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5 Economical Reasons to Switch to a Remote Work Setting

09 September 2021

Are you searching for new office equipment as more workers switch to the permanent work-from-home setting? If you're affirming, then this article today is right for you. In today's current global situation, the threat of the new strains of Covid-19 still puts many workers at risk across the globe. The Lambda and Delta variants are the sources of anxiety and worries of all employees. Hence, when you allow your workers to remotely work and accomplish a daily task at home, help them not just as a boss but as an employer that cares for them. 

Aside from that, there are other reasons a worker must choose to work at home. However, there are still things to consider when you put the company in this transition. It is indeed a massive leap of faith. Let's take a look at companies such as Synchrony Financial. Recently, this company created three types of offices, namely: virtual offices (workers will entirely work from home), hoteling offices (will stay in a hotel room at a nearby location), and hybrid offices (workers will report to the office twice a week). They have projected that their company would thrive more in the long run and accumulate profitability because, in 2021 alone, they have saved $150 to $250 million. So, imagine if your company would undergo that transition, you might be the same as Synchrony Financial that has achieved such cost savings this year. So, let's get into the real deal of this article and spot the cost-saving factors in switching to a remote work setting:

The 5 Cost-Saving Factors:

a. Miscellaneous Expenses Decrease

It's undoubtedly natural for an employer to provide the necessary office materials such as paper clips, rubber bands, and the likes. However, these miscellaneous expenses can decrease with the Work-from-home mode. There are digital collaboration tools these days, such as Google Workspace, that can provide office management tools and lessen the amount of printable paperwork. Although business letters and government documents still need to have hard copies, shifting your office into a remote work setting could help you cut the budget wisely. 

You Can Cut The Budget for Pantry Supplies

b. You Can Cut the Budget for Pantry Supplies

Coffee, juice, bread, tissue, and hand sanitizer are most of the supplies that can significantly cut the monthly office budget. Hence, when you let most workers switch to remote work settings, you don't have to allocate much for the pantry supplies. As a result, you could save much for office expenses that could benefit your employees more. 

c. Utility Expenses Will Not Be a Problem Anymore

Utility expenses are probably the type of expenses that would surprise you a lot every month because, in the traditional on-site work setting, the office's water and electricity consumption double the amount every month. So, when you put most of the workforce in a remote work setting, you could cut almost 80% of the budget for these utility expenses. So, it's another advantage when you change the work setting in your company. 

You Can Avail a Smaller Office Space

d. You Can Use a Smaller Office Space

If there are employees with crucial roles in the company and need more supervision, you can reduce the workforce size that could work on schedules in a week. You can rent a smaller office space around 15-20 square meters so you can minimize the rent expenses for the month. The traditional work setting was like that, which cost a business owner double because not all workers have the same difficulties and functionalities in a company. Hence, those whose work can be remote then allow them to work from home. Instead of having too much burden on all the utilities and miscellaneous expenses, you can minimize the office budget or allocate them in more beneficial but cost-saving expenses. 

e. You Can Allocate the Office Budget Wisely

It's indeed an advantage when you switch to the remote work setting. Revise the usual budget report and allocate funds to a more critical office expense. One of these is allocating office funds to the employee's incentives and allowances. You may provide them with desk products or chair products that they can use to protect themselves against ergonomic pain. RSI or repetitive strain injuries are some of the worst kinds of pain employees would experience because of prolonged sitting. Workers are not free from these injuries in a remote work setting because they might be using non-ergonomic equipment at home. Hence, if you start to look for these ergonomic products, you may rely on FlexiSpot. Indeed, when you choose FlexiSpot, you can protect your WFH and on-site workers from the threats of ergonomic pain. 

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FlexiSpot and Ergo Products

FlexiSpot provides the best standing desks, sit-stand desks, ergonomic chairs, and desk converters. All these office equipment and furniture have an ergonomic design to prevent overuse syndrome or biomechanical pain. In the WFH workers, an ergonomic standing desk like Kana Bamboo Standing Desk, a stand-up desk from the Standing Desk Pro Series, or a desk converter like the Standing Desk Converter M7MB could be the best choice. Indeed, these products can help you allocate the office budget wisely and help you save more because these desk products from FlexiSpot can aid your employees in delivering well-done outputs and finishing tasks entirely because of the superb functionalities of these products. 

True Compassion for Employees

Employees are the backbone of the company. Without them, the operations would not be successful and proactive ideas will not push through without the workers. Hence, the growth of the company will stop as well. In that case, genuine compassion for the employee's welfare is essential. And by providing them with the best ergonomic standing desks, you can take care of them more. As a result, they could always be of excellent service to the company even if they work remotely and become under less supervision. 

Final Thoughts

So, if you are planning now to switch to a remote work setting for your employees, you can consider checking the Flexispot website and the vast array of standing desk products that your employees can enjoy using while on the remote work mode. Now, if you're wondering about the logistics, no need to worry anymore because Flexispot can handle the logistics service for you; we can deliver the product straight to the employee's address. We can also hasten the shipping service. Most of all, we can extend the warranty and free trial. So, you may check the website: for the wide selection of standing desks and other ergonomic products.