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5 Home Décor Suggestions for Virgo

16 April 2021

People born in the Virgo sign are the ultimate perfectionists. They like things done a certain way and are very meticulous about it. If you were born between August 23 to September 23, you are a Virgo.

A lot of people consult their star signs when making decisions in their life, both major and minor ones. This is because your star sign determines your traits. Your star sign can better guide you into choosing more fitting things for you.

When it comes to home décor, perfectionism follows the Virgo like a shadow, especially in their orderly and zen-like homes. Every room is organized and features very calming neutral colors. Being an earth sign, Virgo people are mostly pulled towards earthy tones like dove gray, celadon green, and other neutral colors.

You’ll hardly ever find a Virgo house disorganized. They will keep on redecorating their spaces and looking for ways to perfect their homes to achieve that dreamy look. Virgo people will always have big wardrobes, an organized kitchen with every ingredient and spices with their stellar organization skills.

When it comes to decorations, Virgo will mostly love things that don’t seem too flashy; you lean more towards practical accessories than adding things for the sake of it. As a result, most décor items in a Virgo's home will usually be books, storage boxes, or magazines.

Virgo people are calm and collected people; they will always look for things that communicate this characteristic in their homes. On the rare occasion, they’ll add but one designer item just to add a touch of luxury to their dreamy homes.

The Virgo soul

The Virgo people are the talk less, do more type. They don’t talk about their plans in detail; they go ahead and work towards their goal. They let the results do the talking. It is not that they don’t talk much; they just don’t disclose their plans; they work on them instead. They are very self-disciplined and put their heart and soul into anything they pursue.

Another notable characteristic is their affinity to succeed. Virgo people were born to win and rule. They are very competitive, and they work hard to achieve the things they have. They are especially driven; no matter how crazy a vision might be, best believe a Virgo is going after it.

They are the epitome of facts, figures, and pragmatism in every aspect of their lives. Virgos have to see to believe, and they will seek out truths first instead of buying into hearsay. Evidence, facts, and practicality are everything to a Virgo. Their minds are also very analytical, which makes them very attentive to details.

Virgo people also tend to be very humble and honest. Virgo personalities always stand up for what they believe in, so don’t misconstrue them for being timid. It is one of the finest Virgo qualities as they are grounded in their honest humility in everything they do.

Easily frustrated by incompetence, Virgo people are constantly striving to better themselves. They do not like stupidity, so they tend to get frustrated and irritated in the presence of it. This is one of the traits that leads Virgos into being very selective about the people they let near them.

They are also the definition of relying on oneself. Virgos are always emotionally, financially, and physically independent. They will work their tails off to achieve what they want so that they don’t have to rely on others to pull their weight. This also makes them very collected people. A storm could be brewing on the inside, but you opt to remain calm on the outside and not giveaway the internal struggle.

The Virgo wild side is a rare occurrence, but it is there. Despite being very reserved people, Virgos will let loose on occasion and not just in anyone’s company; it’s got to be people they absolutely trust.

A home for the grounded soul

Virgos are sticklers for details; they don’t ever settle until they’ve achieved what they envisioned. A Virgo will always try to iron out every little detail in their home to achieve a perfectly coordinated space. Therefore, here is an overview of what a Virgo home would look like:

  • Collections

You will definitely find a lot of collections in Virgo’s home, but it is always organized. It is not easy to throw anything away since their collections mean something. A Virgo will mainly collect items like books and delve into DIY projects that they haven’t entirely completed. 

  • Modesty

Flashy is a word that has no room in Virgo’s home. They are very reserved and modest when it comes to decorating their homes. They are more inclined towards earthy tones and natural items being an earth sign. They will always go for elegance that is naturally achieved. Even using modern décor items, they don’t go for overly unique; they go for comfortable and welcoming.

  • Detail-oriented

Virgo personalities will always go for the best. They have an appreciation for craftsmanship and will not take to décor items that are overly stated. Their home is their castle, and this is reflected in how zen-like they design their homes to be.

  • Quality over quantity

Even though Virgo people find it difficult to toss things out, they don’t just go collecting items without a purpose. They will always go for fewer quality items over quantity. This is especially clear in their kitchen, and they love to cook and have a very put-together kitchen space.

  • The natural but selective host

The Virgo’s space is almost sacred. It is their haven, and they are therefore quite selective with who they allow into this space. They are naturally good at hosting but will always favor people they have a connection to and trust over anyone else. They keep their groups intimate.

  • Minimalist approach

Though the Virgo home might boast of quite a few things, they stay away from maximalism. They have an appreciation for understated elegance and will always go with the less is more approach.

Five home décor suggestions for Virgo

Knowing all you know now about the Virgo style of home décor, there are some key items that they would appreciate having in their space. These include:

  1. Animal dolls

If it wasn’t apparent by now, being an earth sign means that Virgo personalities love everything about nature. They love animals and will most likely have a pet at home. However, in addition to having pets, another great addition is animal dolls; you can have some of your favorite animals, even those that aren’t domesticated.

Animal dolls would make a great addition to a home because they are not flashy; they are comfortable and come in earthy colors that are always welcome in a Virgo home.

  1. Bamboo desk

A Virgo’s love for nature is very apparent in their home. You can see it in their choice of furniture, for instance. A bamboo desk is a quaint addition to the Virgo home space, especially the Flexispot bamboo desktop. It is an eco-friendly option that is sturdy and functional. The desk is made of 100% natural materials and has a luxurious texture that offers that understated elegance. It is also an affordable and durable three-layer structure that offers practicality and a touch of nature indoors.

  1. Storage boxes as décor items

Virgo people are very resourceful and have a knack for turning everyday items into impressive décor. One of those things is storage boxes; where you see storage, a Virgo mind sees a décor item that will still serve its purpose as a storage item.

Given their love for nature, Virgo personalities are pulled towards items that will cause no harm to the earth. On occasion, they will opt for cousin elements from other signs. They are usually pulled towards metal and other environmentally friendly materials for storage boxes.

  1. Home garden and house plants

With the space for it, a Virgo will always want to have a home garden. When they don’t have the space for it, they go for houseplants. Their home is a reflection of their deep-rooted connection to the earth and nature. They always want a touch of reality, and since they are quite independent and can be loners sometimes, they want company in the form of nature in their spaces.

  1. Puzzles

Virgo minds always welcome a challenge, and this is why puzzles are always a welcome addition to their homes. It doesn’t matter what kind of puzzles as long as they serve to keep their minds engaged. It is not surprising to find more than one puzzle type in a Virgo’s home.

The above suggestions fit perfectly into a Virgo home space. They are people who invest a lot of time and effort in making their space resemble their vision of an organized, calm, and natural home space. If you are ever planning to get a gift for someone who falls under the Virgo star sign, consider their personal style and pick from suggestions that they will love to have in their space.