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4 Reasons Flexispot Standing Desks are Outstandingly Good

17 August 2021

Insurmountable pain after long hours of non-standing movements when studying or practicing some activities. These are the kinds of scenarios that your child might be experiencing when he does not practice the correct posture, neutral position when sitting, and the right angles of the devices when on the table. 

Stand-up desks that are beyond your expectations when it comes to ergonomic products. Almost 80% of students these days experience sedentary pain because of the failure to achieve the correct posture and sitting position during study time. Hence, it is the reason Flexispot creates the most versatile standing desk products in the market. So, in this article, we will dissertate the "whys" Flexispot is the most trusted company for sit-stand desks. 

Ergo Freedom with Flexispot: 4 Reasons

The freedom to sit for long hours without the throbbing pain around the spine or a more comfortable pair of hands even after 3 hours of studying and drawing are the kinds of freedom that most parents like you want their children to experience. 

On the other hand, these things are not achievable as long as what you let your child use is not ergonomic equipment and won't let them sit appropriately on the chair. Thus, four reasons are that switching to Flexispot for the new school year this 2021 is a must. Here are those reasons: 

Height Adjustable Ergonomic Study Desk

a. Flexispot Adjusts to the Needs of Your Child

The sit-stand desks are not just your regular standing desks. They could bring your child's study time to a higher level. One of these excellent products is the Height Adjustable Ergonomic Study Desk. 

As your child keeps the sit-stand movements well-executed, this standing desk grows with him. It grows up to 48.6", which is suitable for your child. With just a single click on the control panel, your child could change positions every 30 minutes when studying. Once he uses this stand-up desk during his class, he does not need to strain his hands to reach the chair's surface (it can be dangerous for his elbows and shoulders). 

You can click on the two-button up and down keypad to help him adjust the desktop to his chest, which is the suitable desktop level for a person. 

The most important thing to achieve when using a desktop is (especially when he is standing) it should not strain the shoulders and elbows. When your son sits on the chair, he must also avoid the pressure when bowing down his head because that might cause strain around the cervical spine. 

That's why Flexispot standing desks such as the Height Adjustable Ergonomic Study Desk are one of the most recommendable products for your child's use. 

Height Adjustable Ergonomic Kids Desk 40"W

b. Flexispot Sit-Stand Desks for Kids Are Edgy, but not Sharp: 

Another reason Flexispot is considered a versatile and safe brand for kids. Just like their Height Adjustable Ergonomic Kids Desk 40"W. Supposed your kid spills colored liquid on its surface, you don't need to worry at all. With a simple wipe-on of its surface with a dry cloth, you can easily clean the surface without damaging its coating. 

Standing desks from Flexispot have round edges that are safe for kids. Commonly with non-ergonomic table products, mostly 50% of the time, a child gets injured when hitting the edge of the table. At times, when they become playful, they hit the edge and wound themselves. The worst thing is, you need to rush them to the hospital for minor surgery. That is why Flexispot Standing Kids Desks are way safer than the non-ergonomic tables. 

The 25mm-child proof frame of this table proves that it would not get unsafe or unstable. Thus, if your child needs to do Science experiments or build some blocks, then this sit-stand desk is the one you need for your kid. 

Furthermore, this standing desk proves that the round edges of the Flexispot desk products are edgy, which makes it above and beyond in the competition. 

Vici Duplex Standing Desk.

C. Marvelous Lifting Speed Makes Multitasking as Easy as 123

Trust the fact that your child could multitask even at a young age. It would be possible too with the Flexispot Vici Duplex Standing Desk. This table is a two-tier-standing desk that can give you the chance to supervise your child's study time while you finish your report. Just adjust the desk, raise the other tier, and you could see how your child independently does his homework while standing.

 If you think your child needs to take a 20-minute sitting while doing his work, you may let him use the Sit2Go 2in1 Fitness Chair, which gives your child the flexibility and chance to maintain an active study time. You may incorporate fun activities into his lessons if you prefer to do so. This product could help him become a critical thinker as he sustains his energy in studying and honing his skills. 

With the Vici Duplex Standing Desk from Flexispot, your child could enjoy his time and be more enthusiastic as a learner because he can use a product that hones his multitasking skills. 

Height Adjustable Drafting Table ED1B

D. Stand-Up Desks from Flexispot can be Adjusted and Extended

One of the rules in EFL (English as the Foreign Language) classes and in-school classes is you have to let the child think out of the box, and the way to do it is to provide him with the equipment that could allow him to explore and try new things in class. Thus, when at home, you may help your child enjoy this kind of training. That's why Flexispot Height Adjustable Drafting Table ED1B is here to help you win that technique. 

The Flexispot Height Adjustable Drafting Table ED1B has an extendable platform that you can extend when your child needs an extra surface for props or other school materials. 

It is also height-adjustable, making your child practice the sit-stand movements well while practicing his lessons. Lastly, this drafting table can tilt at certain angles, so if your child needs to read books, then you may let him pitch the surface and find the right visual angle. 

Final Thoughts

All these advantages of using the Flexispot standing desks could help you train your child towards proactive learning. This product article also proves that the sit-stand desks from Flexispot offer flexibility that could help him become an A-student. So, take advantage of this knowledge on the marvelous creations of Flexispot and nourish the ergonomically protected whiz in your child.