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5 Jobs that Are Perfect for Introverts

03 July 2024

Ever wondered why certain job positions would ask you what your personality type is?

They're not trying to know what your qualities are because they want to be your friend or your date. They want to know what your personality is because it will affect your work performance and how you will fit into their work culture and environment. There are also certain types that work best for the particular job post.

For instance, you can categorize people whether they are introverted or extroverted. An introvert would prefer to work alone, be quiet in meetings and casual gatherings and enjoy independence. They love working in small teams and having one-on-one assignments. Whereas an extrovert would prefer to work with a big group of people. They thrive in vibrant settings where they get to interact with their fellow employees and strike a conversation with them, whether it be about work or not. If introverts get to recharge by being alone, extroverts energize themselves by interacting with others.

If you are an introvert, we listed down the jobs that you might want to apply for. If you are company focused in any of these industries, you might want to hire an introvert for your open job positions related to these.

Content Manager

Content Manager / Editor

As a content manager, you have to of course talk to clients about their goals and what strategies you would be using to grow their pages and increase their engagement. It's part of the job but most of your days, you will find yourself conceptualizing, shooting ideas, producing these ideas into life, editing, and publishing them in social media sites, websites, channels, blogs, etc. You will be in charge of creating content from the very start until the end when it's already posted. If you have a team, you will be in charge of making sure that everyone follows their deadlines. The bulk of your work will again be done mostly by yourself.

IT developer

IT developer

Anyone who works in and with computers is a job that an introvert will love. First off, you will be working in front of the screen which is already your security blanket. You would just need to know the goal and vision of your client and then you are left to your own devices. As an IT expert, you will be expected to manage information technology and computer systems. If ever you need to talk to someone, it's most likely going to be through the chat box, an instant relief for introverts. Some IT managers will be required to train candidates but even then, this will most likely be completed via online platforms.

Graphic designer

Graphic designer

Often, companies would hire someone for their creative input and skills. So expect that if you get hired as a graphic designer, they would think of you as versed in this particular field and let you work independently. They might have a vision in mind and then let you execute it on your own. So basically, graphic designers will create marketing and sales materials that include website design, magazine layouts, brochures, menus, and advertisements. You might have to talk to clients or to your superiors but most of your work days will be spent alone.



Do you have a knack for books? You can spend your days reading when you work as a librarian. Your main task is to oversee a library. You will be helping people who visit to look for the books that they need and want but most of the time, they’ll just ask you a question or two and then leave you alone. Plus, introverts like to talk about their passions to one or two people so it wouldn’t be overwhelming if you talk about books to one or two strangers you might meet just a few times after.



Every company needs an accountant to manage their finances and take care of their taxes. They are in charge of the balance sheet to ensure that the company is earning much more than it is spending. As an accountant, you need to have a good knowledge of tax laws on the state and federal levels. You also need to be knowledgeable about licensing, creating corporations and updating your clients about their assets and liabilities. Accountants usually work alone and if in a group, you still rarely interact with your teammates. What you'll usually be at the front of is numbers.

Here are some tools you can use in your workspace to help you become the introverted employee of the year:

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