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5 Tips to Avoid Piling Workload

29 August 2022

There are many people who have already fallen to the trap of procrastination. They are so deep into the hole of doom that when they try to get out of it, they just fail miserably.

They think to themselves that today will be the day that they will finally change their habits. They make a list and promise to stick to it. Afterwards though, as the day passes by, they still have not done any changes and it’s still the same old attitude as they had the day before. They think to themselves that they are helpless and that they can’t do anything to change who they are as procrastinators. They rationalize it as a work style that works for them.

But even though it has been working for them since time immemorial, they haven’t noticed everything that they let pass because of this cramming habit of theirs. For instance, they might have let go of many job opportunities or the chance to do more because of their poor time management. They might have stayed forever mediocre in what they’re currently doing because they always stall work and procrastinate. They might have not delivered their best performance or showed their past and present bosses their fullest potential because they were always late.

These crammers also don’t see the toll it takes on their health when they cram. They lose sleep which the body needs to recuperate and recharge. They lose focus, draining their brains during crunch time. They are almost always in a state of panic that they have forgotten what it means to be calm. They get acne because of too much stress. Stress causes burnout and burnout may lead to depression.

People don’t realize that when they cram, they let their lives suffer. It’s not the client or the boss’ loss; it’s the crammer whose life is ruined, bit by bit.

We want to help end this cramming habit of yours through the following tips:

Know your goals and stick to them.

1. Know your goals and stick to them.

Ask yourself how would you feel five years from now and you still haven’t reached your dreams and goals? Will you just let time pass and let regret take over? Know your goals and stay committed to them through discipline and willpower. The universe will be the one to reward you for your hard work in the future.

Work efficiently.

2. Work efficiently.

You don’t only need the discipline to finish your work and live the perfect work-life balance. You need to learn how to use the least possible amount of resources and be able to finish the most number of things. Be resourceful. Use digital tools that can speed up your processes. Invest in people who can help you become efficient with your tasks. Most importantly, have a dedicated workspace wherever you work. You need a standing desk or standing desk converter, a monitor mount, a bright lamp, an ergonomic office chair, and storage units to help you work more efficiently. FlexiSpot has a standing desk offer you wouldn’t be able to resist.

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Be honest with yourself and manage expectations.

3. Be honest with yourself and manage expectations.

It’s always better to underpromise and overdeliver than do the reverse. When you manage the expectations of the people you are working with, they will be impressed with the quality of your final output. If you do overpromise and underdeliver, you will most likely not be able to fulfill your boss or clients’ needs. You need to learn how to manage expectations of others. Learn to say no to opportunities that don’t excite you or do not make you happy. You can better manage your time when your workload is also manageable to begin with.

Respect other people’s time.

4. Respect other people’s time.

If you don’t respect yours, you can at least respect the time of others. You have made a commitment with them so you should show that you honor your word by reaching the deadline. The only way, really, when you’re not feeling motivated, is to force yourself. And then think about others next on how they are doing considering that they are working with someone like you who has poor time management.

Get ample sleep.

5. Get ample sleep.

You will really feel groggy, restless, and unable to focus at work if you lack sleep. As much as possible, get seven to eight hours of sleep every night so that you are awake and alert during the workday.

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