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3 Standing Desks for Hardworking Teachers

08 June 2021

Teachers: Facilitators of Learning and Second Parents

They are considered the facilitators of learning. They lead the children through learning and they do different methods and techniques so the young ones would learn more. They also act as second parents to our children. Most dedicate their whole lives to teaching these children. Indeed, they are the most hardworking individuals. Thus, it is rightful to give praise and gratefulness to our teachers because no matter how difficult their job is they give their 100 percent for their craft. 

The Problems They Encounter:

Teachers experience different challenges at school. From misbehaving students to illnesses. They face them with courage no matter how big those problems are. Now, let's focus on the physical problems that teachers experience. Commonly, teachers experience physical problems like: 

  • Stress
  • Migraines
  • Respiratory disease 
  • Obesity
  • Ergonomic problems

Among the problems mentioned above, ergonomic problems are becoming rampant these days. This is because as educational systems have been changed at the start of the pandemic, the lifestyle and activities of our teachers have shifted to being sedentary. After all, their range of motion has been limited. Hence, they are no longer able to maintain uptime at work. This leads to bigger problems and affects their health. Thus, in today's article, it is best to recommend some ergonomic products that would beneficial to our hardworking teachers. These products are all from Flexispot. 

Flexispot Ergo Products: The Best Choice

When we talk about ergonomic solutions, it's best to recommend chairs, desktops, and standing desks from Flexispot. This is because the products from Flexispot allow individuals to maintain an active lifestyle. Even a single standing desk from Flexispot could keep workers moving. Aside from these, Flexispot products are known for: 

  • Absolute height adjustability: 

The ergo chairs from Flexispot could be well-adjusted and could follow the height of the individual with the help of adjustors and knobs that were fully installed on the products. 

  • Sturdy metal bases: 

At Flexispot, one could ensure the stability of the product because of the high-grade steel and other materials that were used in creating these products. 

  • Lumbar-supporting brackets and cushions:

Flexispot products could provide good ergonomics, especially around the lumbar area using brackets and cushions.

  • Memory presets:

This is the most unique feature of the Flexispot standing desk to be particular. Compared to an ordinary office desk, the standing desk from Flexispot could save one's time and effort with their sit-stand reminder and height memory presets that could be easily clicked on whenever it is needed. This helps one to do different tasks with ease. 

Now that we know the reasons Flexispot ergo chairs and standing desks are known in the market, we would focus on the part where we will know the particular products that could be used by our hardworking teachers. These are some of the most sought-after standing desks by clients in the market. These are made with precision and durability. Those standing desks are: 

Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series EC5:

  • The first standing desk that we are going to talk about is part of the pro series that is designed for the experts. It has six incredible main features that make this product suitable for our hardworking teachers. 
  • This standing desk is known for the dual-motor system. When a product is dual-motor, the lifting system is faster and more convenient for a user. Hence, our busy teachers would find it easier to do things fast with this kind of lifting system. 
  • It has an anti-collision system. So when there is a blockage near the space of the desktop, the standing desk may sense it. As a result, a collision could be avoided with this function.
  • It has a weight capacity of 220lbs. With this capacity, the standing desk could carry laptops, desk lamps, books, and office materials because one could ensure that it is sturdy enough. 
  • When the standing desk is in motion, noise cannot be heard because this could only make a sound as loud as 50db. So, no matter often one clicks the buttons of this standing desk there will still be a smooth transition. 
  • The lifting speed of this standing desk is 1.4 inches per second so you may imagine how fast it could adjust the height when in transition. 
  • The standing height of this product is from 24.4"-50" which may be very helpful for the teacher who needs a faster lifting of the desk while doing another task at work. 

Now, after talking about the first standing desk, let's have the second one from Flexispot. This one is known for being full-featured because of certain functions that would be very helpful for a teacher who needs to do different tasks in just one sitting. This standing desk is the: 

Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Glass Top

  • This glass top standing desk 6 useful buttons; 2 for the up-and-down movements and 4 for height programmable presets.
  • This standing desk too has built-in charging ports that could help one multitask as he charges some devices on the desk. 
  • It also has a spacious embedded drawer that would allow a teacher to store essentials inside. 
  • It also has a 110lb lifting capacity; this may be a bit sensitive compared to the first standing desk we mentioned but this ensures stability and safety for anyone who would wish to buy this piece of equipment. 
  • It has an impressive desktop size because its width is 48" and its dimension is 24" so putting your device and office materials is very possible with this standing desk. 

Moving on now, let's have the third and last standing desk for today. This is the: 

Theodore Standing Desk UD1B

  • UD1B is known for being a combination of classic design and modern features. This is because of the design of this standing desk and the impressive technology applied to this product.
  • UD1B has 3 built-in USB ports so charging of devices on the table is possible.
  • It is height-adjustable and could help a teacher enjoy her time working because he or she could choose if she wants to work while sitting or standing. 
  • For smaller spaces, this standing desk is recommendable too. 

Final Thoughts:

May all teachers be inspired to facilitate learning and guide the young learners. With these products from Flexispot that offers convenience and durability the work of a teacher would be more rewarding and it would make every teacher commit more to face challenges at work and overcoming them with flying colors.