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5 Fantastic Tips for Setting up a Chic Home Office on a Budget

21 April 2021

Whether you work from home 9-5 or use it as a creative corner occasionally, get ready to design a home office you love. Make sure your workspace has ample lighting, ergonomic seating, and a sturdy desk. Add plants, artwork, and colorful stationery to make it pop.

This article teaches you how to set up a chic home office on a budget with product recommendations for inspiration. 

So what's the first step in setting up a workstation?

1. Location & Layout 

Set up a home office that sparks joy in your life and boosts productivity.  Even with limited legroom, you should figure out a way to create a friendly and organized environment. That way, you’ll enjoy working when you get down to business. 

What options do small homeowners have?

  • Choose a small closet designed to accommodate a desk and chair along with essentials. Floating desks can maximize storage space functionally and fashionably. 

  • Large stair landings can function as a working spot with the right arrangement. Ergonomic seating and practical placements will do the trick. 

  • An unused corner of your lounge/bedroom can also work. All you need is a sleek standing desk that blends with the remaining furniture. 

Spare rooms, attics, a corner in the basement can also be converted for this task. After choosing a corner, measure the area to ensure that whatever you purchase fits into the designated office.

2. Something Old & Something Borrowed 

Get ready to design a home office you love without breaking the bank. These are two things you don’t often hear from professional designers. That’s why we recommend taking a do-it-yourself route. 

Start by moving furniture and accessories from an unused part of the house to your functional space. Your options can include multicolored rugs, throw pillows, wall art, and planters. You can even repurpose antique trunks/old suitcases.  Stack them together to create chic yet discreet storage spaces. 

Likewise, you can use ornamental flower pots as a pencil holder for your desk. There is no harm in mixing modern accessories with vintage pieces. When used correctly, they will add more texture and depth to your home office space. 

Here are some more budget-friendly tips:

  • Swap home office furniture with friends and family. For instance, you can give them the side table you rarely use and get their bookshelf in return.

  • Get thrifty by hitting flea markets, sales, and negotiating deals for home office accessories. 

  • Use DIY decor ideas to incorporate artsy elements into your workspace. For example, you can pull out old photographs and get them framed for your home office wall. 

  • Invest in second-hand items to get more bang for your buck. 

Aim to invest in high-budget items for workspace essentials instead of splurging on knick-knacks for the office. 

3. Have Fun with Colors 

Neutral walls and light tones (preferably creamy colors, pastel shades, or white walls) make small rooms appear bigger. Don’t let this rule stop you from experimenting with colors. Paint at least one wall or ceiling with a darker shade to create more depth in the room. 

Alternatively, choosing non-conventional shades in storage supplies, seating arrangements, and even desktops can make your workspace more fun. 

How to make this work?

Here are some whimsical home office décor ideas:

  • Spray paint your dull-toned furniture 

  • Pin/hang photo collages, dream catchers, and art prints on the wall 

  • Place decorative pieces stolen from your bedroom and lounge 

  • Switch to an accent chair instead of using a stiff chair from the dining table or old armchair 

Apart from this, throw in some rugs, printed curtains, and embroidered cushions to make the room look cozy, comfy, and lively. 

4. Go Green

Do you often wind up on the couch when you work from home? Or, maybe the kitchen counter feels more comfortable? Stuffy workstations have a way of pushing deskbound workers away. 

Try creating a cleaner and greener environment to utilize your productive place. There are many ways to let nature nurture your creativity. 


Here are our top ideas for designing home office on a budget:

  • Plants help you breathe new life into your home office.  Everything from miniature cactus, snake plants to ZZ plants work in this situation. 

  • Go for low-maintenance, miniature succulents if you don’t have space for bigger planters.

  • Get some fresh air and natural light by choosing a spot near a window. Having one that overlooks your yard/main road will be another bonus.

Apart from this, clear your conscience through sustainable investments. Working on products with eco-friendly elements will make you more mindful of your work/routine and overall environment.

5. Organize & Optimize 

Chic, fashionable workspaces have one rule = leave the clutter out. 

