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Tips to Stay Active During an Online Class

23 August 2021

"Sweety, wake up; Ms. Jones is still online."

It is always the line of Mrs. Barrymore in most of Jaden's class. He finds it difficult to stay awake and focused on online activities. Jaden's case is just one of almost 80% of the students' stories during the school year during the pandemic. Most students have been surprised by the new class setting, although 90% of children in the US have access to the internet, and most of them are technology-savvy. The real deal is: most students have not been that accustomed to pure web-based learning as most of them do the face-to-face classes. At the same time, most of these students could adjust more to the traditional way of teaching. As a result, a plethora of challenges took place during the great transition last year. One of these challenges is the presence of ergonomic problems among children who have done web-based classes. 

Despite the challenge of ergonomic problems, students could still overcome these hurdles in the upcoming school year of 2021. Through Flexispot, students could excel in their academics. Hence, in this article today, we will discuss the four tips on keeping their online class active. However, before we move forward with the tips, let's first discuss why patronizing Flexispot products would be an intelligent choice. 

Why Flexispot?

Flexispot is not just your typical provider of chairs and desks made of wooden desktops and steel framed chairs. Flexispot is the producer of the most astounding standing desks (stand-up desks or sit-stand desks) that are primarily height-adjustable and are the best equipment for your child's online class. Flexispot doesn't just drive in the screws or steel panels; they create sophisticated and functional pieces of equipment that could last for a long time. 

Another Flexispot creates significant innovations like its ergonomic chairs. They make sure that these ergonomic chairs could lessen the lower torso pain that a person has or alleviate the spine of anyone sitting on these chairs. So, if you choose these products for your child, you may ensure that he would be able to keep an active online class, and with the following four tips that we will dissertate, you may realize how Flexispot could help your child more in making his style functional.  

The 4 Tips

a. Don't Hunch:

Hunching becomes like a reflex action when sitting, especially if the child is not familiar with the correct posture. Proper posture should be a fundamental lesson for the child. It should be one of the training at home on how he should stand up. 

Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

When you notice that your child is already slouching when on the chair, you may switch to ergonomics by using chairs like the Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair with 3D lumbar support ergo. This product is a particular mesh bracket that you could move up and down depending on the child's height.

When you use this lumbar support, your child can avoid the pressure on his back that leads to hunching. This habit has a lot of effects, especially on the posture of the child. When he keeps hunching while sitting, he may tend to have rounded shoulders and hunched back. It would not just affect his confidence but would lead to back deformity. 

A hunched back is just more than a cosmetic concern, but it has an underlying problem. When a child gets used to hunching, he might not correct it, and it would lead him to have a severed back at old age. Hence, you must be proactive and help him nip things in the bud. 

b. Lay Back

Ergonomic Office Chair 9051

When he's in class, allow him to sit well and lay his back flat on the Backrest. The Ergonomic Office Chair 9051 could be good for him because it can let him rest his back flat on the thick padding of this chair, plus the Backrest is wide enough that he could sit well on it. 

In actuality, sitting on a chair with a wide backrest could help your child avoid hunching, plus he could increase the contact of the spine to the Backrest. When the spine gets close to the Backrest, the blood flow would be more active, and he could avoid the spine strain that happens when he hunches or when there is no stimulated blood circulation on his back. His back muscles would not function well. Hence, allowing your child to sit still on the chair with his back flat on the Backrest is recommendable. 

c. Hands In Lap

Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

When your child has class, let him put his hands on his lap or allow him to switch his hands; however, tell him not to strain his elbows. What's good about this is that Flexispot has the kind of chair with 4D armrests that release your elbows. It's the Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair. With this chair, your child could have a more relaxed sitting experience and ensure that he could move his arms and hands-free with the 4D armrests. 

d. Stretch Those Legs

Leg strains are also apparent during prolonged sitting. When this incident happens in your child's online class, what you need to do is let him stretch his feet and legs on a recliner with footrests. That's what Flexispot has. A product that can help your child avoid leg cramps or strain. 

Ergonomic Office Chair 9127

Ergonomic Office Chair 9127 is one of the best chairs with reclining footrests. During your child's online class, you may let him sit up straight and stretch his legs and feet. When he does this, he could relax more, and there would also be better circulation of the blood along his legs. 

That's why choosing this kind of chair is recommendable. 

Final Thoughts

Every child can become energetic and focused on a class if he would get ergonomically protected. Hence, creating a more active class environment for him would be perfect. With Flexispot, your child would not miss the most crucial lesson points, just like Jaden in Ms.Jones' class.