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16 Splendid Shed Design and Color Ideas for Efficient Workstations

18 July 2022

There's this therapeutic bliss that comes with seeing your office in a brand new shape. Yes, it goes beyond aesthetics. What do we mean? We've come to understand that your shed's design makes or marks your level of efficiency. So if you want to stay on the right side of the divide, you should read this guide.

Now, certain shed color themes must have run through your mind when you conceived the idea of retouching your shed. But do you know if these colors were worth a shot? That's what you're about to find out.

Color Ideas

No doubt, everyone loves the idea of giving their office shed a new ravishing look year in and year out, but this confusion often trails the desire. They don't know how to choose the perfect shed color. Meanwhile, there's a secret you should know. These paint colors are usually selected according to the weather and the user's taste and vibe.

Now that we've cracked the puzzle, it explains why many workers from home often switch for the same set of colors every year. Lastly, you should try to use colors that'll make your shed stand out. Go for a unique style and apply contemporary color combos.

Photo Credit: Malvern Garden Buildings

1. Botanical Shades

Botanical shades have a fluffy and soft feature that will add flavor to your shed. It'll also complement the greenery around you. In other words, you'll have the rare chance of maintaining proximity to nature. Hearing birds chirping afar off, natural light illuminating the shed, and the cool breeze are part of the perks you enjoy.

If your house is situated on a vast landscape and you have a backyard gym, you can also use this color shade there. It's a beautiful experience, and workers who opted to tread this path have fallen in love with it ever since.

Finally, botanical shades make you feel energized and positive all through the day.

2. Chartreuse

Like gray-green, chartreuse has two major visual effects, and you can choose your favorite option. It has an electrifying pale yellow type of shade, and you can use it if you want to have a very sharp and enchanting feel on anyone that steps into the shed.

You can also use the green-yellow part of the shade to give the workstation some magical touches. Meanwhile, chartreuse should be your favorite if your office pod is a bit smaller. Well, that's if you're very interested in making it look more spacious.

You're probably wondering how a color theme can make a room look bigger, right? That's one of the good sides of chartreuse. We will also advise that you make use of complementary curtains to give the space a more captivating impact.

3. Gray Green

Here is another exciting color idea that you can try on your office shed. What makes this idea more interesting is that you can explore it as much as possible with it. Depending on the result you'll like to have, you can use the green shades and the gray shades separately.

You can also choose to use them together to create a gorgeous pop Do you even have a backyard studio at home? You can also use this color combination to create a classy effect and positive vibes as you work in it.

4. Earthly Tones

This is one of the most luring shades you'll ever find out there. This tone will work well with anything wooden. So is there any wooden pod you've probably abandoned, maybe at home? Earthly tones are here to help you give the pod a new look.

You can also paint the space with earthy colors like clay-toned shades, sandy nudes, and olive green. What makes this color every worker's choice is that you can use it for both the interior and exterior design. Do you want a lush and luxurious office shed? Go for earthly tones.

Photo Credit: Studio Shed

5. Cozy Reading Nook

Although this theme is not ideal for office work, you can use it for a reading session or anytime you want to take a short nap after a hectic day. All you need to do is gather all the blankets, pillows, and other comfy bedclothes and use them to form a snug nook.

Eventually, you can make it your haven you run to anytime you want to relax, meditate or spend some time alone. Apart from relaxation, you can use the cozy nook to spend some good time with your favorite novels, bask in the beauty of nature with a cup of tea, or have a quality sleep.

6. Ultimate Footing Shed

This idea can be introduced if you want to change your office shed into a potting shed. You'll be amazed at the medieval vibes it brings. The most enthralling part is that it allows DIY - you can do it yourself.

All you need to do is incorporate many watering items and greenery vibes on the outer part of the shed. You can also include gardening tools right in the shed and set up a working table. On the table, you can get a pot of flowers with natural scents. You can also create a corner where you groom seedlings.

However, you should not forget that this idea resonates deeper with an avid gardener. So if you have no interest in gardening, it's better if you look for an alternative that aligns with your lifestyle.

