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3 Must-Have Ergonomic Products for Studios

18 February 2022

Ergonomics deals with the positioning and design of objects or furniture to provide people with maximum comfort, safety, and better productivity. Whether you work from a traditional office, home office, or studio, it is essential to equip your workspace with ergonomic products to ensure comfort and productivity. In this blog, we will look at some essential ergonomic products that every studio must have to ensure a comfortable work environment and boost creativity.

Must-Have Ergonomic Products for Your Studio

A typical work week for most creative workers consists of hours in the studio. This makes it important to select appropriate products in order to establish a trendy and effective studio that is specifically designed to fulfill the requirements of modern employees and creative minds. This is where FlexiSpot's ergonomic products come in. Read on to learn about some of the must-have ergonomic products for your studio.

Height Adjustable Drafting Table

1. Height Adjustable Drafting Table

While you can sketch and paint at any table, a drafting table provides many additional benefits as compared to a standard table. Having a dedicated drafting table in the studio also assists artists in bringing their ideas to life. When we have a special spot to conduct our task, we tend to concentrate and adjust our thinking to 'now I am at my space,' which brings us to the present moment and fuels our creativity.

Some drafting table models allow you to adjust the base height to your preference, whether you're standing or seated at drawing height. The large surface of a drafting table allows the user to work on huge drawings and projects with ease, such as mechanical drawings, blueprints, and artwork. The use of a drafting table also helps to enhance your posture and alignment.

Unlike a regular table, which may require the artist to hunch over to see their work due to the flattened surface, drafting tables are typically tilted so that the artist can see their work from the front. As a result, a drafting table is the finest choice for any artist. It's even better if your drafting table can be adjusted in height.

If you are looking for a height-adjustable drafting table, consider the Height Adjustable Drafting Table by FlexiSpot. Here are some of the most notable features of this drafting table.

Tabletop with Tilt: You can tilt the adaptable desktop from 0° to 40° to reach the best possible position for a variety of applications such as working, writing, reading, and drawing. Moreover, no matter whatever desktop angle you choose, a stopper for the safety ledge will prevent your electronics, artwork, and paperwork from sliding off the table surface.
Expandable Drafting Table Desktop: Tabletop has a drop leaf design that can be extended for more desk surfaces when you are working on a project. Alternatively, it can also be folded, making it easier to store the drafting table in small spaces.
Large Integrated Drawer: The FlexiSpot drafting table features a handy pull-out drawer. Included in the tabletop, it offers convenient integrated storage space for your office materials.
Programmable Control Panel for Drafting Table Height: The drafting table comes with an advanced control panel. It has four memory buttons that can be used to set up to four different sit/stand heights, allowing you to quickly adjust to your favored positions by pressing a button.

Height Adjustable Whiteboard Standing Desk

2. Height Adjustable Whiteboard Standing Desk

Sitting for hours on end is exhausting and can quickly sap your creative energy. With FlexiSpot Height Adjustable Whiteboard Standing Desk, you can stay inspired and invigorated when painting, drafting, or drawing. It's specially built to handle all your creative projects, allowing you to transition between sitting and standing with the push of a button as you brainstorm new ideas. The desktop also doubles as a whiteboard. Take a look at what we love about this amazing desk.

Dry-Erase Whiteboard Desktop: FlexiSpot whiteboard desktop features a smooth and sturdy surface for writing down notes. It is made of PET high-gloss film, which means you can write on the desktop using an erasable marker. The desktop is 7-inch thick and offers ample space to write. Once done, you can wipe the surface with a clean cloth. It's a fun and simple method to record your thoughts at any time.
Lightweight & Portable: This desk, which is mounted on four easy-rolling caster wheels, is designed to be moved to any location you require. When stationary, each wheel may be locked in place to keep the dry-erase board stable as you study, draw, present, and do other things. With 360-degree turning wheels, carrying the whiteboard between rooms, whether on hard flooring or carpet, is a breeze. Tops also rotate back with an easy-to-use lever mechanism for convenient travel and nesting for compact storage.
Ease of Use: Using the movable handle, you can transform your desktop into a whiteboard with 5 adaptable angles (0°/60°/70°/80°/90°). You can lock the desktop in place once you've discovered the ideal angle for writing, reading, or drawing. It gives you the perfect slanting position to work on your creative projects.
All-in-One Advanced Keypad: You can save your desired seated and standing heights with the one-touch programmable presets. You can also view your exact desk height on the energy-efficient LED display. FlexiSpot thinks of everything, which means you won't have to worry about losing charge quickly because the LED display enters sleep mode to save power when the desk is immobile.
Reminder Notification: Do you ever get so engrossed at work that you forget to change the working position? No need to worry. With Height Adjustable Whiteboard Standing Desk, you can set up easy activity notifications to remind you to sit or stand at regular intervals. You can also turn off the alerts if required.
Advanced Anti-Collision Technology: The anti-collision mechanism protects the desktop by preventing it from crushing any object or gadgets while in motion. It will also prevent the desktop from getting damaged during a collision. You will never have to worry about damaging your art supplies or other objects ever again.

Ergonomic Chair with Lumbar Support

3. Ergonomic Chair with Lumbar Support

Ergonomic products are designed for your comfort. They also have a number of health benefits. Using an ergonomic chair, for example, has been linked to a reduction in back pain, neck pain, and other analogous physiological issues, which are among the most common complaints among office workers. It can also enhance your working environment in a variety of ways. When it comes to ergonomic features, the Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair ticks all of the boxes.

If you're looking for an ergonomic office chair that can ease discomfort, boost productivity, and contribute to less stress and a better mood, the Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair from FlexiSpot may be the ideal choice for you. Here are a few things that make Soutien the best chair for you.

Adjustable Seat Height: The Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair's seat height and depth may be modified. There are three height adjustment levels. You can adjust the seat to accommodate your height and body shape. These qualities will also help you keep your feet flat on the ground when sitting in your seat. This is a good seating position that also aids in back pain relief.
3D Lumbar Support: Ergonomic chairs are especially important since they give lumbar back support. It's designed to fill the gap between your seat and your lumbar spine. By supporting the natural inward curvature of your lower back, it keeps your body in a neutral and natural position as you sit for hours in your chair.
Armrest Adjustment: The Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair offers a lot of adjustability options. The chair's extensive customizability enables you to tailor your sitting experience to your own needs. It boasts four-dimensional armrests that adjust to your arms and elbows to provide optimal comfort while working. The armrest can also be moved in three directions: up, down, and sideways.
Mesh Backrest: The backrest has a large impact on the whole sitting experience. A mesh backrest is recommended when buying an office chair to keep you comfortable and reduce sweating throughout the day. Fortunately, the mesh backrest of the Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair is made of Italian-imported chenille fabric that is both flexible and breathable. Premium fleece fabric allows for maximum ventilation while also supporting the chair's ergonomic function by conforming to the natural shape of the body.

Set the Perfect Ergonomic Studio with FlexiSpot

An ergonomic studio is critical to ensure health, wellness, and productivity, as creative work usually takes hours to finish. However, keep in mind that not all ergonomic products are created equal. It is best to invest in products that not only offer ergonomic benefits but are also stylish and durable. FlexiSpot ergonomic products are the perfect choice in this regard. Visit FlexiSpot today to learn more about the products mentioned above and explore hundreds of other ergonomic products for your studio.