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13 Simple Christmas Date Ideas

22 December 2021

In the craziness that is the Christmas season, may you not forget to buy a gift or simply spend time with your significant other.

Having reunions or Christmas parties one after another doesn’t mean that you should forget the person that gives you the most joy. It is actually during this season that you could cozy up and have the perfect date. Many couples could attest that the cold windy days (winter in some areas) and the spirit of the holidays could add a layer of romance to Christmastime.

There are various date ideas you could consider doing, more especially these holidays.

Gift Shopping and Wrapping Date

1. Gift Shopping and Wrapping Date

Why not make a date out of what the Christmas season requires? If your schedule is filled up with one activity to another, it could actually be fun to go Christmas shopping and wrapping with your significant other.

For most, Christmas wrapping is a tedious and boring activity. They find it annoying that gifts still have to be wrapped; more so, if you don’t have gift wrapping skills. It’s possible to make it fun though by sharing some stories and laughter with your date. You could play some Christmas songs while you try your best to not mess up wrapping your gift for your mom. You could even eat holiday cookies or drink wine, all while wrapping Christmas presents together.

2. Ice Skating

If you haven’t gone ice skating with your partner, Christmas is the perfect time to do so. You may glide through the ice while holding each other’s hands. If one is better than the other, you may guide each other through the rink. It could even get cozier when you each get a cup of hot cocoa during breaks or after the ice skating date.

3. Cut Down the Christmas tree and decorate it together

To feel the Christmas spirit, why not visit a Christmas tree farm and chop down together your Christmas tree. Bring it home and decorate to your heart’s desire. In between decorating the tree, you may dance together by the fireplace while listening to romantic holiday songs.

If there are no Christmas tree farms nearby, then hunting for that perfect Christmas tree could be quite an adventure. You could also spend more time looking for decor or probably making your own.

Sled together.

4. Sled together.

Don’t hesitate to visit a sledding hill and have a blast with your partner. It’s not just for kids; there’s no age limit when it comes to enjoying the snow, with your loved one in tow. If your schedules allow, it’s better to sled on the weekdays, morning, or an early afternoon period when children are in school.

5. Make s’mores.

Who says s’mores are only prepared and eaten during summer camps? You may also eat s’mores during the Christmas season by toasting marshmallows by your home’s fireplace or going to an outdoor fire pit. When outdoors, you may watch the stars and share some deep conversations.

6. Bake Christmas cookies or make gingerbread houses together.

The holiday season wouldn’t be complete without some sugar! Why not get your Christmas sweater and start baking some cookies for a night. You may bake cookies all night long, with different flavors and kinds that you want to try. For Christmas, it’s fun to bake cookies that you could decorate with icing after pulling it out of the oven.

Once done, have a batch for yourselves while you drink hot chocolate or cocoa. Then, deliver the rest together to your family and friends. You may even prepare boxes to take to orphanages, nursing homes, or a homeless shelters. Giving back to the community together will surely just bring the two of you closer.

Watch Christmas movies together

7. Watch Christmas movies together.

Saving up money after all the Christmas gifts you bought? Go for a low-cost but very intimate date by watching Christmas movies while cuddled up on the couch. These are feel-good reels that would definitely have you and your partner imbibing the Christmas spirit.

Using a height-adjustable standing desk, standing desk converter or a monitor mount can make the experience even more fun. You could watch the movie at a height that you like and at an angle that you want.

8. Go watch the Nutcracker ballet.

If you haven’t watched this yet, now is the perfect time to see it with your partner. Nothing speaks more Christmas than a good Nutcracker ballet show. We’re pretty sure there is a local staging of this play or a professional dance company around your area performing it.

9. Go to a Christmas concert.

Going to a musical event together will surely make your bond stronger. Even though your Christmas schedule is already jampacked, don’t miss out on squeezing in a concert with your significant other. You would surely love listening and singing to songs together. Moreover, there are so many Christmas musical events to choose from such as concerts, choir performances, and other forms of entertainment.

Attend an Ugly Sweater party

10. Attend an Ugly Sweater party.

Christmas time is also known for ugly sweaters so if you get invited to one, it’s time to wear that sweater your aunt got for you last Christmas (sorry Auntie!). If there’s no invitation, why not host one as a couple and invite your closest of friends? It will surely be a night to remember, shared with your partner and the people closest to you.

11. Have a home-cooked dinner together.

Nothing speaks more intimate than having deep conversations over dinner. It becomes even more personal when you cook dinner together and share your specialties with each other. Lots of Christmas stories and memories are shared to last in the memory bank of your heart forever.

12. Head to a romantic Christmas destination.

Media has of course made some tourist destinations a must-visit for Christmas. Iconic films and TV series that revolved around Christmas have the power to link a destination into to Christmas festivities. So why not get away with your partner to a faraway location with only the two of you together to enjoy.

Have a coffee shop date.

13. Have a coffee shop date.

Sometimes, all it takes is to keep it simple. Go to a local coffee shop and talk about your dreams and goals. You could also read books together or watch a movie. Anything goes when you’re with the best company.