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5 Stylish Storage Solutions for Your Standing Desk

25 March 2021

With so many people now working from home, electric standing desks have quickly become a back-saving centerpiece in the home office for millions of at-home professionals. While these modern desks outshine traditional sitdown desks when it comes to their health-boosting benefits, they often provide insufficient storage solutions because manufacturers need to keep the desktops lightweight for safe and easy lifting and lowering.

So what’s the best way to store your office essentials when using a standing desk? We’ve identified 5 stylish storage options to keep your sit-stand workspace neat and organized.

  1. Standing Desks with Drawers There may only be a handful of them on the market, but you can buy an electric standing desk with drawers to hold your desk essentials. Because of widespread demand for standing desks with integrated storage, manufacturers like FlexiSpot now have elegant designs like their new Theodore Standing Desk that deliver all the modern features people love about electric standing desks but with a convenient 21.8” x 2.6” pullout drawer that organizes office supplies while keeping the desktop surface free and clear.


  1. Desktop Organizers If your existing standing desk does not have built-in drawers, you can still keep things organized with a desktop organizer. This super affordable option comes in a wide range of styles and configurations. For example, FlexiSpot offers several space-saving mesh organizers that provide a sliding compartment drawer as well as upright and horizontal slots for file folders, books, and more.


  1. File Cabinet For those who need more space than a simple desktop organizer can provide, a traditional vertical file cabinet is a smart way to go especially if you have available floor space next to your standing desk. Not only are file cabinets versatile — yes, they hold more than just files — but they also often offer locks so you can keep important supplies and files secure when needed.


  1. Hanging Storage Underdesk hanging organizers like FlexiSpot’s Hanging Under Desk Drawer is another affordable option for storing files and paperwork if you don’t have room on your desktop for a desktop organizer or floor space next to your desk for a file cabinet. You simply install the organizer to the edge of your existing standing desk and secure with a tightening screw.


With so many functional storage options available for keeping your sit-stand workspace organized, it’s a matter of personal preference which solution is best for you. But, if you love the elegant sophistication of traditional American design, the Theodore Standing Desk combines built-in storage with flexible height adjustments, integrated charging ports and an industry-leading 5-year warranty on the standing desk frame and a 2-year Warranty on the desk’s electronic components.

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