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5 Signs You Need an Ergonomic Standing Desk Setup

09 December 2021

An average American spends around 11 hours in a sitting position every day. Longer sitting hours often lead to a lack of physical activity and a sedentary lifestyle, which is becoming an increasingly common cause of death among individuals that are 35+. While longer sitting hours at work are the new norm, your sitting hours aren’t limited to the time you spend at your office. It also includes the time you spend sitting in front of your television or scrolling through your cell phone while on the couch. Essentially, it includes your daily schedule.

If you have a sedentary lifestyle due to work arrangements, you might be vulnerable to poor health due to your long sitting hours. In such instances, an adjustable standing desk may be your savior.

But, before we get into the details about the signs that indicate the need for an ergonomic standing desk setup at work, let's learn more about standing desks.

Adjustable Standing Desk

What Is an Adjustable Standing Desk?

When you have to spend long hours in front of your desk and screen, you may be experiencing the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle, including poor posture, weight gain, backache, and a lot more. Height adjustable standing desks can help you deal with all these issues by balancing your sitting and standing routines.

With a height-adjustable standing desk, you can adjust the height of your workstation as per your needs. If you want to switch to standing work mode, all you have to do is increase the height of the adjustable standing desk and convert it to a functional standing workstation. Similarly, if you want to switch to the setting mode, you can adjust the height accordingly. While sitting for long hours can be dangerous for your health, standing for too long may also be strenuous for your back and legs. Hence, it is critical to strike a balance, and a height-adjustable standing desk allows you to do so effectively.

And you don't have to adjust the height manually. You can find height adjustable standing desks from reliable manufacturers that have pre-programmed height settings and memory options that allow you to convert your workstation from standing to sitting and vice versa with a single touch.

Height Adjustable Standing Desk

What are the Benefits of a Height Adjustable Standing Desk?

When you invest in a height-adjustable standing desk, you can enjoy the following benefits.

A height-adjustable standing desk allows you to alternate between sitting and standing positions that can reduce the risk of poor posture as you sit,
You can adjust the height of your workstation depending upon the task that you are doing. For instance, you can switch to sitting mode while responding to emails but change the height to standing mode as you are doing creative work,
By changing the position, you can enjoy better focus and productivity, and
Lastly, you can maintain better weight and health when you stand.

Now that you know what height adjustable standing desks are and how they can benefit you let's look at some of the signs that indicate you need an ergonomic standing desk setup.

5 Signs You Need an Ergonomic Standing Desk Setup

You are Slouching Often

#1. You are Slouching Often

Let's admit it. Sitting can make you lazy, and when you are sitting for long hours, you end up slouching. And while it makes you look sloppy, there are a lot of other ways slouching can impact your body.

When you persistently slump over your desk, your core muscles are not working, which leads to posture issues and a lack of flexibility in your body. Moreover, your glutes and abs that perform a critical function in supporting your body loosen up and stop performing their supporting function effectively, which in turn causes you a lot of pain and discomfort.

Hence, slouching is one of the most significant signs that you need an ergonomic standing desk setup. When you start using a height-adjustable standing desk, you can significantly reduce slouching, which adds to your productivity and better health.

You Experience Backache

#2. You Experience Backache

Backache is one of the most common posture-related concerns experienced by individuals who spend a lot of time in a sitting position. If you are someone who experiences back pain after a few hours of sitting or experience a sore back and tight muscles at the end of the workday, it is an outcome of a sedentary lifestyle.

Over time, when you do not listen to your body and continue to spend long hours in a sitting position while avoiding physical activity, your muscles tighten even more, which leads to worsening backache and associated problems.

A height-adjustable standing desk can help. With an adjustable desk, you can quickly change your position, which helps ease the muscles of your spine and lower back. As a result, your muscles gain strength and are strong enough to support your spine, so you don't have to experience the discomfort associated with backache.

You are Gaining Weight

#3. You are Gaining Weight

When you are spending a lot of time in a sitting position, your muscle begins to lose strength and, over time, make you lethargic and more vulnerable to weight gain. Moreover, sitting for prolonged hours can also slow down your metabolism. As a result, your body burns fewer calories, increasing your risk of weight gain and lack of focus and concentration. As you continue to put on weight, you add to your risk of several health conditions, including obesity, Type II diabetes, and even cancer.

An ergonomic standing desk can be a solution as your body burns more calories in a standing position. Hence, with a height-adjustable standing desk, you can improve your metabolism and burn more calories and in turn, keep your weight in check while reducing your risk of several health concerns.

Lack of Focus and Concentration

#4. Lack of Focus and Concentration

It appears almost natural to work in a sitting position but did you know that sitting for long hours can drain your energy and make you lethargic? Prolonged sitting can drain your energy as well as affect your focus and concentration. As a result, you end up feeling tired and lacking focus.

You can improve your focus and concentration by investing in a standing desk setup. When you are standing, your blood circulation improves, which increases the supply of oxygen throughout your body. As a result, you stay active and energetic throughout the day and enjoy better focus and concentration for solving problems at hand and coming up with creative solutions.

You Experience Digestive Problems

#5. You Experience Digestive Problems

Another problem associated with prolonged sitting and decreased metabolism is that you may experience digestive issues. And while many people may miss out on the connection between prolonged sitting and digestive issues, the two problems are interlinked. When you continue to sit for long hours, your food is not digested properly. As a result, you experience digestive issues such as bloating, gas, and indigestion.

If you have been experiencing digestive issues recently, don't forget that it could be a possible side effect of prolonged sitting. In that case, you definitely need to change your lifestyle by investing in an adjustable standing desk. With an ergonomic standing desk setup, you can save yourself from embarrassment before your colleagues and discomfort associated with digestive problems.


Now that you understand how a standing desk setup works and some of the benefits you can enjoy by investing in one, you should surely get one for yourself. Moreover, if you have been experiencing any of the signs mentioned above, it's about time to change your lifestyle and work setup. By investing in an ergonomic, height-adjustable standing desk, you can combat several physical health concerns even before they surface. Moreover, when you are standing, it improves blood circulation, which in turn improves your focus. So a standing desk setup is definitely a win-win situation for you.

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