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18 Ways Using a Rowing Machine is Good for Health

28 September 2021

The rowing machine used to be the device you could bank on to be empty at a gym full of bikes, treadmills, and ellipticals. Rowing machines, often known as ergometers or ergs, are suddenly gaining popularity among fitness professionals.

rowing machine or ergometer is a valuable instrument for building muscle, burning fat, and increasing aerobic fitness. It can firm up your arms and legs and strengthen your core and increase the size of your buttocks. Although a rowing machine appears to be all about the arms at first appearance, it actually stimulates your lower body more than you may expect. A rowing exercise typically uses 10% of the arms, 30% of the core, and 60% of the legs. 

Rowing machine

Rowing machine exercises are among the most beneficial to be had - from improving posture to toning your lower body, rowing machine workouts should not be overlooked. Maybe this is a sign to dust up your rowing machine if it's been sitting in the garage. Rowers are a great piece of home workout machine to have on hand because they combine cardio and resistance training. Use to enhance endurance, increase stamina, or go all out with an interval workout.

There are various advantages to rowing machines that should persuade you to give it a shot. Continue reading to learn about the benefits of using a rowing machine.

Full-Body Burn

Full-Body Burn

The rowing machine is remarkable in that it can target 85 percent of your body's muscles, allowing you to complete the whole workout. The key muscles in your arms, back, core, and legs must all be activated, giving you a full-body activity that will improve your body strength and aerobic fitness. The equipment works on both cardio and strength at about the same time.


Because the equipment may be tuned to your level of fitness, rowing is ideal for beginners. Rowing is also a friendly and active sport for visually impaired and blind people. Subjects in a study of individuals with low eyesight who rowed five days a week for six weeks lost weight, acquired flexibility, and increased strength.

Low Impact Yet High Intensity

Rowing allows you to exercise at a high intensity while having a relatively minimal impact on your body, a unique and winning combo. As a result, rowing is an excellent activity for both fitness and strength and active recovery.

Swift Recovery

Rowing helps you boost your heart rate multiple times in a week without getting as tired if you aim to reduce fat with routine cardio and strength training. This is because rowing, unlike other workouts, requires concentric muscle activity. Concentric movement is a sort of muscular stimulation in which your muscle shortens and creates tension. On the other hand, eccentric activity lengthens muscles under pressure, such as when you squat, causing muscle tissue to crumble and new tissue to develop.


For less than a month's worth of hot yoga, you can get a good machine for $100. Although some ergs cost more than $1000, there are many cheap, simplified choices in the low double digits. Plus, if you replace your gym membership with a machine, you'll save money quickly. Convenience and shamelessly going all out with your workout are two things a gym membership can't get you, especially if you're not into stepping outside or getting all awkward and sweaty around strangers. For less than $150, you can get rowing in the comfort of your home with FlexiSpot's AB Foldable Rowing LCLClick here to check it out.

Promotes Good Posture

Promotes Good Posture

Rowing won't fix your posture on its own, but it will work with you to develop the habit of sitting erect by building your posterior chain and core strength.

Targets Core and Glutes

Rowing, in particular, may hit your core and glutes in one fell swoop. Your core contracts and relaxes as you go along the machine, effectively performing a continuous small sit-up. Additionally, the motion of reversing the seat stimulates your lower body.

Balanced Body

A rowing workout's pulling action can help to stabilize more popular push-focused bodyweight exercises like pushups.

Calorie Burn

According to experts, a 30-minute rowing workout can burn up to 377 calories. You must expend more calories than you consume if you want to reduce weight for health purposes.

Leg Toning

The rowing machine works both your arms and legs in a single motion so that you can bid farewell to your incredibly complicated gym routine.

Approved By PT

If you're dealing with a physical therapist to get back into shape after an injury, they might suggest rowing. Rowing is often safe to use as a treatment or cross-training technique while increasing back strength for other sports because it has no impact.


If you're preparing for an endurance challenge like a century ride, a half marathon or marathon, or a lengthy triathlon, you'll need to learn to appreciate repetition.

Quick Workout Fix

Quick Workout Fix

You don't have to spend most of your day in the gym to see results with an erg. The CDC advises at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise or 75 minutes of intense activity every week. Rowing is a good mix of moderate and strenuous exercise, so 20 minutes a day is more than enough.


Even 15 minutes on a rowing machine may provide an extraordinary session, especially if high-intensity intervals are included—row for longer durations for more diversified exercises and even better outcomes.


Both HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and LISS (low-intensity steady-state training) have advantages. The brilliance of a rowing machine is that you can use it for a variety of workouts.


One of the advantages of the rowing machine, like the exercise bike and treadmill, is that you may adjust the settings to suit your abilities. Don't go too hard on the resistance too soon. If you set a resistance that is too great, a lot of stress will pass through your back. Instead, gradually raise your weight as you feel able.

Mental Health Benefits

There are physical advantages to rowing, but the mental benefits should not be disregarded. It's the tempo of the strokes that makes it so beneficial to your health. Regular exercise has been related to a more optimistic mindset.

Fun and Convenient

Fun and Convenient

Because rowing engages most of your muscle groups, it's essential to stay focused while doing it. Fundamentally, just enough work is required to keep things challenging and exciting. While you row, you could still overindulge on whatever series you want. Also, you're likely at home a lot during this pandemic, and you could include gym time. Rowing equipment folds up so they may be hidden under the bed or into a wardrobe. 

rowing machine is much lighter than a treadmill and folds up for ease of storage, making it a perfect piece of home exercise equipment, particularly for those who live in a small space. Have one soon, and get rowing!