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5 Reasons Standing Desks are Good for Busy Mothers

07 June 2021

Busy Women At Home and Work:

The role of women these days has made a great shift from being plain housewives to being fierce and independent working moms. They have been contributing greatly to society while making sure that their family is well-taken care of. Women have not just played the role of being mothers but also maintained themselves and discovered a growth in career. Hence, more women are becoming busier these days and experience a lot of health problems including:

  • stress 
  • fatigue
  • spine-related problems

These health issues are just some of the most numerous problems that busy mothers face these days. With that, it is ideal to talk about how we could help these moms maintain a healthy physique as they gear towards success at home and work.

The health effects of these ergonomic problems can be solved by Flexispot. A company that could provide ergonomic solutions through products that are engineered with precision and built with materials that are on the cutting edge. 

5 Reasons Standing Desks are Good for Busy Mothers:

Our mothers need to finish a lot of tasks in the office and at home. There are plenty of deadlines that need to be met on time and they need to balance it as they pay the utility bills, make sure that they would be able to make it to the kindergarten's stage play of their daughters, or attend the ballet recital and watch their kids perform. With this kind of schedule, our mothers become prone to sickness because their immune systems may become weak because of stress from juggling different tasks altogether. Hence, they experience kinds of pain such as lumbar pain, spine strain, and even pain around the leg muscles. These may not have severe effects yet but they would have long-term havoc on their health. With that, what they need are products that could be good companions in their career. These are products offered by companies like Flexispot. Flexispot products like standing desks are ideal because: 

  • The height adjustability of the standing desks from Flexispot is flexible. They follow the curves of the client and they could be easily adjusted to the desired height of the user. 
  • Flexispot Standing desks have desktops that are from natural sources such as bamboo. 
  • The desktops used for Flexispot standing desks are insect-proof and scratch-proof. 
  • These standing desks have unique features that could make the movement of the mother easy and fast
  • Standing desks will help manage their schedules in the office and at home. This is because they can move freely with ease because of Flexispot standing desks.

In the next part of our discussion, we will be discussing the specs and product descriptions that would highlight the best standing desks that are good for busy career women. These are all from Flexispot and these standing desks are: 

The first standing desk in the list is known for having a dual-motor lifting system that makes it easy to carry weights and other devices on the surface without making them tumble and damage these gadgets. This standing desk is easy to assemble and would not take much space in the work area. The name of this product is: 

Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series:

  • World-class quality is offered by this standing desk because of its features and the convenience that it could give to the user. Hence, our proactive mothers would be able to do a lot of things with this standing desk. 
  • This standing desk also has amazing details and dimensions. For instance, its desktop has a bamboo thickness of 0.7" 
  • Users may choose between two styles of the desktop: contoured (which may not be available in some sizes) and rectangular (available in all sizes). Both styles have advantages though the contoured one that is made from bamboo has an advantage when it comes to better cable management and using this kind of top could mean getting closer to the device for the user. 
  • This standing desk is made from different environment-friendly materials too which are:

MDF (medium-density fiberboard) 



  • This comes in 4 models which are:

EC3: has a lifting capacity of 220lbs that does not include the desktop weight; has an adjustable height of 27.2-46.5" without the desktop 

EC4: has a lifting capacity of 275lbs excluding the desktop weight and 22.8"-48.4" for its adjustable height. 

EC5: this model's lifting capacity is 220lbs excluding the desktop weight and 24.4"-50" for the adjustable height. 

EC8: has also a lifting capacity of 275lbs without the desktop on the surface and it has an adjustable height of 23.6-49.2" 

So, looking at these models, the users could closely see which one is the most useful for them should they choose this standing desk. 

  • What's good about this standing desk is it could operate quietly and quickly. It means if one would choose this product she may ensure that her work area would be not disturbed by noise because she could fully concentrate on her work silently. 
  • It also has advanced control panels that have memory presets and up and down movement. 

The first standing desk is considered a sturdy product that is powered by a dual-motor system that makes it compatible with users that need to do quick tasks. 

Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk EN1

  • This is the best-selling standing desk from Flexispot. We may also call it EN1. 
  • It does not come in many models though but its lifting capacity that excludes the desktop weight is 154lbs so one could consider this to be sturdy because even without the desktop weight 154lbs is already considered robust. 
  • It has an adjustable height of 27.9-47.6" and the standing desk remains sturdy despite a tall height. 
  • For 289.99 dollars which were original $359.99, you may have this reasonably-priced desk that could give you the ergonomic solution.

So, no wonder this has become a best-selling product from Flexispot because it would not cost one an arm and a leg. Moving on now, we have the third standing desk that is considered to be unique and functional. It's a product that makes the traditional and modern meet. This standing desk from Flexispot is called the: 

Theodore Standing Desk-48

  • Others call it UD1B. It is a standing desk that has a weight capacity of 99lbs. 
  • Its height adjustment ranges from 29.5-49.2". This is ideal to be put in small work areas. This might not be a large framed-standing desk but it would add up volume and beauty to the room. 
  • A busy mother could do different tasks while charging her device using the built-in charging ports of this standing desk. 

Final Thoughts:

There are more goal-driven mothers these days that do not just play a role for their family but contribute a lot to society. This brings a vast number of advantages when one society has more working individuals because it creates growth not just in the society but also for the economy. Hence, they deserve ergonomic care for them to focus more on their goals and with Flexispot products such as the standing desks mentioned above, the women would continuously be empowered.