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5 Advantages of Being an Environmental Advocate

15 September 2021

Climate Change experts admitted that the earth's temperature would get higher in the coming 20 years. That temperature may reach about 1.5 degrees Celsius, which is hot enough to cause the melting of glaciers in the Arctic and life-threatening catastrophes such as flooding and unexplainable heat. 

Unfortunately, human activities get linked to severe climate change-the emission of greenhouse gases is what they find as the main culprit. Indeed, millions of people have already died across the globe because of these catastrophes. So, if you would think of it, there would be more life-threatening scenarios in the coming 20 years. Hence, we must take the initiative and participate in a revolution- a green process that can help save the entire environment from more catastrophic events. Even in your little ways, you can become one of the advocates, just like the non-profit organizations and private companies that work hand-in-hand in saving the environment. 

Kana Bamboo Standing Desk

A Company that Cares

Indeed, FlexiSpot shares the same advocacy. This global brand does not just produce the top ergonomic products like standing desks, sit-stand desks, stand-up desks, and ergonomic chairs. This company commits to taking part in saving the forests and nature from destruction. It has already started a drive to plant trees. 

In August this year, FlexiSpot had helped OneTreePlanted (a non-profit organization that aims to restore biodiversity and fulfill the mission of saving the forests from deforestation). In the monumental event, FlexiSpot contributed to planting 500 trees in British Columbia. It was made possible because of the bamboo products that clients purchased from the company. Indeed, FlexiSpot holds on to the advocacy and faith that this move could help rebuild the forests and save nature from destruction. So, imagine if you could be part of this movement. You could help your future descendants live in a place free of worries that floods and hurricanes would cast them away. 

Kana Bamboo Standing Desk

The Advocate in You:

Through FlexiSpot, which stands as a bridge for you to join the movement, you can be with them in spirit. A single purchase can save more trees in the forest. That's how powerful you are as a future advocate. You can create a considerable change even by just purchasing a bamboo product from FlexiSpot like the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk or the AlcoveRiser Bamboo Standing Desk. Your purchase can give a big help to the company. And if you'd encourage more people to do the same, you might wake up one morning receiving calls from friends who'd also like to purchase a bamboo product. One purchase of a bamboo product from FlexiSpot is a noble act because you could help groups and other advocates to create better earth in the future amidst all the scientific research and findings that people are on the verge of extinction because of climate change. 

The 5 Advantages

kana curved standing desk

Indeed, purchasing bamboo products from FlexiSpot, such as the Kana Bamboo Curved Office Standing Desk that has exceptional durability and stability, will not just make you help plant more trees in the forest. There are other advantages of being an environmental advocate. 

a. You Can Raise Awareness and Inspire Communities

 L-Shaped Standing Desk E4L

So, aside from buying the best bamboo products like the L-Shaped Standing Desk E4L from FlexiSpot, you can also advocate for saving the environment by joining non-profit organizations that aim to educate people on the importance of conserving energy and preserving the environment.

Once you make this move and encourage others to join you in the crusade, you bring light to more groups. Let's say you join some environmental organizations, and then you can join their programs that will aim to tie up with private companies and start a campaign. Through this act, you can help with information on climate change, the recent news about global warming, and programs that can help spread awareness through social media platforms. 

b. You Encourage People to Patronize the Environment-Friendly Products

When you start purchasing ergonomic, and environment-friendly products such as FlexiSpot creates, you pave the way for more people to experience the superb quality of ergo chairs and desks. At the same time, you share how their purchase can help save the environment. It's like creating a more extensive network of environmental advocates. As a result, more people can experience protection from musculoskeletal disorders while participating in the green movement. 

Moreover, when these people get encouraged to buy bamboo products from FlexiSpot, more reviews from the clients can prove the effectiveness of these ergo pieces. As a result, FlexiSpot could have a bigger chance to contribute more to the plantation drive. They could develop more ideas on utilizing organic and sustainable materials to ensure that there will be zero waste and the environment will get protection. 

c. You Start to Have a Wider Perspective on the Importance of the Environment

When you start to join movements in taking care of the environment, you realize that everything that breathes matters, from the animals in the jungle to the plants that grow in the forest. You start to understand that we are all connected, and all the things that we do can affect everything that surrounds us. 

When communities and companies start to initiate programs, there will be greater chances of amendments and ratifications on environmental laws. 

d. The Groups that You Join In Can Encourage Companies to Try Lean Manufacturing and Careful Usage of Resources:

Willow Pro Solid Wood Standing Desk

When communities emerge to a more considerable force, groups can encourage manufacturers to be more responsible in manufacturing products, just like FlexiSpot. This brand carefully engineers their standing desks like the Willow Solid Wood Standing Desk  and other companies that have already stopped using plastics. The little efforts would soon become a solid movement for a greener earth. 

e. The Federal Government and International Communities Would Know the Real Grievances of the People and Would Find Solutions to the Environmental Problems

It is indeed a mandate of the government to research the current environmental situation. They designate experts to study further on these everyday situations. Yet, the laws they and the international communities would create also need the consensus of those living in that country. Hence, the role of organizations, companies, and citizens is crucial. It's because when they know the pulse of the people, it becomes easier for them to create laws that protect you and other people for a long time. They could also develop regulations on the conservation of the environment. 

Final Thoughts:

Being an environmental advocate can help you become more responsible as a person and as a community member. Hence, it is essential to find groups of people or companies that will commit to a higher purpose, just like FlexiSpot, which creates ergonomic products and participates in leading a greener and sustainable biodiversity.