7. Citron Shades

Have you seen a Citron fruit before? Yes, that's almost how these citron shades look - a dark lemon color. Thanks to the bright shade, we will recommend that you use it in your home gym pod. If not for anything, it'll give you some warm, bright hues.

You want to stay fully active while working? You should go for citron shade. You can also use the pod color to give yourself a cheerful workstation.

8. Warm Neutrals

If you've discovered yourself to be a lover of nude colors, here is a treat for you. The first perk is that your shed will be fully immersed in warmth and positivity. This sense of versatility also accompanies warm neutrals. So if you are preparing yourself a shed ahead of winter, you should opt for a shed built from the inspiration of warm neutral hues.

A typical example is a greige shade - a mixture of gray and beige. Hope you're following? Great! Another example is the famous sandy beige which has refined red undertones. The most fantastic part is that these outside shed colors appear brighter during daylight.

That's a beautiful experience you shouldn't afford to miss

Photo Credit: Studio Shed

9. White Monochromatic

White is such a perfect fit if you want to go minimalistic. Thanks to the color's sophistication, it will also help your office look more spacious. That's where white monochromatic and chartreuse relate. However, you need to go for a white monochromatic theme if you plan to decorate the office shed with it.

That's because white monochromatic has the reputation of redefining how an office shed looks.

10. Muted Palettes

If you've been following attentively, you must have noticed that a large share of our focus has been on nude colors. That's because they are gaining wider publicity these days. Like plaster and limewash finishes, muted palettes will give your office walls a textural effect. You'll also enjoy a more vibrant and satisfying interior.

So the fact that it blends easily with any outdoor office shed makes it one of the most effective shed colors.

11. Deep Aubergine

Since we've checked lots of bright colors, let's take a quick dive into dark shades, too, such as deep aubergine. If you've ever seen an eggplant, you should be familiar with deep aubergine. It has a brownish-purple or dark purple shade.

You should also find this shed theme alluring if you're a fan of dark hues. And if your budget allows for some monochromatic design ideas and neutral furnishings, you can pair them up with deep aubergine.

12. Natural Decor

If you want to experience a different taste from the formal lifestyle you've always been exposed to in the conventional workplace, you should check out this home office idea. History has it that the outdoor shed idea is a product of fairytale, and it has been evolving for more than a century.

If you want to stay natural during this period, you can introduce natural decor pieces such as pots of flowers, stones, and an aquarium into the shed. You can also include various natural materials and textures that will make the room more visually uniform and compelling.

Finally, you can browse through any local thrift store close to your home to find more unique pieces.

Photo Credit: Den Garden

13. Aqua Shades

We have different shades of aqua, like peacock tones, blues, and greens. They look pretty great in a shed. Little wonder why they're the most used color themes. In the last five years. Apart from adding a nice texture to the room, aqua shades also instill the positivity and warmth needed for higher productivity in the room.

14. Faded Terracotta

This is a subtle brown-orange color, and it's widely endorsed by interior designers since it enhances warmth and comfort. To give it a more charming effect, you can pair it up with lighter shades or earthy colors like deep browns, sage green, or cream.

You should also go for this shed color if you want a peaceful and calm space to work.

15. Cool Feather Gray

You'll hardly make a list of the top 4 modern neutral shed colors, and cool feather gray won't be among them. And due to its sophistication, it will make your office shed more spacious and elegant. You can also add colored curtains to give the workspace a new touch.

16. Outdoor Lounge

After the office shed has been delivered, you should build a cushy outside living space. That's extracting a relaxation spot out of your workspace. To make it more fascinating, you can add multiple seats and light up the area with candles or twinkle lights for a restful evening vibe.

Even when the weather is warm, you can invite your family members and friends over to spend some intimate time together. That way, you're promoting both your business and personal life.


It doesn't matter whether you live in a small home without space or yours is situated on a vast expanse of land, you can always set up an outdoor office shed. Follow the shed designs and color ideas discussed here as you commence your journey of working from home.