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5 Ergonomic Chairs for Active Students

07 June 2021

The Nature of Young Achievers:

As they say, children are in nature, geniuses. Their intelligence is innate and each of them has unique characteristics that parents should be able to address and enrich eventually. Some of them may express it through arts, some through numbers, and some do it through language. There is a challenge with it though. In this time that the global pandemic had affected people from different walks of life and all sectors needed to do huge adjustments, the ways to cope up with the changes have been so tough especially for parents, teachers, and children. School settings and teaching methods were altered. Online classes have been the new way of holding classes. Hence, there have been limited ways to optimize the potential and skill of the students despite the attempts to maximize their talents. What's worrisome as well as the dangers of:

  • The children getting demotivated with studying
  • The children having limited ways to coping with the lessons
  • creating a sedentary lifestyle

Online learning could be a convenient way of letting the students learn because parents should just need to set up the device and let the child study through it however, there is a possibility of doing sedentary activities that could lead to ergonomic problems and other spine-related injuries. 

The Dangers of Sedentary Activities:

Harmful effects of sedentary activities could be experienced by the children while having their online classes. These harmful physical effects could affect their growth and mental health in a way that they become passive learners. This might not create an active routine that could affect them physically such as the possibility of poor blood circulation in their bodies. Poor blood circulation stuns the mental growth of a child because of the improper coordination in their body system caused by sedentary activities. 

The Best Solution:

With all the given circumstances above, the best way to encourage the students to maintain being active learners is to take care of their physical health. One of the ways to do it is to let them experience the best ergonomic solutions through pieces of equipment such as ergonomic chairs. The best company to offer these products is the Flexispot where there is a wide array of ergo products such as ergonomic chairs at reasonable prices. In the next part of this article, we'll see the reasons to choose these ergonomic chairs and why choosing them is the best decision.

Why Choose Flexispot Ergo Chairs for Active Learners:

  • Flexispot offers top-of-the-line ergo chair products that are used in the office and at home. These ergo chairs are constructed using an incredible gas lifting system that a well-certified. This makes an easy lifting for the chair when being used hence, parents may ensure the safety of their children as the kids adjust the height of their chairs during classes. 
  • Flexispot ergo chairs promote good ergonomics and could transform downtime into uptime. Hence, if children would start using these ergo products, they would be able to maintain a proper posture while sitting on these chairs. 
  • In particular, Flexispot ergo chairs were built with parts that could protect the spine and lumbar area as they sit on these chairs while having classes. Compared with the ordinary chairs, these ergo products from Flexispot could support the back, hips, neck, and legs of the child. 
  • Most Flexispot ergo chairs were built with mesh brackets. These materials could allow a loose airflow. This could lessen the body heat thus making it comfortable for the child to use it. 
  • Flexispot ergo chairs have sturdy metal bases and are height-adjustable so though some children may not be tall, the chairs could still be adjusted for them without them losing balance or getting injured from moving on the chair. 

Going on now with the next part of the discussion. We will discuss the products from Flexispot that could help parents assist their children in maintaining active learning and avoiding ergonomic problems. These products were carefully built to help maintain precision and quality. The ergo chairs from Flexispot are:

Ergonomic Office Chair 9125

  • This is an ergo chair with a wide headrest and a retractable built-in footrest. These parts could ensure that the child could do stretching of the legs and relax his head while having online classes or in between breaks. 
  • It also has an adjustable back angle that could be retracted on a certain angle depending on the child's convenience when having a class. 
  • It has a seat dimension of 21.85 in width and 19.88 in dimension. This means that the child could comfortably and safely sit on the chair without him losing balance. 

Ergonomic Office Mesh Chair 1388

  • This is known as an office chair with a curved design at the back that could support the spine of anyone who would sit here. This is popular among office workers but this could also be used by our active learners at home because this is height-adjustable. 
  • It has a waist pillow that could lessen your spine fatigue. 
  • Its height range is from 17.91"-21.85"
  • It is also beneficial for a child when studying because one could relax his neck by leaning on its elastic headrest. 

Ergonomic Office Mesh Chair 1500F 1W

  • The mesh chair 1500F is known for its multifunction headrest that fits and supports the neck. Hence, when a child uses this, the pressure that he might feel around the neck could be reduced.
  • It also has a footrest that could allow the child to relax his legs and foot after long hours of studying in front of the computer.
  • It is built with strong back support that could help the child relax his back while studying. 

Ergonomic Task Chair 1011

  • This ergo chair is made with a breathable mesh fabric that is durable and allows the flow of air from the body that could avoid heat. This is common with the ordinary swivel chairs that trap the heat. Hence, if you notice, after sitting on an ordinary chair, some sweat a lot. This is beneficial for children too especially in their classes. 
  • It has a rocking pressure adjustor. Hence, moving on the chair is safe and would not harm the child. 
  • It has a durable nylon base that would assist the child during classes because it could help the child maintain a good balance. 

Ergonomic Office Chair OC3B

  • This is an office chair that has passive lumbar support. With the mesh bracket installed at the back of the chair, the sitting experience of the child here is safe and superb because it could keep his back safe from injury. 
  • It has an adjustable lifting headrest that could protect the neck and help the child relax here while having class. 
  • It also has a locking mechanism that could help the child tilt the chair if he wants to relax on it. 

Final Thoughts:

The pandemic has been a tough period for all of us. To the parents who find this a challenging one for them in sustaining their children's active learning, choosing the right pieces of equipment could lessen their worries because products like the Flexispot ergo chairs could help maintain their children's active participation and safeguard them against possible spine strain.