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4 Reasons FlexiSpot Chairs Protect You Like No Other

24 August 2021

Non-ergonomic chairs are some of the furniture pieces that can cause fatal accidents to kids. More than 50% of children get exposed to this danger. Hence, in that case, Flexispot (the home of the best ergonomic chairs, standing desks, sit-stand desks, office organizers) could help parents like you alleviate these worries. 

Proactive Prevention

2020 has caused many people (especially the parents) worries, including the safety of their children. The education system made a huge-scale transition to web-based instruction from traditional face-to-face instruction. As a result, children had stayed more indoors and increased sedentary activities. 

Aside from the threat of obesity to children, musculoskeletal disorders also pose a danger to them. The worst thing is, accidents possibly are happening because of the use of non-ergonomic furniture or equipment. 

Nonetheless, there are ways to overcome these threats. Through proactive prevention, you may put your child into safety with the help of the best ergonomic pieces such as desks and chairs from Flexispot

If you wonder why Flexispot is the best choice for ergonomic products, then we will dissertate those reasons in this article today. 

Why is FlexiSpot So Safe? 4 Reasons:

2021 still poses significant challenges as the year of Covid19 aftermath. Nevertheless, the determination to outwit these challenges and lead the children towards a quality life and safety can help all parents protect them against accidents because of non-ergonomic equipment pieces. Worrying may make things worse, but once you decide to choose Flexispot, you can ensure that you are ergonomically protecting your family. So, let us know why this brand is the most trusted for ergonomic solutions and protecting kids against accidents. 

Wobble Stool BH2

a. Flexispot Uses the Sturdiest and Highest-grade Materials for the Chair Products

From the ergonomically-wobbling Wobble Stool BH2 to the 2018 CES Innovation awardee-Deskcise Pro V9Flexispot never fails to create innovations from the metal frames and adjusters that they install on these chair products. 

This brand has become well-known in the market because they do not use substandard materials. They use parts that are long-lasting and make the chair products rust-proof. 

So, with the superb materials that Flexispot applies to their chair products, you may ensure that your child can use equipment pieces that would not put him at risk of falling or tipping over. He could experience utmost comfort with these pieces of equipment. Moreover, when your child uses any of these chairs, you don't have to worry about him doing sedentary activities. These ergonomic chairs can make your child keep an active lifestyle even if he could not do outdoor activities much. 

Ergonomic Office Chair 9051

b. Flexispot Creates Innovative Chairs with Wide Backrests and Headrests

Parents like you would always seek chair products that could relax and stimulate the blood circulation on the back and head of their children. Flexispot knows the pulse of the consumers; hence they have created ergonomic chairs that could support the spine, neck, and shoulders of the children. 

As a result, they have come up with ergo chairs like the Ergonomic Office Chair 9051Ergonomic Office Chair OC7, and Office Massage Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair 5080 that have the best backrest and headrest which could stimulate the blood circulation from the head to the toes of the child.

What's more impressive about these chairs is they have the sturdiest bases that support the cushion, headrest, and backrest of the product. Plus, these chairs have a load capacity that could bear weight as heavy as 275lbs. So, with these pieces of equipment in your child's study area, you may ensure that your child would not fall off and injure himself. Further, he could also feel more invigorated with these ergonomic chairs because Flexispot ensures these products have breathable mesh or leathers. Indeed, these products could promote unrestricted airflow in their body, lessening the body heat that they usually experience with non-ergonomic pieces. 

Accent Chair 005

c. Flexispot Ergonomic Chairs have an Excellent Gas Lifting System

Flexispot makes sure that adjusting the height of their chair products is not laborious and would not strain the shoulders and hands of your child. An example of these chair products from Flexispot is the Accent Chair 005. This product has an adjuster located on the right side of the chair. Your child can pull this knob upward to make the height of the chair taller, while downward is he wants to lower the size of the chair. 

With the gas lifting system of this chair, your child could get protected against the biomechanical pain that takes place when he does not use the non-ergonomic chairs. Choosing pieces like the Accent Chair 005 can help him manage a more comfortable sitting experience. 

With the Flexispot accent chairs, you don't have to worry about your child when he attends online classes because you can make sure that he can have a more ergonomically protected study area. 

Scalloped Accent Chair 1049

d. Flexispot Chairs Protect the Spine and Hips

Flexispot creates ergo chairs such as Scalloped Accent Chair 1049 and Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair that complement the spine's curves. These ergo chairs from Flexispot have cushions that support the spine through the design of their frames.

When a chair complements the spine's curves, you may ensure that your child can be safe from any spine-related injury because his back does not get strained with ergo chairs like the Scalloped Accent Chair 1049. Even though this chair is not height-adjustable, it can ensure that your child feels safe and at ease with this chair. 

Final Thoughts

You might have used a non-ergonomic chair in the past. If so, it's time to switch to products that can protect your kid's lumbar well. With Flexispot, you can always ensure that your child gets the ergonomic protection that he deserves. At Flexispot, your home would get safe from the non-ergonomic equipment pieces that could pose a threat. Hence, choosing one of the ergonomic pieces mentioned above could make your home a better and safer place to stay.