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18 Best Accessories to Make Your Office Livelier

31 December 2021

The ambiance of a workplace has a significant impact on the business’s development and productivity. It has also been established that the more joy employees experience at work, the more effective the company is. So, if you devote the bulk of your week to the office, why not personalize it and make it seem lively, cheery, and welcoming? Not many companies are the same as Google, which has a vast area and a lot of money to keep their office active and happy, rendering it one of the finest places to work. This is why you need to take advantage of some best accessories to make your office livelier.

Check out a few accessories here:

Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat

Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat

A standing desk is definitely a great way to stay productive and burn off a few calories, but it may leave your feet feeling sore and achy after a long day. The anti-fatigue, durable MT1 mat ensures that you can stand at your desk all day without any worries. This can also be used for other tasks where you will be on your feet all day, such as hosting a conference or giving a long presentation. The Anti-Fatigue Mat is also easy to clean and anti-skid, eliminating the risk of slipping.

Keyboard Cover

After more than a year of working at home, many people are used to working in silence. This silicone keyboard cover obscures any clattering noises, which may be perfect for the employees around you who wish to work in silence. It also guards the keyboard against food crumbs and spills.

Pad for Wireless Charging

Courant caters to your practical requirements (like phone charging) while keeping a sense of flair and class. Their Qi-certified wireless charger is built of high-grade metal and comes with a braided nylon cable and an Italian pebble-grain leather top, creating the most luxurious charging alternative available. This tech item will wow you and your colleagues if you really want to make the desk seem as fashionable as you are.

Reusable Smart Notebook

Image Source: Kickstarter

Reusable Smart Notebook

As somebody who learns by writing notes and does not want to waste paper or abandon computerized notes, this is a nice balance for me. Whenever you take notes on the Everlast notepad pages with the included pen, you may subsequently wipe away your scribbles with a moist towel and reuse the very same page. You may also use an app to scan handwritten notes. It appeals to me since it simulates writing on paper while reducing trash and the need to store a large number of old notebooks.

Luxe Seat Cushion by Purple

The grid cushions the seat while cradling the tailbone (and even your wallet!). Thanks to hundreds of air passages and a temperature-neutral material, you won’t be stranded with a sweaty seat. It has been developed to recover and resist everyday usage wear and tear completely. It makes sitting down all day much more pleasant, in addition to improving posture when seated.

Leather Mouse Pad

Rather than a mouse pad, some people use this item as a desk pad. It gives the desk some flair while also protecting the planner and keyboard from sliding. We like the elegant design of the mouse pad, but much more so, the size really is an advantage too. It supports any sweeping gestures when attempting to screenshot anything, drag a picture around, or switch between the two displays.

Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard

Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard

This Bluetooth keyboard works on your PC, tablet, and smartphone, allowing you to take notes, respond to crucial emails, and text messages from anywhere. The shortcuts for Mac, iOS, Chrome, Windows, and Android allow for a more effective working experience, and the ‘Easy-Switch’ dial allows you to pick the device you’re using. The best part is that you won’t make any mistakes on essential papers, even if you’re on the go.

Laptop Stand with Rain Design

Many laptop stands resemble the limbs of the Robot Dog in Black Mirror, which can be unsettling. This one is stylish and sleek, with gold, silver, and space gray options. The strong stand, suited with Air, Macbook Pro, and laptops with a depth of fewer than 10.4 inches, lifts the screen to 5.9 inches to reach eye level, encouraging better posture and reducing eye strain. The best part is that its metal shell serves as a heat sink, keeping your laptop cool.

AirBar Touchscreen Adapter

This clever gizmo transforms your ordinary laptop screen into a touchscreen. The gadget, available for Windows 10, connects through USB and turns the screen sensitive to contact with a glove, finger, pen, paintbrush, or any other instrument. With this magical device, you can make meetings, video conferences, and client presentations more participatory and productive. The best part is that you can wow your colleagues by touching, pinching, swiping, and zooming on the Windows screen.

Wireless Charging Desk Lamp

Image Source: Amazon

Wireless Charging Desk Lamp

This light is a terrific deal if you really need a nice desk lamp. It’s a bingo if you’re also seeking a wireless phone charger too. Adjust the flexible arm and change the lighting settings to provide the optimal lighting for filing, reading, or writing as the LED light’s base charges your phone. The best part is that it has five brightness settings and three color options, allowing you to tailor the illumination for various jobs.

USB Hub with 4 Ports

If you’re wondering whether a USB hub deserves all this fuss, allow us to explain. Anker makes some of the best USB chargers, hubs, and cables on the market, and this tiny darling syncs data at supersonic speeds -up to 5Gbps- fast enough to transmit an HD film in seconds. The hub is very useful for transferring data and connecting several USB devices. The best part is that it has four USB port options.

Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

The sound of a person’s voice is perhaps the most distracting of all sounds. Tune out the conversation in the background whenever you need to concentrate with these tiny and comfy on-ear headphones with plush padding. The technology behind the Active Noise Cancelling is designed to reduce background disturbances, increase productivity, and provide the peace of mind you’ve always desired. The best part is that there are no cables, so you may freely wander about the workplace while maintaining your Zen condition.

Bluetooth Speaker by SoundLink

Image Source: Bose

Bluetooth Speaker by SoundLink

Bose is the greatest pick when it refers to excellent bass and the right size. This strong speaker evenly distributes music around the room, allowing you to assume the office DJ’s position boldly. This speaker’s soft-touch silicone casing comes in a variety of vibrant colors, making it a lovely addition to your workplace. The best part is that it has a built-in speaker for calls, which is useful in meetings.

Pomodoro by Luxafor

The Pomodoro method, which is one of the most efficient techniques for increasing attention, can undoubtedly assist you in organizing your work and rest times for a much more productive flow. Since you can select your work-break times and personalize the patterns and colors of the Led screen any way you like, the digital timer is willing to help you get the most out of Pomodoro.

Organizer for the Desk

This desk organizer is simple to construct and can keep all of your paperwork, pencils, and sticky notes in one location. You might even reassemble the individual sections in whatever combination you like, keeping your desk neat and free of stationery and other tiny items. The best part is that this organizer keeps your desk tidy, whether used together or alone.

Monitor Riser with Drawers

Monitor Riser with Drawers

The monitor stand is the perfect accessory if your workplace is a little cramped and you need to lift your display to eye level. The drawers are large enough to accommodate stationery and other small objects. You also get a handy cup holder, so your coffee never gets cold. The best part is that it eliminates the need for a different organizer and phone stand since everything is kept within easy reach.

Box for Cable Management

Cables are one of the ugliest aspects of office workstations. To keep the appearance clean and modest, organize all of the cords in this simple box. Turn a power strip into a charging point by storing it inside!

The best part is that the wood and white combination screams Scandinavian simplicity.

Acrylic Computer Monitor Memo

If sticky notes are your thing, here’s a workplace accessory that gets the job done without wasting paper. Attach this to any computer, write the daily to-do list on it, and then dry-wipe it when you’re through. There will be no more stacks of old bills! Completing your task and wiping it clean may be the best part about it!