workers better manage their time. It reduces stress and fatigue and increases work satisfaction.

Furthermore, flexible working hours give employees a sense of ownership over their work projects. This boosts their confidence and improves productivity.

The need for flexible work hours and rest days have increased in the post-pandemic work environment. This is because mental wellness is now an integral part of workplace well-being. Implementing this initiative will help boost staff morale and improve mental and physical wellness.

Implement Simple Body Exercises at Work

Exercise is a good and healthy way to start the day. It clears the mind, making it alert and ready for the day's work. You can include simple morning workouts in your workplace wellness initiative. Aside from boosting your employees' productivity and performance, it will also create a sense of inclusion and get them in the right work mood.

Routine workouts help you create a healthy bond with your employees and keep their bodies in good health. Routine workouts are known to improve brain power, improve creativity, increase strength and reduce stress. It could be incorporated as a daily or weekly routine.

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Proper Office Renovation

A conducive and well-organized workspace makes work less stressful and more satisfying. Where possible, you should design the workspace to fit the roles and requirements of individual employees. Workspaces should be well lit and have enough space for easy movement.

Choice of office furniture also plays an important role in employee well-being. Investing in good ergonomic chairs will help reduce the backache caused by long hours of sitting. Most ergonomic chairs are adjustable and offer lumbar support to keep your employees comfortable while working. The Soutein ergonomic chair is a great choice for you.

A standing desk is an important investment to make alongside the ergonomic chairs. Employees will enjoy the flexibility of working seated or standing to stay comfortable. It will also keep them active and eliminate prolonged hours of sitting like the Kana Bamboo desk. There are several types and shapes of standing desks available in the market.

In renovating the office, you should also give aesthetics proper attention. You should do office decor and paint in colors that boost productivity. You can also include potted plants to create a natural atmosphere and regulate the air.

Provide Tools for Self-discovery

Self-discovery is the first step to self-awareness and development. Helping your employees discover their interests and develop them is one of the best things you can do for them. It is one of the most beneficial employee well-being initiatives.

Providing your workers with tools that aid self-discovery is a great way to empower them. It can increase their creativity and productivity and can make them more innovative. It helps them discover their abilities, strengths, and weaknesses and develop personal values.

Self-discovery tools also help workers maximize their hobbies while they work. Employees with similar passions can be teamed together to help each other work more effectively.

Regular Team Building

Regular Team Building

Team building exercises improve the bond among employees. Workers can be asked to suggest ideas for their well-being day and work towards implementing them. People bond easily and develop friendships when they exchange ideas and play together in brain-racking games.

These activities improve communication within the organization and create a stronger team. Regular team building is an important component of employee well-being.

Celebrate Events, Achievements, and Special days

In one or another, every employee contributes to the organization's success and would love to share in that success. It is important to celebrate major wins with every member of the organization. It is not enough to celebrate the team directly involved in the project. Let everyone feel and partake in the joy of the celebration.

Important events in the life of your employees such as weddings, childbirth, birthdays, and or anniversaries should be celebrated. Make it a company culture to celebrate your employees. It will create an inclusive environment and build strong bonds among workers.

Incentivize Health Care

Incentivize Health Care

The cost of medical care is often a cause of concern for most employees. Some resort to traditional home care when ill, which will often mean a longer recovery time. Employers can offer certain medical benefits to employees to reduce the burden of medical care.

As an employer, you can offer free flu shots. Sick employees should be allowed to recover at home. And depending on the size of your company, you can also offer full or partial health insurance.

Grant Sabbatical and Extended Leave Days

Going on a sabbatical leave is not only beneficial to the employee, but it is also beneficial to the employer. It provides an opportunity to assess your professional life and interests. Leave days are days of relaxation, reflection, and refreshment. It is also an opportunity to assess your goals and make plans.

Extended leaves reduce stress and increase well-being and psychological resources. After an extended leave, employees come back to work rejuvenated and motivated to pursue the next phase of their careers.

New parents will also require extended leaves to nurse and bond with their newborns. New mothers particularly need extended leaves to heal from the childbirth process completely.

Wrapping it up

Employees are critical to the success and growth of any organization. It is important to keep them happy to ensure they stay productive. Incorporating employee well-being initiatives into your company culture is the sure way to maintain productivity in your workers. The ideas given above should help you create an employee well-being initiative easily.