Find a proper place for your work essentials to ensure they don’t cover your workstation.  The ideal setup will ensure that every nook and cranny gets utilized without looking too crowded. 

You can choose space-saving furniture and storage supplies to make the most of your home office. The best ones have a vertical design. It will offer convenience and functionality while keeping up with minimalistic appearances. 

Here are some home office décor ideas: 

  • Under-the-desk Mobile Cabinet

An anti-tilt filing cabinet or metal storage cabinet to store your important documents and stationery. 

Sorting paperwork, files, and assignments get simpler with this three-tier mesh organizer.  It’s got a removable drawer that can work as a separate tray for office stationery if required.

Untangle unsightly cables and wires by arranging them with the help of this organizer set.  

Place it vertically or horizontally, depending on your wall space. Use it to pin motivational quotes, daily schedule, and reminders. 

Each of these stylish storage products has a sleek structure and sufficient space for most work essentials. Use them to maintain clean and tidy workspaces. 

Home Office Décor Ideas:The Best Functional & Fashionable Products for You 

Here are our top picks:

Vintage Standing Desk: Theodore 48” W

Are you working from home? Buy a standing desk.

If you are worried about purchasing a piece that stands out amidst your vintage furniture, we’ve got you covered. 

Theodore redefines standing desks for modern home offices. It has that classic old-school charm exhibited by antique furniture. Yet, many high-tech specs are hiding within the traditional design. These include a manually adjustable height mechanism, USB ports, and ergonomic construction. It’s slightly high-end but worth every penny. 

Perks of Purchase

  • It exudes sophistication and elegance with its rustic design elements (i.e., hardwood surface with walnut veneer and polished drawer knobs)

  • The space-saving design allows it to fit into any nook and corner without any issue. 

  • It has an adjustable height system managed by a user-friendly two-button system. 

  • Enjoy a handy pullout drawer to keep your work area neat and tidy. 

  • Integrated three built-in USB ports to ensure your digital devices don’t run out of power.

All these things make it a great addition to your chic home office.

Discreet Storage Spaces: Floating Shelves WSF 1

Floating shelves are an excellent way to utilize your wall practically. We have them in sets of three. The sturdy construction and roomy design allow it to hold a varied range of possessions. 

Perks of Purchase: 

  • Stylish and sleek maple surface with metal hooks 

  • Spacious: (dimensions: 17x0.98x 6.67 inches)

  • Its versatile features include two hooks that allow you to hang different items (i.e., potted plants, dream catchers, vertical organizers) 

  • Weight Capacity: 44lbs 

You can use this area to arrange books, artwork, decorative items, and photo frames. Or anything that lets you incorporate a personal flair to the whole setup. 

Elegant Ergonomic Chairs: Accent Chair 005

Create a cute and casual look with this gorgeous accent chair. It comes in a varied range of colors. That makes it possible for you to mix and match it with your furniture.  You can team it up with throw pillows and a fuzzy blanket to create a cozy work environment. 

Best of all, it features a superior ergonomic design accompanied by a curved backrest, thick headrest, and comfy seating space. These details ensure that you experience minimum pain when you clock in work hours during the day

Perks of Purchase: 

  • Roomy and comfy design (dimensions: 18" x 23"x 34" inches)

  • Elegant design, available in multiple colors ( i.e., black, pink, beige, and grey)

  • An ergonomic backrest that replicates the natural curvature of the human spine to provide optimal lumbar back support. 

  • Scientific decompression reduces the pressure placed on the low back and waist when you sit for prolonged hours. 

  • A thick headrest and curved cushioned design offer maximum comfort when you work.

Want more back support?

Adjustable Ergonomic Office Chair OC5G turns things up a notch with its spine-friendly design. It features adjustable height, strong lumbar back support, and easy-to-roll caster wheels. The only setback is that it's only available in white.  That is why we love the first option!

It’s a Wrap!

As you can see, designing a home office on a budget can be possible if you repurpose old items and add in some creative touches. Having some sustainable and stylish purchases can also balance things out. Additionally, do not forget storage spaces that keep everything in order. 

Are you ready to design a home office you love

Let’s head to our online store to grab all the essentials.