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5 Reasons Flexispot Kids Desks are Ideal for Active Male Students

07 June 2021

Active Male Students:

They love adventures. They are active in school and they love rough games: basketball. soccer, rugby, ice hockey, and so on. They love exploring places like the playground, camping sites, and other avenues where they discover a fulfilling sense of adventure. That's what most male students do. They love physical activities. However, in the current situation, the activities of our students were lessened and school work has been limited to online classes. Aside from the fact that most students could not enjoy activities these days, their activities were altered and became sedentary. We all know that a sedentary lifestyle has disadvantages such as: 

  • Possible health effects like spine-related injuries:

Although the child's bones and muscles are more flexible compared to those of the adults, they are very prone to spine-related injury that may not be noticeable in the early stages but 

  • Ergonomic Problems: 

An improper posture could harm their growth for a long time. These ergonomic problems might take place if young learners like the male students would experience the wrong sitting position. 

  • Obesity:

Alongside the ergonomic problems is the problem with being overweight and kids these days are not spared from that. There are more young ones these days that become overweight because of fewer activities on the chair; some of them prefer to use the gadgets instead of playing outside or some even depend much on the convenience brought by other devices hence simple movements like turning off the light is depended on an AI. It is undeniably comfortable but it leads to lesser movements of the body which may not let the body expel toxins through sweat. When this happens the accumulation of fat takes place. Hence, some kids experience getting overweight.  

With the following harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle, parents should try looking for ways to alleviate the dangers of this kind of lifestyle to the young students especially male students. There are effective ways to make them active at home such as. However, for male students, it is indeed sometimes a challenge for parents to make some kids especially male kids to do some chores because they are the ones who get glued on the gadgets very much but with determination, parents could apply these effective ways such as:

  • Giving them daily tasks:

When they know they need to do a household chore, kids would feel more responsible and become encouraged to finish them in a day. This may help them discipline themselves. When kids know that they have to do daily chores, they would become more active at home. 

  • Setting a limitation with the use of gadgets:

This is best practiced at home. Setting a particular time in using the gadgets (that would be allotted more for school work) could help them choose their activities wisely. They would be more responsible as a result and they might perceive the household chores as a reward and not a punishment. 

  • Letting them use the ergonomic products:

This is one of the most effective ways to make them stay active especially for the male students. As mentioned earlier male students are after more physical activities seeing them having diverted attention to gadgets is worrisome because these activities might lead to a sedentary lifestyle hence they must be able to be given ergonomic equipment such as the ones offered by Flexispot.

If parents are looking for pieces of equipment that they may trust most for their children's health and safety, there are products that they could rely on fully. As mentioned above, these are from Flexispot, Now, let us discuss the:

5 Reasons Flexispot Kids Desks are Ideal for Active Male Students:

  • Flexispot Standing desks are known for being sturdy because of the high-grade steel used in their desk legs, hence parents could ensure the safety of their children no matter how heavy the school staff is. 
  • The standing kids' desks are made to ensure the safety of the children while they are working on the surface hence the desk products that are made for them are water-proof and have anti-collision features (just like the drafting table) hence parents would not get worried that their children would get injured when using the Flexispot kid's desk. 
  • Standing desks from Flexispot are known for having round edges to avoid accidents caused by sharp edges that are found in ordinary desks. 
  • The standing desks from Flexispot are flexible. They are height-adjustable. Hence, with just a little click on the buttons, the child could properly move without bending or doing the improper posture. 
  • The standing kids' desks are fully motorized that could ensure the stability of the table hence parents do not need to worry that the desk their children are using would be wobbly and would cause accidents.

Moving further now in this discussion, let us talk about the ideal standing kids' desks that are considered premium quality and could compete in the market. These standing desks offer the best ergonomic solutions for our kids who experience a transition in today's school setting. These kids' desks are: 

Height Adjustable Ergonomic Study Desk/Kids Desk:

  • This kids' desk from Flexispot is ideal for our male students because it could turn their downtime to uptime. It grows with them and they don't need to strain their backs too much because in just a click they could adjust the height range of this desk. 
  • Regardless of the height of the child, this could be adjusted from 550 mm for short-height children and 890mm for tall ones. 
  • The desktop size of this kids' desk is 1000mm in length and 600mm in width.\
  • This has a maximum load of 88lbs (including the laptop weight) 
  • It also has a maximum speed of 15mm per second. 

Height Adjustable Ergonomic Study Desk 

  • This ergo studies desk is ideal for kids and teenagers.
  • The desk height range of this study desk is 29"-48.6" that is ideal for children ranging from the height of 4'8 to 6'3. 
  • This also ensures parents of a smooth lifting system. Hence, it would be safe to use this desk especially during the study time of our children.  
  • Most active male students tend to be moving a lot on the table but this should not make the parents worry because this study desk is proven to be sturdy because of the metal steel base. 

Final Thoughts:

It may be a bit challenging to have a son especially because they are more playful and active but the pandemic had been difficult for them because their movements were limited hence choosing the right ergo products would be helpful and beneficial for them because these pieces of equipment could let them maintain an active lifestyle and could optimize their performance while studying on the Flexispot Kids' Desks.