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18 Standing Desk Office Accessories for Illustrators

26 May 2021

Whether you are a part-time illustrator who likes to sketch and paint during free time or a big shot who works for multi-billion-dollar ads, an artist is only as good as the tools they have on their desk. Did you know that one of the biggest motivators for illustrators is the accessories on their desk and their aesthetic appeal?  

As you walk toward your table every morning, ask yourself, does it fill you up with absolute delight and uplift your mood to prepare you for work? If not, then you probably need new accessories, and perhaps even a new desk. Check out the Theodore Adjustable Standing Desk, designed for comfort and productivity.  

Choosing the best accessories to be placed on a standing desk for illustrators may seem like an overwhelming task, even for the most creative people. So if you are struggling to come up with what accessories you should place on your desk, we have put together the following list of 18 standing desk office accessories for illustrators:

1.Desk Tray

You spends most of your time working at your desk, so why not make it as functional as possible? Get yourself a desk tray to organize and sort out your things and reduce clutter on the desk. You can choose multiple tray tiers and sizes, depending on how much clutter there is. A desk tray is designed to store pens, pencils, erasers, paperwork, etc.

2.Phone Stand

A proper phone stand is very useful in a home, office, or studio space. It mounts perfectly over the case and can hold your phone for you while you work. It is helpful for illustrators, especially if they need to multitask while they work or need to look at a drawing on their phone without having to look down at the desk every time.

3.Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are a lifesaver when it comes to planning out your work properly. Sticky notes can help you label and organize your work by choosing different colors and styles. They can also be used for memos, markers, labels, and patterns. The beautiful color and unique design will definitely help stay motivated while working. The notes offer a creative and fun way to stay organized as an illustrator.

4.Weekly Planner

Now you can plan your week in style with a weekly planner. You can add important notes, reminders, and appointments that you have for the week to feel more productive and eager to work. You can also add sticky notes of various combinations to get yourself more organized.

5.Multi-Tool Set

As a creative illustrator, you must love colors. So what better way to make your standing desk look more aesthetic than by getting an amazing multi-tool set with colored tools to help you draw your art?

6.Pencil Holder

Whether you are an illustrator or a regular office worker, you must have a pencil holder on your desk. A pencil holder makes your life and works much easier and organized as you can store all of your necessary pens and pencils in it. It will also prevent your pencils or pens from getting lost or misplaced.

7.Utility Box

Utility boxes are quite popular among illustrators as they are highly functional and durable. Besides, they add a lot of aesthetic appeal to the standing desk. A high-quality utility box will withstand wear and tear, thanks to its robust exterior.

8.Drawing Papers

Illustrators sometimes overlook drawing papers as they prefer canvases or tables. Fortunately, the great thing about adjustable standing desks is that you don’t have to worry about your art is out of proportion because you can always adjust it according to your desired size. Drawing papers are an affordable and effective way to create your best work on paper and scan it on a computer for finishing touch-ups.

9.Pen Pack

Water-based pens are highly useful for illustrators to create their best work. You can use a pen pack to color, draw, make notes, or highlight anything to you. Once scanned on the computer, the design looks outstanding and highly appealing. A pen pack is a handy accessory that can easily be placed on a desk without taking up much space.

10.Handle Tray

A hand tray is used to hold all of the small equipment and tools that artists usually have lying around a table. It helps to clear clutter and organize the desk. Plus, you can carry it around with you. A handle tray is practical and stylish and will look great sitting on a standing desk.

11.Coffee Cup

Every artist, including illustrators, need to revitalize their minds and feel refreshed to be creative every day. You can reserve a small corner on your standing desk to hold a coffee cup so that you never run out of ideas and stay productive all day.


Every illustrator knows how incredibly frustrating it can be to mess up important design calculations. Fortunately, you will always have a calculator on hand to help you make accurate decisions. A mini calculator won’t take as much room as other accessories. It will look stylish and will add functionality to your workspace.

13.Small Clock

If you have sufficient space left, you can always add a small clock to your desk. It will be a great way to keep track of time, and you won’t constantly have to check your phone or tilt your head to look at the time.


As an artist, your desk should not be without a stapler. It will come in handy when it’s needed. Most illustrators do not pay attention to the little things until they are needed the most. So why deprive yourself of the opportunity to have everything just a couple of inches away?

15.Desk Sharpener

An illustrator should always have sharp pencils to create the best effects and designs. A desk sharpener is a great tool that can come in handy as you need it. It can hold several pencils and sharpen them up for you to save time and effort. Plus, it will look great on your desk!

16.Bloc Collection

One of the best standing desk office accessories for illustrators is the bloc collection, designed for storing your equipment. It is a stylish, functional option that you can use interchangeably or stack according to your needs and space. It has a stackable inbox, drawer, plain inbox, tray, and a mini collator. It is the perfect desk storage option. 


Paperclips are probably one of the most mundane office accessories, whether they are for illustrators or otherwise. You cannot resist these stylish and colorful little clips that come in handy all the time.

18.Writing Pad

It is necessary to have a writing pad by your side while working to take important notes that you cannot write in your weekly planner or sticky notes. Writing pads help illustrators remain organized and focused.

How Are Standing Desks Beneficial for Illustrators?

Standing desks can be highly beneficial for artists in many ways. They can help you organize your things, focus on urgent tasks at hand, and give you the option to stand while working – a feature that most artists would love. 

Apart from these obvious benefits, standing desks also prevent many health-related problems, such as heart disease, back pain, stress, and spinal disorientation. Several studies have proven that standing desks can drastically reduce back, neck, and shoulder pain and promote a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.

Moreover, an artist constantly focuses on their work, which leaves them little time to move around and refresh their brains. This is why an adjustable standing desk will come in handy. You can adjust the height of the desk and continue working while standing. This way, you will put less strain on your neck and eyes, and you will feel better.

Standing desks also improve our mood and boost productivity levels compared to regular desks. Standing desks have a positive influence on our health and wellbeing. You will feel more energized, motivated, happy, and flexible.

Studies have suggested that even people who exercise regularly are vulnerable to various health risks of prolonged sitting and heart problems. Standing desks allow you to raise your computer high enough so that you can work and stand simultaneously. You get to stay on your feet longer and burn more calories.

Furthermore, standing desks are very spacious, allowing you to have plenty of room for your stuff. You can store your equipment along with your laptop over the table and work without creating a cluttered mess.


Adjustable standing desks help to reduce sedentary time and to improve metabolic functions and mental health. They create an important lifestyle change to help many artists grow and be as productive as they can. If you plan to use a standing desk, check out the Theodore Adjustable Standing Desk. It has been designed for your comfort; however, it is important to ensure that you strike a balance between standing up and sitting downtime.