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4 Chair Exercises on How to Lessen the Buffalo Neck’s Appearance

31 August 2021

Buffalo neck is the lump at the back of the neck that is a cosmetic concern for others. However, beyond the cosmetic concerns are other underlying problems that may take place because of the buffalo neck. Today, we will discuss the most effective exercises to lessen the buffalo neck. At the same time, we will enumerate the uses of the Flexispot products that can help one diminish the appearance of the buffalo neck through the four chair exercises. These exercises could prevent the formation of this dowager's hump. On the other hand, before we go straight to the discussion, we will see why Flexispot is well-trusted when it comes to chair products that can help you achieve a more beautiful posture and reduce the appearance of the buffalo neck. 

Ergonomic Reduction of the Buffalo Neck's Appearance: 

At Flexispot, you may be able to reduce the appearance of the dowager's hump safely and ergonomically. The equipment pieces from Flexispot have even edges and have a steel frame that makes the product sturdy and durable. Flexispot uses high-grade steel. That's why the chair products from this brand can last for many years. 

Furthermore, Flexispot uses a lifting mechanism on both their chair and desk products; hence it becomes easier for anyone to maneuver these equipment pieces. As a result, the person using the Flexispot products can avoid the ergonomic pain that could lead to severe musculoskeletal disorders. 

Lastly, Flexispot innovates products that could complement your ergonomic needs and follows the curves of your spine. That's why if you use any of these Flexispot products, you would feel that you don't get exhausted that could cause psychological distress. That's also the reason more office workers rely on this ergonomic brand. Now, as we go along with the next part of our discussion, we will dissertate the four chair exercises to try when you want to reduce the appearance of the dowager's hump. 

The 4 Chair Exercises:

Working in the office can put you in a passive mode, especially if you could not alternate your movements and do the same routine repeatedly. By doing so, you expose yourself to the threat of muscle spasm, spine strain, and the growth of the lump at the back of the neck of the dowager's hump. Therefore, you need to create an opportunity to stretch the muscles and ensure that you can switch movements within an hour. Not the one where you would scan a different file for 30 minutes while standing or sit by the workstation for more than an hour. These activities lead you to have passive pain. So, to change that lifestyle, here are the four exercises to try. 

a. You can Avoid the Dowager's Hump with the Use of a Moveable Headrest

One of the secrets in keeping an active lifestyle at work is to include short stretching activities. These activities must focus on parts that quickly get strained, such as the neck. When you lean forward much on the computer screen, hunch, and practice an improper posture, a certain amount of pressure accumulates around the neck. Hence, the accumulation of fat at the back of the neck occurs too. 

This condition is not just a matter of lumping the back of the neck. In actuality, it could lead to disc problems that can limit the range of your motion. If you get in a situation where you need to force yourself to reach something while you have this condition, it might end with severe pain along the shoulders and elbow. Thus, making your situation worse. So, to protect yourself from the worst pain, you may try Flexispot's Ergonomic Office Chair OC7. This ergo chair has a moveable headrest; hence you can relax while you do neck stretching exercises. 

Sweating won't be a problem for you when you use this ergo chair because it has a breathable mesh backrest that could relax your back and reduce body heat. So, with this chair, you could optimize your head and neck stretching. 

Ergonomic Office Chair 9051

b. Big and Tall Ergo Chairs can Straighten your Back As you Do the Stretching:

When you sit on Flexispot's Ergonomic Office Chair 9051, you could practice stretching your back. A straightened back can improve the appearance of your spine, and it could reduce the lump at the back of the neck. Further, as you do the stretching activities, this chair can support you because it has a rocking function that ranges from ninety-three degrees to one hundred twenty degrees. So, using this chair is very helpful. 

Scalloped Accent Chair

c. You can Stretch Your Elbows While Sitting on an Accent Chair:

The upper body exercises are the basic stretching activities that would not need pieces of large equipment. Instead, you may do these stretching activities as supplemental ones to your various activities while at work. 

Even with a chair with no rocking function, you can still execute these exercises, such as on the accent chairs. One of these products is the Scalloped Accent Chair. When you sit here, you can pull your elbows and stretch them while sitting. By doing so, you could hurt your muscles and the back of the neck because a certain amount of force can make you sweat and stretch the muscles on those parts. Hence, you can feel lighter. That's why this chair is perfect for you.

Office Massage Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair 5080

d. A Massage Chair Could Help You Loosen Up After the Stretches:

After the stretching exercises to reduce the appearance of the buffalo neck, you may enjoy a relaxing time on a massage chair. Indeed, Flexispot could help you achieve that relaxation. Hence, the Office Massage Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair 5080- a Massage chair with heating patterns. So, when you need to rest after a couple of stretches, this ergo chair could help you a lot. 

Final Thoughts:

The loafer's hump (buffalo neck) could not just affect the confidence and posture of a person. It might also pose a danger and a lifelong disc problem. So, to avoid these problems, let Flexispot help you alleviate the pain and correct your posture.