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11 Strategies to Sneak In Step Count Activities While at Work

31 August 2021

You've probably heard about the 10,000 steps per day that an adult individual should complete. It may not be a miracle cure to all of life's challenges, but there's nothing wrong with attempting to set a step-count goal to try to be semi-active or, at the very least, avoid being utterly inactive. The typical employee works between 39 and 43 hours per week. While this may not appear to be much, there isn't much time left for exercises when you factor in time spent doing housework, caring for children, watching TV, and sleeping.

While it is undeniable that most Americans make time for physical activity during the week, it is not daily. And, while everybody understands the importance of regular exercise, cramming in a quick workout while working is no easy task. While it is true that most Americans make time for exercise during the week, it is not daily. And, while everyone understands the importance of regular exercise, squeezing in a brief workout while working is no easy task. Our bodies are designed to move. The only terrible posture is one that we have been in for far too long. It's critical to stay moving, even if it's only a daily stroll, get off the couch, do some exercises, and take walking breaks during work hours. Improving your step count is one of the most important things we can do to boost our activity throughout the day, especially when working at a desk majority of the days and/or during the colder months when we aren't very active. 

This offers numerous advantages, including aiding in preventing obesity, sleep problems, depression, and memory and learning issues. And, in these wild COVID times, we could really use a boost in every one of those areas. Having a desk job for hours a day and then driving back home is not easy, but here are some ways to increase your performance without sacrificing productivity. Take note that you do not need to put so much pressure on yourself to get into the 10k range straight immediately. That is a guaranteed way to burn out quickly. The idea here is to encourage movement in small doses.

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Set a Reminder

Taking further steps needs some thought and strategy. Reminding yourself to get up every several hours will allow you to refresh your mind and take several more steps. Set a reminder on your smartphone or use your fitness tracker. Many trackers now feature a discreet alarm function or immediately notify you if you haven't moved in quite a while. Your computer may have a reminder feature as well.

Park Far

Park further away from the office, perhaps at the back of the parking area or several buildings away.

Take Wise Breaks

Use this opportunity to extend your legs. If you enjoy all things social networking sites, keep in mind that Tik Tok, Facebook, and Instagram will still be available for you after you've completed your steps for each day. It's doubtful that you'll miss anything significant. If you have many emails to reply to and generally work through your breaks, take your phone with you on a brisk walk and use your phone's voice memo to answer emails while you record some steps.

Lunch Walk

Fitness advocates encourage at least 150 minutes of physical activity every week. Fortunately, that can be divided into small periods of activity. Begin by devoting at least half of your lunchtime to physical activity. Brisk walk for at least 15 minutes over your lunch break to get your heart pumping.

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Switch Your Desk

Standing desks are an excellent alternative to conventional desks. While you can get a height-adjustable one that moves your entire tabletop up and down, a simple standing desk riser that allows you to place your computer or other equipment on it for a rapid change of pace is also an option. Standing at your workstation enables us to make movements and take certain steps without having to get up from a chair, such as going to the drinking fountain or the next restroom from the one nearest to you. Many of us are guilty of refusing to grab anything across the hall just because we are already sitting comfortably. We are unaware that we have been sitting for much too long.

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Choose the Stairs

If you're pressed for time or the weather is bad, a brisk trip up and down a staircase is a fantastic way to get some walks in. It's also an excellent method to relieve stress or get away from the desk for a few minutes. You do not have to go full boxing champ mode. Climbing up the stairs by yourself in a quiet stairway might benefit both your psychological health and your step counting.

Recruit Your Colleagues

Many of your coworkers have probably established a goal to exercise more this year. Make a vow to walk together at midday, hold walking meetings instead of talks around the boardroom table, or walk down the corridor to communicate with each other instead of talking entirely through email. It is much easier to stick to a strategy when those around you are as determined.

Walk Up to a Coworker

Communication is a crucial skill to have, and technology has made it so simple to convey information without moving. Messaging someone across the corner allows us to quickly and easily get immediate answers, talk about tasks, or simply say hello without yelling and annoying teammates. But, now and again, the back-and-forth becomes a little silly. Take advantage of the opportunity to stretch your limbs and drop that person a visit at their workstation. The time it takes to go over, and talk will almost certainly be shorter than it takes to type up a complete discourse.


Stand or Walk (or Both!) for Meetings

If you're on a phone conference, take advantage of the opportunity to stand up. If you may not be able to go for a stroll during the meeting, standing up at your desk can help get the circulation flowing again. This is just one of those instances when your standing desk will make this easier for you. If that isn't enough, try squats or shifting your weight sideways to get things moving afresh.

Keep Yourself Fueled and Hydrated

Either you're gradually increasing your step count or you're halfway there, you'll need to hydrate and nourish your body thoroughly. Water is the most effective way to stay hydrated. If you struggle to take the prescribed 8 glasses of water every day, try something tasty such as flavored water. Load up on raw nuts for a quick source of protein.

Have a Treat

Break up your day by getting a cup of coffee, having a to-go meal from a neighboring restaurant, or doing a grocery run at a nearby grocery store. Making oneself responsible for retrieving anything from the outside world offers you a genuine cause to go out, even if only for a few minutes.