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4 Things You Need to Design a Shared Workplace

22 April 2021

An ideal workplace accommodates the needs of everyone working there. The whole point of a shared working space revolves around its people. If people are happy with their surroundings, they will be motivated to perform better.

Therefore, designing an exceptional workspace is very important if you’re looking to keep your workers motivated. Keep in mind that a shared workspace means people with different temperaments and different mindsets, so you are bound to come across differences of opinion. However, this should not be a hurdle in the way of productivity. Instead, it should be deemed as a strength – a way to attract different ideas and a source of many possible solutions. 

In these trying times, when everyone is rooted to one spot, it is more important than ever to design a workplace that is operational, organized, and functional, all at once. 

If you are thinking about setting up a shared workplace, designing it appropriately holds great importance so as to make sure that you are starting out on the right foot. 

Here are some of the things that you need to take into account while designing a shared space:

1. Technology

The first thing that comes to mind while setting up a workspace is the use of technology, without which, in this modern age, you can’t get much done. The entire world revolves around gadgets that are now an integral part of our daily life. 

Without appropriate gadgets and smart tech, a workspace is of no use. Updated systems, laptops, tablets, and computers are a necessity in the modern-day and age, without which your productivity or motivation is of no use.

Smart-tech is not only limited to these gadgets. These modern times have introduced smart and efficient desks and chairs that are multifunctional, performing many tasks simultaneously. 

One such product is Flexispot’s Theodore Standing Desk-48” W that is an excellent option for those who are setting up a shared workspace. This piece of furniture is ideal because of its traditional look and modern features that are bound to come in handy for anyone wanting to build a workstation.

The Theodore Standing desk has a unique design that blends well within every space, including offices, homes, bathrooms, or even a professional office space. This classic study desk has many features that make it a must-have for your workspace. 

  • Built-in USB Ports

When you are working and feel the need to charge your phone, you shouldn’t have to get up to fetch an extension wire for it or scream for someone to get you an extra charger. Theodore standing desks have 3 multifunctional USB ports. 2 of them are Type As, and one is Type C, making it easier for you to charge your phone (and other devices) while you work. 

  • Adjustable Height

Any product that has a feature to adjust the height is equivalent to a lifesaver. As different people have different heights, it gets difficult for everyone to make use of a product. However, with adjustable height, you can easily set it to your requirements and enjoy the desk. 

Standing desks are all fun and games until their height doesn’t reach the user’s eye level. Make sure that the desk is set in accordance with your eye level, making it easier for you to access your computer screen. You also need to ensure that your elbows are aligned with the desk, making an L shape when you are working. 

The Theodore standing desk does it all for you because it has an amazing feature adjustable height mechanism that allows you to adjust the desk’s height at the push of a button. You can easily lift or reduce its height without putting in much effort. 

If you are setting a shared space, then this piece of furniture is a must-have as it features ease and flexibility for everyone. Multiple users can utilize this desk right according to their needs. 

  • Artistic Look

The Theodore standing table has an artistic look that catches the eye almost instantly. Its chic appeal, sleek design, and aesthetic look contribute to its functionality. This piece of furniture complements every working space, no matter the kind of décor and theme it has.  

  • Storage Space

A desk is useless if it does not have enough storage space. The Theodore standing desk features enough space to accommodate all your essentials, including your gadgets, important documents, notebooks, or anything else that you might need during the day. 

You can save your desk from turning into a mess by storing all these items in the spacious drawers. A cluttered desk brings discomfort to the user, affecting their productivity and creativity as they are under constant strain. 

  • Easy Setup

Technology is of no use if it is not easily accessible. Everything should be easily available at your fingertips whenever there’s technology involved. 

The Theodore Standing Desk-48” W has amazing features that are easily accessible and conveniently assembled. Once you have bought this desk, it can be easily assembled for office use. You do not need to put extra effort with the help of tools as it is a simple three-part process. All you have to do is tighten the bolts that join the legs to the tabletop. 

Once you are done, it is ready to use. 

2. Individual Workspace

Private workstations are important to boost the productivity of the team. Every individual should have access to their personal area that should include ergonomic seating, a functional desk, and a personal system. Keep in mind that people need privacy and a relaxed environment to deliver exceptional work.

If you are looking for a standing desk to put in the personal workspaces, we recommend that you go for Kana Bamboo Standing Desk (Eco & Pro) from Flexispot.

This piece of furniture covers the minimal square foot, making it an ideal choice for shared workspaces. 

Kana Bamboo standing desk has multiple features that contribute to making it the best investment for your professional workplaces and at-home offices. 

  • Elegance

Furniture made of bamboo has a certain touch of elegance that instantly catches the eye. The Kana Bamboo standing desk is a piece of art that has sheer elegance and a minimalistic look, contributing to its functionality. 

  • Durability 

Kana bamboo standing desk is durable, all thanks to the water-resistant 2H lacquer that has been coated on its top to protect its surface against insect decaying and excessive moisture. 

  • Eco-friendly 

This wooden piece of furniture is eco-friendly, allowing you to use it for as long as you want. The manufacturers at Flexi spot use reusable bamboo to shape this beautiful piece of art that makes it earth-friendly and the perfect choice for your workspace. 

  • Multiple Sizes

You can get your hands on this article in whichever size you want! These standing desks come in three different dimensions, including 48”x24”, 55”x28”, and 60”x30.”

3. Wired Connections

We have discussed the technology aspect above, in which we talked about all the equipment needed to set up a shared workspace. However, without a wired connection or Wi-Fi, nothing really works. Internet is an essential element while designing a workspace. Delivering exceptional work requires extensive research, which is only possible if you have functional Wi-Fi. 

4. Go Green

While you are designing a shared workspace, don’t forget to get some pots and plants to enhance the refreshing vibe. Get floating shelves from Flexispot that have hooks to keep your plants safe and secured. 

Green plants have the tendency to give a fresh look to the overall environment. The soothing vibe results in openness, making your workplace look welcoming to outsiders. 

Final Word

Designing a shared workplace can be extremely difficult if you do not have an idea of what to get for your newly established place. In order to set up a functional workspace, it is important to cultivate a friendly environment where no one feels overshadowed or stifled. 

Getting user-friendly equipment contributes greatly in this regard. Try to provide your workers with everything that brings ease and flexibility. If the equipment is not working properly or the seating arrangement is not comfortable enough, workers tend to work in awkward positions, ultimately affecting their productivity. 

This can only be rectified if there is a sufficient amount of items available for the workers to get benefited from. Try to get ergonomic products that bring comfort and flexibility for the workers. 

When everything is up to the mark, there is no reason why workers won’t deliver their best. In order to boost their productivity, you need to design a functional space where they can mingle and work together.