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5 Factors to Consider Before Buying a Desk Chair Without Wheels

13 January 2022

There are also office chairs without wheels in the ergonomics market. These products cater to people who want their chairs fixed in one spot because they don’t want their floors to be scratched or they don’t like it when others play with it. It distracts them and probably, some even find it annoying. They simply don’t like swiveling their chair for the whole day and not getting any of their tasks ticked off in their to-do list.

Lucky for people with this preference, there are more desk chairs without wheels being offered in the market. They are more affordable, look aesthetically pleasing in home offices, are easy to assemble, and are varied in design. To top it off, these chairs are of excellent quality.

Most people probably look for a chair without wheels because of its appealing aesthetic but there is really more to it than what meets the eye. For long working hours, it provides maximum comfort and support during the long working hours.

Factors to consider when purchasing a wheel-less desk chair

Material the desk chair is made of

1. Material the desk chair is made of

There are various materials and fabrics that desk chairs are made of. Unfortunately, not all materials could offer comfort and breathability that ensures a good workflow. Yes, you read it right! Even the materials of the chair affect your work performance. Your goal is to be able to choose a material that’s durable, isn’t irritating to the skin, and will of course make you comfortable.

If you are looking for comfortable and attractive desk chairs, the fabric-upholstered desk chair is the surest way to go. You could get both comfort and style when you opt for one. A disadvantage though is that this type of chair is a common victim of liquid spills.

If you’re looking for durability, then the perfect choice for you would be a chair with a hard surface. Those made of wood are guaranteed to last you a long time and they are also the sturdiest. You don’t have to worry as well about stains or skin irritation because there won’t be any fabric.

Plastic desk chairs will also be great for long-time use. Contrary to popular belief, they are not fragile and won’t easily break or get damaged. Still, they are not the best choice because they don’t offer the best back support and are often hard to sit in which will offer an uncomfortable sitting experience over time.

If you’re looking for the usual office space chair, then a vinyl chair is what you’re eyeing. They come in varying softness levels, are spill-resistant, and are easy to clean. But if you won’t be staying in a fully airconditioned room or gets hot where your workspace is, it’s important to note that this type of chair has a non-breathable nature and makes users feel unpleasantly warm.

Since we’re talking about temperature, leather will be a top-tier choice for those who want to be kept cool while they work. It is a material that can hold heat and stay cool. It also exudes elegance that never goes out of style. Although for people with busy schedules, leather has a tendency to crack without regular maintenance.

Lastly, if what you want is maximum breathability and cool comfort even during the hot days, you should go for a mesh desk chair. From the back, they let the flow of fresh air circulate. It’s important to note, however, mesh chairs don’t do that well in distributing body weight properly that could lead to discomfort after some time.


2. Ergonomics

Yes, these chairs without wheels have the ability to improve posture and provide body support but do that automatically count as ergonomic? First of all, the height of an ergonomic chair can be adjusted which is usually a feature of rolling chairs but this doesn’t mean that there aren’t wheel-less ones available with an adjustable seat feature. Second, a chair is ergonomic if it has lumbar support that protects you from straining your lower back. For proper support of the upper body, the chair must have an adjustable backrest and must at least be 12 inches high. Make sure your wheel-less chair also comes with adjustable armrests to make your typing experience comfortable.

Overall comfort the desk chair provides

3. Overall comfort the desk chair provides

You have to try if a chair is a good fit for you because not everyone will experience it equally. It doesn’t mean that when a desk chair boasts lumbar support that it’s already going to be comfortable specifically for you. It might even be too comfortable that could lessen your efficiency at work. Research carefully and read the specifications offered by the chair. Reading reviews could also help. Make sure to take a peek as well at the return policy of the chair.

Flooring type of the room where you’ll use the chair

4. Flooring type of the room where you’ll use the chair

Don’t sleep on this factor to consider because the type of flooring is important. Designers don’t make desk chairs suitable for every type of flooring. And yes, even the desk chairs with no wheels could still scratch the surface even though they are less damaging than chairs with rolling casters.

Even though it’s steady, the desk chair will still move a good amount of time from its original spot. You have to avoid chairs with metal legs if you have a wooden floor or are working on a surface that is not easy to clean. If you want minimum damage, don’t hesitate to go for tile, laminate, and vinyl floors.

All types considered, the best way to protect your floor is to put felt furniture pads that could separate the chair from the floor, no matter what kind it is.

The weight capacity of the desk chair

5. The weight capacity of the desk chair

Don’t be fooled by one-size-fits-all chairs. There is a weight capacity for each chair and the weight limit must be disclosed so you know when it’s already exceeding its capacity. If not, the desk chair can wear out fast and be a squeaky piece of furniture over time.

Note that most computer desk chairs hold up to 250 pounds while big and tall office chairs have weight capacities of 300 to 800 pounds. Never ever forget to consider the weight limit or capacity to ensure a comfortable seating experience throughout the years.

Office Chairs Without Wheels

The Benefits of Office Chairs Without Wheels

If you’re having second doubts about purchasing an office chair without wheels, here are some benefits that might convince you it’s a worthy purchase:

Generally, office chairs without wheels have a less expensive price tag compared to models with wheels.
If you’re looking for a hassle-free assembly, then the office chair without wheels should be your best bet.
These chairs usually come with floor guards that minimize damage to hard floors.
They look aesthetically better in home offices.

The disadvantages of the Desk chairs without wheels are:

Unlike chairs with rolling casters, these desk chairs are not mobile.
Since wheeled models are favored ones by the market, there are a few models to choose from.
Most of these so-called ergonomic chairs without wheels also don’t have an adjustment for armrests and seat heights.

Final Thoughts:

You should base your purchase on your personal budget and the features you want and need from a desk chair. Hunt for that desk chair which has more advantages than there are disadvantages.