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4 Reasons Drawing Exercises are Advisable for Adult Workers

03 September 2021

Attaining a Sense of One's Self

Art therapy is an activity that involves painting and drawing exercises. It's a creative process of expressing yourself using colors, images, and symbolism. 

The creative process and the artwork create a new way of expressing your emotions in a way that words and sentences cannot represent. Hence, individuals who want to relieve the stress already built up because of certain factors prefer art therapy. Indeed, there are different media that most people use, but the most common is the sketchpad and writing tools. Most people like to use this sleek and straightforward duo when they need to pour out their emotions, significantly to relieve stress from a long day at work.

Graphic web designer working with pictures on a computer

Ergonomically Draw and Express Thoughts:

No matter how simple the drawings are, be it stick figures or whatnot, the most important thing is you could do this art therapy at work whether you are office-based or a WFH-individual.

As you practice this hobby, you have to make sure that you maintain a proper posture. Commonly, when people do drawing or sketching activities, they forget to maintain the correct posture. Instead, they hunch or slouch that often leads them to complain about RSI or Repetitive Strain Injuries such as:

  • spine strain
  • tendonitis
  • golfer's elbow
  • lumbar pain 
  • leg pain 

When you do not practice the correct body posture and hand position, these things can occur when you draw or sketch. Once you practice the proper posture and find the right angles of your devices or tools, you could save yourself from the dreadful pain of the RSI. 

What's good about this is there is Flexispot. When you have a global brand giving you ergonomic protection, you can relieve stress and maintain a healthy mental state and condition. So, as we move along, we will know how Flexispot could help you do this exercise effectively. We will also learn the four reasons this activity is advisable for adult workers like you. So, let's get the writing tool's nib moving now, and let's talk about the reasons and the global brand, Flexispot. 

Reasons to Try Drawing Exercises After a Long Day at Work:

a. If there is Meditation, there is also Flow:

When you try drawing as art therapy, you let yourself immerse into what psychologists call the "flow." It is a state wherein you deeply get engrossed in being relaxed while expressing yourself through images and colors. It's similar to meditation, where you get into a deeper state of relaxation. The difference is you usually do the activity with a tool or instrument. 

Your creativity expands as you get to know yourself in a more profound aspect through the flow. As a result, your stress level gets lower. Stress is a silent culprit too. It's because it gradually releases stress hormones that could lower your immune system. 

Kana Bamboo Standing Desk

So, if you want to experience the flow, try it with the best provider of superb standing desks, such as the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk. Drawing exercise on an eco-friendly table such as the Kana could make you feel closer to nature. It's because Flexispot infused this table with natural Bamboo materials. So, it's like having a nature trip while relieving stress through your artwork. They say that when you choose everything natural while trying to release tension, you propel your energy source and attain such relaxation that you forget the stressors that keep your immune system low. 

With the help of Flexispot Kana Bamboo Standing Desk and the exciting benefits of the flow, you could ensure that you could stop the release of the stress hormones and keep your mind and body attuned. 

b. You Can Transmute Negativity and Focus on Creation:

Stressors are stressors. They occur because of numerous mishaps. From technical glitches to irate clients that you need to understand more. They would remain the hurdles that could weaken your immune system, too, should you focus on the problem instead of accepting them and try not to get attached at all. 

Transmuting negativity is the key to solving the problem. Through sketches and adding life to your creation, you divert your energy to something more fruitful at the end of the day. Let's say you got a call of complaint from a client. If you dwell on his anger and do not deal with the problem, it would affect your mood. Keep that level-headedness, apologize, and proactively help him out. Find a solution to his situation and accept that he might have gotten triggered. 

Height Adjustable Drafting Table

Then, try not to get attached to the anger. At the end of the shift, never forget to sit on an ergonomic chair like the Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair. Start an artwork on a sit-stand desk with the anti-collision feature; try the Height Adjustable Drafting Table of Flexispot-you'd surely get the ergonomic protection while you energize again and detach from the negative energy. In the end, you win the battle against your anger and would be able to focus on creating something beautiful.

For these reasons, you can appreciate your work more, plus you would not stress yourself on the things you can't control. So, stay in the lane of stoicism and be ergonomically protected; choose Flexispot. 

c. Drawing Exercises Could Help You Dissolve Unhealthy Thoughts that Occur Again and Again:

Rumination is the act of having a string of ideas (primarily negative thoughts resulting from anxiety). This string of negative beliefs affects your mental state because it is leading you to have severe distress. Indeed, it worsens your situation because you get trapped in the loop of negative thoughts instead of leveling up to a more positive state. 

As a result, mood swings take place, and you remain crabby most of the time. Remember that negatively affects others. Thus, it could affect your relationship with colleagues, friends, and family.  

GoRiser Standing Desk Converters ML2

Having negative feelings is normal and not a sign of a weak mind. But, what's not good is when these feelings already consume you, affect your mental health and hamper your social skills. So, in case you experience these things, find your spot at the peace nook and express the negative emotions through your drawings. A desk converter would be helpful for you. Flexispot has the GoRiser Standing Desk Converters ML2 to carry and move from one spot to another. Using this desk would not just help you release the stress. It could also help you switch positions at the workplace. 

Indeed, using this piece of ergonomic equipment can help you remain calm-not overly positive, not negative; just calm and relaxed. So, get going with the GoRiser standing desk converter and be ergonomically protected. 

d. Drawing Could Help You Have a Sense of Introspection

Self-contemplation or introspection is the sense that you can create when you do drawing exercises to divert your emotions. When you introspect, you can understand your feelings. Hence, there are moments that you need to stay quiet for a long time and try not to overthink; acknowledge that you are at the moment of silence. 

Comhar All-in-1 Standing Desk Glasstop

You may do this while putting your emotions on the sketchpad atop the Comhar All-in-1 Standing Desk Glasstop from Flexispot. Once you accept the triggers, such as suppressed anger from childhood trauma, you may understand why you quickly get annoyed when someone pokes fun at you or when a co-worker says his observations about you. 

Most of all, you can protect yourself well when you do this activity on an ergonomic piece of furniture like this stand-up desk from Flexispot. As a result, you would not get annoyed and feel more comfortable doing this activity. 

Final Thoughts

In today's society and global situation, unexpected situations might take place. Hence, savoring a fulfilling life makes every minute count. Distress from frustrations and work stressors will put you in a poor mental state if you dwell too much on these things. Thus, you need to acknowledge these feelings but let go of them in the long run; never blame yourself. Calm your mind and express your thoughts through colors and images. With the help of Flexispot, you may indeed surpass all the things that make you feel down.