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4 Ways Children Can Enjoy and Succeed in E-Learning

24 August 2021

Shane, a mother of 2 kids, is a work-from-home mom who has supported her children and has always given them rewards after web-based classes since the start of the global pandemic in 2020. One of these rewards is two hours of computer games every after the online course. Then, one time, Shane noticed something odd with Jake's (the eldest) back. It took her 5 minutes to observe Jake. Then, Shane asked him to stand up sideways. Shane noticed that Jake could not straighten his back because of the curved spine. Eventually, she called her doctor to set up an appointment for her son's check-up. 

A Curved Spine and Ergonomic Problems

Shane is one of the parents whose children face ergonomic problems. At the start of the pandemic of 2020, thousands of children needed to do homeschooling with their teachers. A lot of them have become less active since then. As a result, they have ended up doing sedentary activities such as inactivity, more-than-an-hour computer gaming, and less engagement in exercises. These passive activities do not just result in obesity but could also pave the way for ergonomic problems such as muscle spasm, neck soreness, and spine-related issues, just like the case of Jake. These musculoskeletal problems are just some of the causes of non -physical activities that children like Jake have been doing even before the pandemic broke. 

In this light, Flexispot (the home of the best standing desk, sit-stand desk, stand-up desks, and ergonomic chairs) has the best solutions for this predicament. The new school year of 2021 is about to start; hence making Flexispot your child's companion is the best choice to have. As we move along, we will dissertate the four ways children could enjoy their online classes-the ergonomic way. 

The 4 Ways

1. Understand the Ergonomic Issues Your Child Experiences

In the scenario mentioned above, we might have understood that Shane has unknowingly exposed her children to the dangers of playing games for more than an hour. As explained in an online safety note (University of California, Agriculture, and Natural Resource; Safety Note #156), stooping the back for more than 2 hours every day could lead to "moderate injury risk." So, imagine if Shane has done it for more than 30 days; that's equivalent to 60 hours of stooping; it would create a severity to the spine or the backbone. Getting the gist of why these children experience ergonomic problems would help parents like you figure out the solutions to these predicaments. 

Massage Gaming Chair 0029

So, one of the first remedies is to make sure the child would not sit for more than 30 minutes while playing. Chunk the minutes sitting or standing. Make sure that your child plays for 40 minutes. Within the 40-minute game time, he would sit and stand and do some stretching. Then, he can use the ergonomic pieces such as the Flexispot Massage Gaming Chair 0029 (a gaming chair with a retractable footrest, a padded seat, and lumbar massage support) or the Gaming Chair GC02 (which has an ultra-wide backrest and a high backseat). When your child alternates his movements while playing, then his 40 minute-game would be a fun-filled activity-just. Make sure he would not focus his whole energy on it, and it's better to lessen the days he spends playing at the computer. 

2. Protect the Head and Back

Web-based classes could get exhausting at times, especially if your child spent more than 2 hours doing the same routine. Hence, you must help him relax and lay his back and head on a supportive padded cushion. On the other hand, not all pieces of equipment could give the same comfort level, so choose Flexispot for that. 

Ergonomic Office Chair 9051

Flexispot's Ergonomic Office Chair 9051 (a big and tall office chair that has the thickly padded headrest and backrest) and Ergonomic Office Chair OC7 (an office chair with an adjustable headrest) could help your child relax his head and back. 

These body parts get exposed to the ergonomic problems of sitting. Sadly, not all kids could do the correct posture because they don't get trained to do so, or they suffer from conditions like Scoliosis that may give them a hard time sitting on the chair for long hours. Hence, chair products such as the Ergonomic Office Chair 9051 and Ergonomic Office Chair OC7 are helpful for him to relieve the biomechanical pain that might make him lose concentration in his online classes. Absorbing the information through web-based instruction can be crucial, so he could understand the lesson well and feel relaxed. 

3. Provide Comfortable Chairs 

Sitting for long hours could be exhausting, too, for kids. At times, the hours spent on a non-ergonomic chair can be stressful, especially if it gives him a hard time getting rid of the pain around the knee pit, knee caps, and legs. 

Scalloped Accent Chair 1049

Hence, Flexispot Scalloped Accent Chair 1049. This product is an ergo chair that has a Velvet cushion that does not easily get dented. Your child could also use the Accent Chair 005 (an accent chair with a sturdy base) to be suitable pieces of equipment for your child because these chairs have a comfortable seat cushion and would not create numbness around the legs area of your child. 

When a person's leg area becomes sore, there's a chance that the pain might affect his hips and sit bones too, so it's better to provide him with this kind of product. This product can ensure your child's ergonomic protection and comfort in his distant learning session with his teacher. Through this act, he may be able to understand more of the lessons given to him. 

4. Protect Against Tennis Elbows and Frozen Shoulders

After typing on the keyboard for hours or doing the same activities for 30 minutes, your child is at high risk of Tennis elbows and frozen shoulders, although they do not abruptly take place. If you do not choose ergonomic pieces such as the Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair and Kana Bamboo Standing Desk, your child is susceptible to the said conditions. 

Soutien Ergo Office Chair

Proactively protecting them could help you lessen the possibilities of these conditions. The multidimensional function of the Soutien Ergo Office Chair's 4D armrest could save your kid from numbness which might lead to severe pain along the shoulders and elbows. The same goes with the height adjustability of the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk Hence, choosing these Flexispot pieces of equipment is the best choice. 

Final Thoughts

E-learning is a revolutionary way of imparting knowledge to your child. The world might have undergone a reset; hence, many people needed alternatives to continue their everyday lives despite the hurdles. Therefore, propel your child's ergonomics; trust the brand that cares beyond the mesh brackets and cushions - choose Flexispot. Through Flexispot, you can ensure that despite the continuous challenges of the global pandemic this 2021, your child would still be the cream of the crop and will ace their academics.