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4 Ways to Detox from Digital

20 July 2020

When it comes to disconnecting at a time of a pandemic, the task almost seems impossible and hardly practical. With these 3 simple tips, you can opt to gain a balanced mindset and detox all the negative and unproductive emotions you may be dealing with. For more updates listen to our weekly podcast Ergotcha! Now available on Google, Spotify and everywhere you can listen to podcasts! Join our hosts Shahida and Daisy as they explore ergonomics, lifestyle tips and more. While we may provide you with a quick guide to this week's episode, feel free to explore what a digital detox is and how to apply it into your everyday life.
Let's Get Into It!
A Digital Detox is all about disconnecting from technology when it's needed. If you ever find yourself constantly checking your phone and feeling the need to always reply as soon as you get a message, an email or a notification, chances are you're in need of a digital detox fast! These feelings can lead to the development of anxiety and can affect your mental health negatively in the long run. Dr. Jennifer Weniger explains just how it can help refresh and restart your body. She explains, "A digital detox gives our minds and bodies an opportunity to restore their natural rhythms". By allowing our bodies time to rest and heal itself, we give ourselves a greater opportunity to improve our day to day lives.

Before we get things started, it's important to remember that this digital detox is all about your mindset.
Tip #1: Stay Mindful
It's important to stay alert to what you're exposed to. It's good to stay informed and connected but too much time in front of your phone or laptop can lead to overfatigue. Consider the position at which you spend the majority of your time. If you're working from home, do you find yourself peering over your computer? Leaning down can lead to a lot of pressure on your lower back. Bad posture has large ramifications in the long run, you can develop chronic pain and high levels of stress. It's important to be very mindful about this.

Be aware of your posture and how much time you spend in front of your screen. Be mindful of your screen time both for work and leisure. Most smartphones have a setting that allows you to see and limit the amount of time you spend on each app. This allows you to assess the time you spend on Instagram, Twitter or other apps. It’s up to you how much is too much, but studies have shown that less than 2 hours is the most ideal time to spend on your phone. You can set your limits with what works best for you. The idea is you avoid eye strain and an overstimulated mind. This can lead to long sleepless nights and higher levels of stress. Your time in front of the screen should be balanced. You can start off by lessening it by 15 minutes daily and see where it goes. You’ll be surprised with how much of a difference it can make with your levels of stress.    
Tip #2: Stay Active
While staying aware of your screen time is an important part of your screen detox, another great way to get off your phone is to get into activities! With the pandemic limiting the places we can go to and the people we can see, there are still a lot of online options to keep us busy, without having to cling onto our phones every second. Depending on your fitness level, you can try fitness apps like the Nike App and the Adidas Training App.  Some of these apps are free and don't require you to have gym equipment. Various yoga studios and gyms also offer online classes that you can take with your friends and family. No matter what your fitness goal is, the key is to stay active and productive.

The point of staying active isn't to lose weight, it's to ensure that you stay healthy during this pandemic. Boosting your immune system is now more important than ever. Stay alert and active and ensure that you're staying healthy and maintaining social distancing.
Tip #3: Detox While Working

Majority of Americans are now working from home. With the pandemic forcing most businesses into the New Normal, how can you practice a digital detox if most of your work is done in front of a screen?  If you find yourself working from home remember the importance of taking a break and stepping back from your work every now and then. You can still practice digital detoxing at work in small doses. You'll find that stepping back from work in small increments can do wonders to your focus. You can do this through various productivity hacks like the Pomodoro Technique. This technique requires you to take a short break every 25 minutes to help enhance your focus. It's completely customizable and has been proven to be effective for all sorts of tasks and projects.  
Tip #4: Engage with Ergonomics

Another great digital detox hack is by applying ergonomics in your workstation or home office. Standing desks and standing desk converters are smart and efficient ways to be mindful of your posture throughout the day. Movement promotes blood circulation which is proven to boost the immune system and lower your levels of stress. Ergonomics gives you the opportunity to find the right posture and position to help you stay active throughout your workday.

And while work is a vital part of your life, it's important to remember that balance is the key. By taking breaks and ensuring that you have the proper posture, you're one step closer to a happier and healthier version of yourself.
You Can Do It!

Remember a digital detox isn't about locking your phone away so that you won't use it, it's about reintroducing how you go about your day to day life by making technology a tool and not just an extension of who you are. By building healthy habits with the aid of technology, you allow yourself a healthier mindset when it comes to digital!

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