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2 Ideal Gaming Chairs for Adult Gamers

28 May 2021

The World of Adult Gamers:

These days, video games or role-playing games, or RPG are enjoyed not just by children but even the children at heart. Most adults find gaming a time to relax and bond with other people. As they say, it should be a balanced life. However, some numerous studies and findings correlate different illnesses to long hours of gaming by adults. One thing that is disadvantageous about it is adults are prone to severe sickness than young ones. Hence, they must be the ones to observe discipline when it comes to this hobby. On this note, we would be taking a look at the possible and recommendable ergonomic gaming chair for our adult gamers. This is because using chairs with the ergonomic solutions could:

● Provide sufficient lumbar support:

Let's say the gamer plays more than two hours in front of the computer, this could hurt and damage his lower torso especially the spine without him being unaware of it because the effect is not immediately felt in the first few years of being a gamer. However, if one would choose gaming chairs like the ones from Flexispot, such as the Gaming Chair with Footrest 8525, one would be saved from a potential spine injury because this kind of chair has sufficient lumbar support compared to other gaming chairs. 

● Enhance the blood circulation

When one chooses the ergonomic gaming chair from Flexispot, he would have a higher chance to have good blood circulation because despite sitting for longer hours, gaming chairs like Gaming Chair GC01 could optimize body movements by maintaining the ideal body posture. The waist cushion that is installed with it could make you play from your best angle. 

● The high seat back is very comfortable:

Ergonomic gaming chairs such as the Gaming Chair GC01 could meet the needs of most Americans. We all know that most Americans are tall and have a bigger physique hence they need larger ergo chairs so they could support their back and spine. If one would not choose a suitable gaming chair for him, he might not able to enjoy his time playing games because of certain physical effects of the wrong gaming chair, 

Aside from these positive points of the gaming chairs, the following ergonomic chairs could also give positive ergonomic effects but to further discuss these benefits, let us see the 2 other Gaming Chairs (aside from Gaming Chair GC01) from Flexispot that could be beneficial to gamers:

● Gaming Chair with Footrest 8525

This ergonomic gaming chair is known for the most impressive features. It comes in three different colors such as: 

■ white, grey, and black

This ergo gaming chair is built from high-quality material such as a one-piece steel frame that could hold a heavyweight up to 300lbs. So, regardless of the weight, a gamer could enjoy his time sitting on the ergo chair. This also features a high-density sponge and the surface is made from PU synthetic leather that is easy to clean, smooth, and is waterproof. So, if you're a gamer who loves sitting on a leathery material, then this gaming chair is good for you. Gaming chair 8525 too can be reclined up to 155 degrees. This could still give you the proper viewing. You may also lock it at any position easily. 

The gaming chair's height-adjustable. In particular, the height range of this chair are as follows:

■ Backrest: 22.44x32.68 inches

■ Seat:20.7-23.22 inches

■ Assembled Height: 52.76-55.91 inches

Given all these figures, it could be easy to imagine that a tall adult could enjoy his games without the feeling of being uneasy on the chair. If you saw some videos of tall gamers who do not use the proper ergonomic chair such as Gaming Chair 8525, their posture is bad and you might see them do a lot of stretching and movements of the shoulders and back because you would feel that their muscles are getting sore because of the incorrect posture. 

Lastly, this chair requires low maintenance and does not require a gamer to fix it from time to time compared to other ergo chairs or ordinary swivel chairs that after a few sittings, would be deformed and the inside parts would be exposed because of the quality of the foam. 

● Ergonomic Gaming Chair 3571

The second ergo gaming chair is the Ergonomic Gaming Chair 3571. This chair comes in four colors that are: 

■ Black 

■ Grey

■ Blue 

■ Red 

This ergo gaming chair has a capacity of 250lbs so it is considered sturdy and can be used for a long time. If that is the case then, it would be more practical to spend a dollar on it because it is easy to maintain and is wear-resistant compared to other ergo gaming chairs that become cracked and tattered after a few years of use. 

This is also an ideal gaming chair because of its soft padded seat and padded curved armrest. With this, it could complement the shape of our hips and buttocks. Our arms could sit on the armrest and feel more rejuvenated. 

For gamers who like a wider product dimension, this ergo gaming chair is advisable because it has a seating area dimension that is 19.5x20 inches so while finishing your Call of Duty game, you may enjoy your time relaxing and winning the game without feeling too stressed or depleted. Just simply lean your back on the backrest which has a dimension of 23.5x19 inches and you may find it more relaxing. 

The Ergonomic Gaming Chair 3571 has amazing adjustable functions because of the following things:

■ Rocking Function Knob that lets the gamer tighten or loosen the gaming chair.

■ The electroplating gas lift helps the gamer adjust the height of the gaming chair. 

■ The smooth rotating casters help the gamer make an easy transition and movement whenever he is in the game. 

■ Lastly, this ergonomic gaming chair could give you long-lasting comfort and would allow you to enjoy winning your game without much pain in the lower torso.

With these amazing specs and descriptions, one gamer could decide which of the two ideal gaming chairs would suit their preferences when it comes to the equipment that they would use during their games.