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Five Ways to Stop Rolling Chairs from Scratching Your Hardwood Floors

01 July 2021

Hardwood floors are usually elegant and complement any office design. This is because office chairs must be able to move freely while a person is seated on them.

The combined body weight, paired with the frequent movement of the chairs, does not make the hardwood floors happy. 

Casters designed to preserve flooring perform a good job of safeguarding the floors, but they are still prone to scratching and chipping the wood floors. 

You will not want to hide your gleaming, fashionable hardwood floor, so proper maintenance is required to keep it looking wonderful over time.

Some fast and simple tips might help you keep your hardwood floor clear of scuffs and scratches caused by office chair movement.

1. Maintaining and fixing the wheels regularly

No matter which solution you choose to protect hardwood floors from rolling chairs, if you do not maintain the flooring regularly, it will work against you. 

They tend to wear out over time, causing damage to the floors rather than protecting them.

The casters of office chairs might become worn out, or a particle of dust or rock can become stuck inside the casters, causing more damage to the floors. 

Other difficulties that can be a nuisance are pads and mats, which can trap particles on the mat or rug, causing harm to the floor.

Furthermore, office chairs with loose wheels and pads can easily roll across a hardwood floor, causing damage to the floor.

2. Protect hardwood floors with area rugs

Area rugs are the most practical way to protect any floor from scratches caused by chairs or furniture. 

It stops the furniture from making direct contact with the floor, preventing the floor from being scraped or harmed by the furniture's movement. 

It is a quick, easy, and low-cost way to protect your hardwood floor from office chairs and other furniture.

They are visually appealing and serve to maintain the office's style while also safeguarding the floor. Because of their continual movement and dragging on the floor, office chairs are known to be particularly irritating for the floors.

3. Do not get fond of pushing your office chair across the floor carelessly

Any furniture dragged over a floor can cause it to deteriorate. Scratches and scuffing from the dragging of any sort of furniture are more likely on hardwood floors. 

The continual movement and weight placed on the flooring by office chairs is one of the items that can cause a lot of harm to the floors. 

However, it is not floor-friendly and can scrape and scuff the floor, so how can wood floors be protected from rolling chairs?

Furthermore, the most common cause of hardwood floor damage is dragging and pushing furniture across the floor during renovations or when shifting positions. 

Pushing furniture, especially office chairs, is easier than lifting them off the floor, so we do it unconsciously. We shove the chairs into place most of the time, which is bound to cause some scratches if not serious scuffing.

Hardwood floor repair and replacement is a costly and time-consuming process. If you have to replace or repair the floor, it will be a huge setback to the routine operation of your office. 

Just a simple everyday tip to properly protect your wood floor from sliding office chairs.

4. Use hardwood casters to safeguard your hardwood floors

Office chairs are equipped with casters, which aid in their smooth movement over the floor. 

Furthermore, it is a one-time task that will pay off in the long run due to its effectiveness in protecting hardwood floors from scratches and chipping.

Your chair casters are the pillars that support and convey the weight of the person sitting in it to the floor. If the casters are made of a hard material, such as hard plastic or nylon, they will have a greater effect on the floor and scrape it severely. 

While it is easier to replace the casters of your office chair with the ones meant to be used on hardwood floors, repairing or replacing the flooring is not all a task you will want to perform. 

One thing to keep in mind here is, do not to use rugs or mats with the hardwood casters as they will hinder the movement and reduce the functionality of the casters.

Hardwood casters, on the other hand, are designed specifically for hardwood floors to lessen the impact.

5. Make use of furniture protectors

Furniture pads are another low-cost option for protecting your hardwood floor from damage caused by furniture dragging and movement. 

The pads are designed to withstand the force of a moving chair on the floor and prevent scuffing. 

It raises the furniture off the ground to avoid direct contact with the floor, which might harm it.

Final Thoughts

Hardwood floors are extremely vulnerable to being scratched and damaged by office chairs and other furniture. 

Make a reminder to maintain the protection you use regularly to keep it in good functioning order and avoid harm.

If your office chair is too old, it is time to upgrade to a new ergonomic office chair with a variety of benefits, the most essential of which is scratch protection for your hardwood flooring.

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