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3 Ways You Can Study in the Comfort of Your Own Home

05 August 2021

Most schools and universities all over the country are shifting to distance learning as a measure to keep the children safe. Ironically, some learners are not comfortable studying in the comforts of their own.

It can sometimes be difficult to keep yourself enthralled and inspired to study during these trying times, especially when crises and media stories tend to grab your interest on a daily basis.

It can be difficult to adjust to distance learning by a plethora of other factors too. The animals, household members, the kitchen, the television, neighbors, and your bedroom may all quickly divert your attention away from your textbooks. Difficulty with technology or equipment unavailability can also be a deterrent to productive distance classes.

You may notice yourself less driven or efficient for a wide range of reasons. Several of you may be dealing with COVID-19-related anxiousness in addition to mental strain from studying. When learning from your house, you'll need more determination than normal to concentrate and modify your tested learning tactics to this new setting.

Are you rereading a book in the hopes that what you are studying would cling? If that's so, do you ever get frustrated whenever you can't recall a large amount of knowledge in a matter of minutes? We've given you some suggestions distance education recommendations now to help make this challenging transition a little easier.

kid learning at home

Schools are Built for the Purpose of Education, Your Home is Not

Studying at school would feel profoundly different from taking your classes at home. It is up to you or your guardians to make your surroundings conducive for learning. 

You can take some pointers from your classroom’s layout as well. If you tend to study in the kitchen, think long and hard if any of your teachers have conducted their classes in the noisy cafeteria. Once you have thought about it, schools create a dedicated space where classes can begin. 

To have your own personal study space, where is the least busy part of your home? This location should be free from distractions and other people who might walk behind you. Once you have chosen your place, make sure that it is well-ventilated and enough light goes inside. A tight and humid space can make studying feel claustrophobic and unpleasant, while insufficient lighting can cause visual fatigue.

While your bedroom can be the best place to study, avoid your bed at all costs. Never associate your bed with the stress of studying as it can make it hard for you to sleep at night. Studying on your bed can also make you feel unnecessarily sleepy. Instead, get a dedicated study desk for your space. Lucky for you, FlexiSpot will have 30% off for students who will purchase a desk. Here are our two top choices for learners:

The Height Adjustable Drafting Table ED1B is perfect for learners who love to do their art as well. Staying seated for long periods of time is exhausting and can quickly sap your positive potential. The FlexiSpot electric adjustable drafting table ED18 will keep you motivated and excited as you write, research, sketch, or create works of art. It's equipped to accommodate all of your massive sketches and equipment as you study while also give you the chance to transition from sitting to standing at the touch of a finger.

Adjust the adaptable workstation between 0 to 40 degrees to find the best position for a multitude of scenarios like reading, blogging, studying, and writing.

Height Adjustable Ergonomic Study Desk

The Ergonomic Study Desk by FlexiSpot is the perfect desk for every type of learner. It is a simple, no-fuzz way to help yourself study well. This particular desk grows with you as well since which guarantees you a long time of using it. 

You'll also need a location to put each of your classroom supplies and textbooks in conjunction with these workstations. You may add organization containers on your desk to keep your materials closer and organized too. 

Set schedule

We tend to get caught up with all of the distractions of the world. However, it is up to you to take the time to study now that you are learning on your own at home. It might be tempting to procrastinate doing your home works and projects but there is a trick to help you get out of that slump. 

Remember, if you start your studies at an earlier time, you will reward yourself with more time for rest and relaxation. You could reason out that you work better at night because of the adrenaline that your impending deadline after you. However, this only causes you to make more mistakes and gamble your health as well.  

When designating a time frame to perform activities, the key point to remember is to be detailed.

For instance, you can set how much time you have to complete your assignment in a certain span of time. You could also use a timer until you are more consistent with your management skills. This will allow you to focus on your assignment rather than being distracted.

kid eating in between classes

Schools Allow Learners Tto Take Short Breaks, Have Some Time to Breathe as Well

It's critical not to put too much stress on your health by putting too much pressure on yourself to complete a demanding learning material or project deadline, especially if you're studying at home. Make time to step away from your textbooks and computer to take a breather for yourself. This encompasses a wide range of strategies and activities, but they all aim to improve overall health.

To promote well-being, you should first pay attention to the basics, such as eating a healthy diet and staying active. At least 1 hour of cardiovascular exercise per day is recommended, which can comprise of jogging outside or strenuous activities such as push-ups.

Try to include a good mix of veggies, meats, and good oils in your diet. While the urge to munch on sugary snacks while learning is overwhelming, these goods can deplete your concentration, and certain substances might lead you to "fall" when their impacts have faded away.

Besides eating well and exercising regularly, you can try various self-calming tactics such as taking a warm, long shower or tuning in to guided meditation. Yoga can also help you calm down and improve your concentration.

Final Thoughts From FlexiSpot

In conjunction with the learning techniques listed here, try to ensure you have a strong safety net in places such as your family and classmates.

If you're experiencing anxiety or bewilderment, seek help from your family and friends, as well as if you're experiencing problems focusing on your studies.