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3 Ergonomic Products for Gamers – Improve Your Setup

21 March 2022

Whether you’re a casual or competitive gamer, using ergonomic products can help make each gaming session comfortable, fun, and exciting. Products like a chair, a desk, a mousepad, and more can greatly help improve your performance and help limit pains in your body after long hours of play. Therefore, this article highlights various ergonomic products for gamers that can help change things for the better. When you’re seated more comfortably, you can stay focused on your game and consequently improve your aim accuracy.

Ergonomic Products for Gamers

Stores like Flexispot specialize in selling a variety of office and gaming equipment that maximizes ergonomics. Therefore, this article will discuss products from this store that can help take your gaming experience to the next level. Here are some products you must consider investing in if you want to make your gaming experience comfortable and efficient.

Ergonomic Chair for Gaming GC02

Ergonomic Chair for Gaming GC02

The GC02 model is an excellent ergonomic chair for gaming for the price point. This chair is easily one of the best for comfort in its class as it offers a variety of features. Some of these features include removable lumbar and headrest pillows, a reclining backrest (ranging from 90 degrees to 135 degrees), a 2D armrest, 4.3 inches of thick seat cushioning, and more.

Significant Reclinging Range for Different Gaming Experiences

The reclining seat is great for gamers who want to relax during their gaming session. While a mouse and keyboard setup is common among PC gamers, many also use controllers. Controllers are a good choice for certain games, especially those that aren’t competitive. So, players who use controllers may want to sit back when they play their game because they don’t need to be upright to manage the keyboard and mouse. That’s where a reclining gaming chair can be particularly useful. Also, the fact that the GC02 model ranges from 90 degrees to 135 degrees offers great flexibility for various types of gamers.

The Wide Backrest and Seat Make It Comfortable for All

Another excellent feature of this gaming chair is that it has a wide backrest and seat. So, you’ll sit comfortably for a long session, and it also means that it’s a great choice for all types of gamers.

Removable Lumbar and Headrest Pillows

If you want to reduce the risk of back pain due to long gaming sessions, then it’s best to sit on a seat with lumbar pillows. This chair model includes removable lumbar and headrest pillows. The lumbar pillow is great for keeping your back straight by supporting your lower back. In the long term, it can help reduce the risk of back injury. That said, you can always remove it if you’d prefer not to use it for support. The headrest pillow, on the other hand, helps keep your head in an ideal position to reduce the risk of neck pain.

The adjustable height of the chair also helps with helping eliminate neck pain. Ideally, the center of your screen should be at your eye level. This way, you won’t need to look down or up to view your screen, reducing strain on your neck.

2D Armrests for Better Wrist Comfort

This ergonomic chair for gaming has 2D armrests. What this means is that the armrests are adjustable in 2 dimensions. Thus, you can rotate the armrests around their axes and adjust the height. While this may not seem like an important feature, it can be incredibly helpful for an ergonomic elbow and wrist position. It’s not uncommon for gamers to experience wrist injury or develop conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome. Thus, for the best ergonomics, your elbow should be about parallel to the floor. This way, your wrist will be straight, putting minimal stress on both wrists. Adjustable armrests can help you adjust the height so that your elbows and wrists are in the ideal position. In turn, you can significantly reduce the chance of injury.

Great Durability and Comfort with PU Leather Upholstering

The chair is also upholstered with PU leather for exceptional comfort and durability. The material, coupled with the thick cushion, offers comfort that allows users to stay focused on their game.

RGB mousepad MP106

RGB mousepad MP106

Most PC gamers use a mouse and keyboard, especially for first-person and third-person shooter games. Thus, one ergonomic product that’s often overlooked but makes a significant difference is a high-quality mousepad. Thus, one product that you could consider is the RGB mousepad MP106.

Smooth and Comfortable Surface for Exceptional Comfort and Performance

This pad is an excellent choice for gaming in particular because it has a smooth and comfortable surface. A common issue that gamers experience is wrist and hand fatigue from moving the mouse around when aiming, controlling their avatar’s camera during traversal, or simply engaging in any type of combat. Thus, this smooth and soft texture helps reduce fatigue to help you play for longer, lower the risk of injury, and help you maintain your focus. What’s also great about this pad is that it’s built to work well with different types of mouses, from optical to laser ones.

Non-Slip Backing to Ensure the Best Accuracy

Certain moments in gaming can get quite intense because you may be toward the end of a boss battle or are one of the last two players of a battle royale game. In such cases, you will need absolute precision with your mouse, and the last thing you would need is your mousepad slipping. Well, the MP106 includes non-slip backing with non-slip rubber so that it stays unmoved on the desk even if you move your mouse vigorously. Thus, a non-slip backing mousepad is essential if you want full control of your accuracy as consistently as possible.

Extra-Large Size for Long Sweeping Motions with the Mouse

This mousepad is designed for excellent gaming performance with its extra-large size. The mousepad allows you to make long sweeping motions with your mouse so that you’re not restricted at all when it comes to your performance. In addition to that, this ergonomic mousepad is also large enough to fit a keyboard comfortably. Therefore, it also offers a soft and smooth surface to rest your other hand that will control the keyboard.

RGB Lights for Creating the Right Atmosphere

There’s no doubt that RGB lighting is common among gaming gear. So, this mousepad model also includes an RGB lighting feature all around the mousepad. The controller allows users to switch between 2 color modes and select one of the 7 light modes. It’s a great additional feature if you want to show off your gaming setup to your friends.

Dual Monitor Mount Setup F7D/F8LD

Dual Monitor Mount Setup F7D/F8LD

Many gamers choose to use dual monitor setups for their gaming sessions because of its multitasking opportunities. Gamers who live stream their sessions on online platforms can have their game on one monitor and their streaming software on another. In that case, one of the best ergonomic products for gamers is a dual monitor mount like the F7D/F8LD model. This product includes two mounts with one fixture on a desk. Thus, one of the mounts is for monitor screens that range between 10 inches and 27 inches (3.3 lbs. to 11 lbs. in weight). The other mount is for larger screens that range between 24 inches and 35 inches (8.8 lbs. to 22 lbs.).

Various Configurations

Users will enjoy the various configurations you can get out of this monitor mount. So, if you’re using similarly-sized screens, you can place them both in the landscape position for a widescreen setup. You could also put both in the portrait position for a unique setup. In addition to that, you can have one in the landscape position and the other in the portrait. If you’re sharing a screen, then a back-to-back setup can be made too.

Excellent Adjustability

Above, we’ve mentioned the importance of screen height for ergonomics and minimizing neck pain. Thus, the excellent adjustability of this dual monitor mount will help manage that. You can move the screens in all different planes, allowing you to adjust the height, tilt (in all directions), and distance from your eyes. It’s important to mention at this point that the distance of your screen from your eyes is also vital for an ergonomic setup. Ideally, your screen should be at about an arm’s length from you. In this setting, you’ll experience minimal eye strain due to your screen.

Cable Management for a Clean Setup

A cluttered setup is never a pretty sight, and it can also affect how you feel during your gaming session. Thus, this dual monitor mount has a cable management system to help remove all cords that connect to your monitors out of sight for a clean setup.

Last Few Words

These 3 ergonomic products for gamers can make a significant difference in your gaming experience. If you play competitively and professionally, then it’s especially essential that you get a comfortable setup. You can reduce the risk of injury—something that can put you out of a tournament.

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