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12 Productivity Hacks for Online Educators

17 June 2021

Teachers never had it so rough like they do now. They've developed habits and skills that have served them well in the classroom throughout their careers. Now, it seems like everything is tossed out the window. The norms to which instructors were accustomed are no longer current to education. Distance education has effectively put a stop to traditional teaching and all of its associated techniques. Teachers are now confronted with a problem unlike any that previous generations have faced. It is unknown ground to have to teach classes either through blended learning or entirely remotely. 

For many educators around the world, remote teaching is a new professional reality. Presenting from their bedrooms can result in lower productivity and have a detrimental influence on lessons. Multitasking is tricky. Getting through the day while teaching and taking care of the family can be taxing. Here are a few ingenious remote teaching tricks to help you boost your productivity.

spots: teaching vs. sleeping

We understand that this is not a possibility for everyone. However, if you do, you must take advantage of it. Because your brain equates the bed with rest, you'll feel weary out faster than you would, say, at the kitchen counter.


Thinking of interruptions as incentives is the best approach to deal with them. This means that after completing one lesson, you may watch your favorite vlogger, grade papers, read a page or two from your favorite book, and so on. Doing this will ensure that you complete the assignment. At the same time, eliminate distractions that will make you lose track of what you're doing or even the time. 

use new means

You should use online sources in your regular teaching, which is especially true for your remote sessions. The beauty of teaching over a live presentation is that everybody is on a computer, so take advantage of that. There are several sites for any conceivable topic that will be of great assistance to you. You lack the dynamics that being in a classroom provides, so don't be reluctant to seek help from outside sources. Since remote education has become the norm today, several app developers and tech businesses have released various technologies to assist teachers in conducting their sessions without trouble. The majority of them are free and amusing. They make online education engaging for students, which motivates them to do well and advance.

screen clutter

Close all other files and browsing windows on your desktop, and you'll be more productive because you will be better structured. When you have to go from one file to the other in the middle of a lecture, a tidy screen will not leave you disoriented and pressured. It will also save you effort and time. Planning your classes ahead of time will also ease the strain of finding items when you're in class. Not to forget that shutting programs and anything else that isn't being used during class makes your computer work faster.

open to changes

The shift to online education is as much a learning process for you as it is for the students, so be open to making some adjustments along the road. If you discover something's not working out, get rid of it. If you have an idea, put it to the test. If you find out something that works exceptionally well, continue it. Your lessons will get progressively better over time. This benefits not just you but also your students.

plan your content

Rather than creating separate files for each topic, establish PowerPoint templates that you jay repurpose regularly. The majority of online education is done via video calls. You'd be able to use your presentation slides anytime you needed them. Everything does not have to be produced from zero. To reduce your workload, all you have to do is plan and reuse what you already have.

keep a record

Examine what works and what doesn't, as well as why it works at that degree. Take note of it. We keep emphasizing that no one knows what they're on about, but it's true. Maintaining an updated diary on your online teaching not only benefits you but also academics as a whole.

dress up

While casual clothing code is beneficial for comfort, it is sometimes detrimental to productivity. When you dress for work, your brain believes it is functioning and functions at a maximum standard. If you're wearing outfits you wear to lie around with, your brain thinks that's what it's doing.

give ownership

Encourage your students to have a sense of responsibility for the lessons by asking them questions about them. Don't wait until the lesson's conclusion to ask if they had a wonderful time or not. They will say anything you want to hear to go as quickly as possible. Communicate with your students throughout lessons and ask them to be transparent about any changes they might like to make. This will help the learners feel understood and prevent them from feeling as if they have no choice over their educational experience.


Students are pretty apprehensive right now. With no way to communicate openly, some seem to be afraid of being kept in the dark. Make a list of all your students' email addresses to prevent this. If you're going to be a few minutes late for a class, send them an email. Keep them updated, and don't leave them in the dark.

ergonomic station

In the classroom, being capable of standing up keeps you engaged. You no longer have that privilege. You ought to use an ergonomic workstation. FlexiSpot offers a wide selection of ergonomically adjustable standing desks and supportive seats. These types of equipment will maintain the blood circulation going throughout your body, leaving you as alert as possible. Here are some of their products that may work well:

  • Vici Duplex Standing Desk: has a dual-zone height-adjustable standing desk that allows users to switch between one- and two-tier desktop modes. This feature gives you more room for your monitor and other teaching materials that have to be on your desk.
  • Esben Standing Desk UD5: with four spacious hutch compartments for storage to keep your essentials out of the way but within reach.
  • Ergonomic Office Mesh Chair 1500F 1W: a high-back rotating chair with a retractable footrest for when you need a quick relaxing break, especially for your tired feet, and an adjustable headrest to relieve neck pressure.
  • Ribbed Low Back Armless Swivel Desk Chair 1391L11: has a multi-functional mode to fit your various class activities.

hydrate and stay calm

Keep a water bottle at your workstation and refill in between classes. Drink it constantly to keep yourself busy and focused. However, the most crucial teaching online advice we can give you is to stay calm. Don't be too hard on yourself; you're not going to be perfect right now or relatively soon. Show no stress to your students enough for them to question your skills or, worse, to not be effective with your teaching.

Embracing technology advancements in remote teaching and learning can sometimes be demanding, and it may feel like double the work. Online education becomes less intimidating when you concentrate on increasing your efficiency and offering captivating lectures.