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5 Effects of Improper Posture on Kids

24 August 2021

Stooped posture and crooked spine are the things that more than 50% of kids suffer. Long before the pandemic started during the first quarter of 2020, many children have already done sedentary activities that have put their health at risk. As a result, most of them have already experienced musculoskeletal disorders because of incorrect ergonomics. In this case, Flexispot (the best provider of ergo solutions and the home of the most-trusted standing desk, sit-stand desk, stand-up desk, and ergonomic chairs) is here to protect the children from the long-term effects of improper posture. 

The Power of Alternating Movements

Some parents may not know this and do not pay much attention to their children's stance or stooped position when sitting. Thus, they do not practice the correct posture with their kids. As a result, a lot of children suffer from biomechanical pain. This kind of pain may have long-term effects, including humpback, protruding abdomen, muscle fatigue, spine strain, and the development of an awkward posture which may also affect the child's confidence. 

In this light, you have to believe in the power of alternating movements, especially when your child is studying or is around his study area—the act of standing then sitting interchangeably within a specific hour and changing some tasks every 20 minutes. If a child does not observe this practice, there is a tendency that he might experience the effects mentioned above. As part of the discussion, we will further discuss these long-term effects and how Flexispot helps the kids protect themselves from the harmful results of improper posture. 

Sit2Go 2in1 Fitness Chair

Alleviating the Effects of an Improper Posture with Flexispot

As the 2021 school year approaches fast, there is a need for parents like you to look for the best ergonomic provider for your child. That's how Flexispot enters the picture. 

For many years, Flexispot has committed itself to give the working class superb ergonomic quality products such as the Sit2Go 2in1 Fitness ChairKana Bamboo Standing DeskKana Pro Bamboo Standing Desk, and Scalloped Accent Chair 1049. These are some of the superb creations of the brand, which had served many individuals from the corporate world. However, Flexispot does not stop with the working adults. Indeed, the company is more determined to help children and protect them from the ergonomic problems that they might get exposed to severely.

In the report of UNICEF (World Report on Child Injury Prevention; Ch.7; P145), there are 20-40 million children already who got exposed to injuries that were not fatal but needed hospital treatment or rehabilitation in 2004. So, even with the rough calculation, we could assume that it probably had doubled after almost two decades during the pandemic because more students stayed at home for a longer time. We could consider that these injuries could also start with improper posture. Surprisingly, the accidents or spine-related injuries start from the incorrect way of sitting or using the devices. The use of non-ergonomic pieces makes things worse. Unfortunately, there are household members who prefer this kind of equipment. 

Looking at the brighter side, Flexispot continuously creates innovation that could help alleviate 5 of the effects of improper posture on children, the next part of the article.  

The Greatness of Flexispot Over the 5 Improper Posture Effects

Ergonomic Office Chair OC7

a. One of the effects of improper posture is the humpback. This condition is the abnormal backward curve on the person's back. This condition occurs when a child leans forward to the computer often or stoops his posture too much.

This effect harms the cervical spine and the disc or the lumbar, which could be fatal in the long run. In this light, Flexispot has an ergonomic chair that can help the child lessen the humpback. It's the Ergonomic Office Chair OC7

Ergonomic Office Chair OC7 has a movable headrest and an S-shaped backrest to help the child avoid stooping his posture when sitting on the chair. The product can support the legs and hips of the child because of the chair's comfortable seat cushion.

Everything is interconnected because once a child becomes sedentary, he creates fewer muscle activities. 

Deskcise Pro V9

b. A child who does not do many physical activities and does not practice the correct posture could not have the proper blood circulation to improve his metabolism. As a result, he might accumulate a protruding abdomen. Once this happens, he stops getting rid of the toxins, especially around the waist. As a result, visceral fats could accumulate, which causes a protruding abdomen. This condition could cause other medical concerns, especially for young children. Thus, it is good to let him use equipment such as the Flexispot Deskcise Pro V9 to help him avoid the unwanted fats and increase his metabolism as he continues doing his lessons. Through this product, he may be able to live an active lifestyle and practice good posture. 

Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

c. Muscle fatigue is another effect of improper posture. This condition occurs because there is much pressure that builds up, especially around the shoulders and back. As a result, the bodyweight gets imbalanced and starts to create pain around the muscles. It's a good thing there is the Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair from Flexispot that has 4D armrests, a breathable mesh backrest, and a 3D lumbar support. Once the child uses this product, you may ensure that your child won't experience muscle fatigue anymore. 

Ergonomic Office Chair 9051

d. Another effect of improper posture is the spine strain. If there would be continuous muscle fatigue, this condition could also strain the spine, which is dangerous to the spine because it may worsen a spine-related injury. Despite this, you do not have to worry because the Ergonomic Office Chair 9051 has thick paddings around the cushion and backrest. When your child uses this, you may ensure that he would feel relaxed and there would be no pressure around his back. 

Ergonomic Office Chair OC3B

e. The last one on the list is the awkward posture your child might have when he does not practice the correct stance or sitting position. This condition might affect his confidence in the future so before this condition ruins his self-esteem, try using the Flexispot Ergonomic Office Chair OC3B. This equipment piece has a breathable mesh backrest, so this may ensure your child's comfort while studying. This chair can also help him keep a correct posture with his head, spine, and feet aligned. 

Final Thoughts:

This 2021, make the most out of your child's school year. Indeed, your child is a champ in his ways, so lead him towards success by protecting him ergonomically. With the help of Flexispot products, you could make sure that he could discover his natural prowess in all his endeavors.