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5 Reasons to Switch to a Flexispot Standing Desk

02 September 2021

In the news released from Synchrony Financial, they have mentioned that the company is embarking on a cost-cutting mission to save costs from $150 million to $250 million in 2021. This move is to reduce the cost of most of their sites. It also started from their employee's desire to work from home permanently. Indeed, it's a blessing in disguise because as most employees would like to work from home permanently, the company could gain profitability and long-term efficiency because workers could feel more productive at home as they feel safer from the threat of Covid19. 

This move of Synchrony Financial could inspire millions of companies around the globe just like your company. Indeed, letting your workers remotely work from home has a lot of advantages. And as you embark on that mission, you may trust the best ergonomic company that many patrons in the market rely on, which is FlexiSpot. As you implement the remote working system in your company, FlexiSpot could help you manage your employees well as they continue being productive. One of the ways to show support to your employees, if they permanently work from home, is to offer them the best standing desks or stand-up desks from Flexispot. 

Indeed, there are great reasons to switch to Flexispot sit-stand desks where you discover the advantages of letting your workers remotely work from home. In this article today, we will dissertate those reasons. So, let's start the discussion now. 

The 5 Reasons

Remote working shows many advantages for you as a business owner and your employees. It could help you cut costs with miscellaneous expenses such as utility, pantry supplies, and electricity, unlike on-site work. You will need to shoulder more expenses. So, indeed when you allow your employees to work from home, you can cut costs by about 50%. It is undoubtedly helpful for you as an owner because you may see growth and profitability in the long run. 

On the other hand, you must still show significant support for your employees once you implement the remote work setting. Although they could get protection against the threat of the Covid19 virus when they stay indoors working, we may not avoid the possibility of them experiencing the overuse syndrome or RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries). These injuries start with the use of non-ergonomic furniture like tables. So, in that case, there is a need to switch to helpful ergonomics. With Flexispot standing desk products, you can ensure that your worker's posture is correct and safe from overuse syndrome. So, here are the other reasons we must switch to the use standing desks and how these desks could help your workers double their productivity:

a. Standing Desks Are Space-Saving and Can Help Workers Multitask

Standing Desk Converter M7MB

The Standing Desk Converter M7MB or Comhar All-In-1 Standing Desk Glasstop can match the needs of your workers when it comes to space-saving and efficient products. This feature is one of the best traits of the stand-up desks from FlexiSpot. They are space-saving and can help the employees multitask. When they could multitask, they could create more outputs, so even when employees work remotely, you can ensure that they can meet the deadline at work by the end of the day. 

So, you may help your employees excel while having the WFH-setting. Moreover, these desk products could avoid strains along the shoulders and elbows because both products (desk converters and standing desk) can offer flexibility. So, as they move around their house, they can use the desk converter and choose where they could comfortably work. Meanwhile, they could enjoy the height adjustability of the standing desk if they need to sit and stand while working. It's because sedentary activities are unavoidable at times, and WFH individuals are prone to these activities. Hence, when you provide them with these desks from FlexiSpot, you can be confident that they would not get sick while at work. 

b. Standing Desks Have the Single and Dual Motor Lifting Capacity

Willow Solid Wood Standing Desk

When there are things to lift or remove from the table, it usually takes a long time. Employees get prone to accidents as well when they don't use an ergonomic product. Hence, to ensure their safety while working remotely, it's advisable to use sit-stand desks such as Kana Bamboo Standing Desk and Willow Solid Wood Standing Desk

These products have the sturdiness of the lifting system and the high-grade steels that FlexiSpot uses to create their frames. So, once you choose to send these desks to your employees, you may ensure that employees have pieces of furniture in the house that they can rely on while remotely working. Most of all, they would be safe from injuries and accidents that could cause them and you higher medical expenses.

c. Remote Working Can Improve the Worker's Productivity, Especially with the Superb Standing Desk

standing desk

The new work setting that most companies have these days can help the workers maintain a healthy mental state because they can avoid too much stress from work pressures, hassles of the daily commute, and the idea that they sometimes lose the work-life balance when they work on-site. Studies show that when we allow the workers to do their work on their pacing, they could double the effort and productivity. They become more independent and critical thinkers because they would feel that you trust them very much instead of getting intimidated or pressured at work. 

This kind of work setting would be more successful should you offer them a standing desk that will help them propel their work performance. You may choose from the Standing Desk Pro Series that can genuinely give ergonomic protection to the worker as he does his remote work. 

d. With a Superb Sit-Stand Desk, You Give a Chance to Introverted Employees Show Their Truest Prowess

Esben Standing Desk UD4

In the article of the BBC (Why Introverts Excelled at Working from Home; July 2021), they pointed out that the transition to WFH setting spotlighted the introverted workers who excelled under the radar before. They are the workers who, unlike the outgoing extroverts, prefer to work alone and are keen to excel in silence. And the result did not disappoint them at all because many companies excelled and brought in results because of the excellence that introverted workers showed in a different light. So, in the new work setting, you could help these employees shine more with the help of the best stand-up desk from Flexispot like the Esben Standing Desk UD4. Once you do it, they would appreciate more of your kindness and consideration as an employer. 

e. Switching to Flexispot Standing Desks Can Help you Lessen Administrative Work:

Switching to Flexispot Standing Desks Can Help you Lessen Administrative Work

Once you order these standing desks at the FlexiSpot website, you could order these standing desks and let the company do the logistics for you. They may send the products directly to the employee's shipping address and expedite the shipping service. It's a beautiful thing because your administrative work gets lessened. You have to place the order online, track the order, and let Flexispot do the rest for you. 

Final Thoughts

Adjustments are essential in the new work setting because not everyone gets accustomed to a remote work setting. Hence, trusting Flexispot in providing the employees with superb standing desks could help the employers care for the workers and protect them against RSI or repetitive strain injuries. It might not be easy, and miscommunications might occur, but in the long run, both employees and employers would get the hang of it and surpass all the challenges that might come their way in this new work setting.