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5 Practical Storage Tips for Small Home Offices (+ Product List You’d Want to Steal!)

26 May 2021

Has clutter and files taken over your workspace?

Take a deep breath and get ready to design a home office you love.  

Whether you are using a small spare room, working from a closet, or using a communal corner at home, we can help. Use our smart storage tips for small home offices to make the most of your work from home situation.

Our little hacks will ensure that your workspace looks neat, tidy, and productive. 

Here’s what you need to do:

Storage Tip #1: Go Vertical 

Believe it or not, horizontal storage furniture can take over the whole room. Opt for a vertical structure to gain square footage and unconventionally utilize wall space. As a result, you get additional space to add more furniture in your corner. 

Here are some sleek storage options in our inventory:

● Our cute and colorful mobile filing cabinets fit under the desk without any issue 

● A triple-tier mesh desk organizers to keep work essentials at hand 

● Get color-coordinated vertical storage spaces to add a dramatic flair to your storage situation 

For this to work, you need products that utilize every inch of your storage space. 

Storage Tip # 2: Buy Multifunctional Furniture 

The best home office storage products are ones that come in handy for multiple reasons. Having them around means you have fewer things and better quality of life. It makes your room look roomier compare to cluttered corners. 

Feasible options include:

● Standing desks with drawers to stow non-essentials and personal belongings inside when you work. 

● Desk bikes for fitness enthusiasts who don’t mind working out when they get down to business.

● Mobile cabinets with specialized compartments to ensure everything has its place.

In short, invest in things that add-on to your work from home experience and doesn’t take up too much space. 

Storage Tip # 3: Keep Your Wires under Control 

Digital devices are the most important feature of smart offices. Yet, loose wires and cables look messy and give your workplace a chaotic appearance. They are also potential trip and fall hazards. We recommend keeping them out of sight with some organizational hacks for cable management.


● Using cable management kits to prevent the cables from tangling 

● Building a DIY charging station to stop chargers and wires from lying around 

● Investing in discreet desks with USB ports for more efficiency 

● Hide printers and other devices in closet spaces or cabinets 

Aim to create a wire-free work zone. 

Storage Tip # 4: Utilize Your Wall

An excellent storage tip for small offices is to use your walls to make your small home office look bigger and brighter. Having floating desks is the ultimate solution for your small home office storage problems. It turns a small corner of your house into a functional office space by making room for all your essentials.

There is a variety of other additions to maximize your storage space.

Here are our top home office décor ideas:

● Get a corkboard (or two) to accessorize your wall and pin-up planners/to-do lists etc. 

● Drill hooks into the wall to hang small woven baskets and vertical organizers for more storage options. 

● You can also use this area to place potted plants, photo frames, or other ornamental items.

● Fix a study lamp to the wall instead of your desk to get extra workspace 

● Bespoke built-in cabinets and shelves can also prove beneficial in this scenario 

Mix and blend storage and decorative options to create a space that’s fun and functional. It’s especially important for makeshift home offices integrated with living rooms or communal corners of your house. 

Storage Tip # 5: Maintain a Proper Filing System 

Is your desk covered in paper and files? 

Creating a productive filing system can help eliminate the clutter. It all starts with categorizing your documents and files. Designate a storage space for each, rotating places according to urgency and priority. You can also digitize items that are no longer required or create a separate archive area in another part of the house.

Besides this, schedule a desk cleaning day to dump paperwork and items you no longer need. This systematic approach makes your small home office look less messy.