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5 Tips to Become an Awesome Employer

09 June 2021

Most companies want to be good employers to their employees. They know there is more to outperforming competitors than simply promoting their products and services or driving sales. Ensuring that their place of employment is a desirable place to work is essential. Hiring top talent and keeping them is vital to business growth and long-term success.

Businesses where employees are happy to come to work, are highly sought-after and are referred to as "employers of choice." To become one of the best employers, your company needs to provide employees with a path for career development, a fantastic work environment, and build outstanding teams. Managers must be able to give proper feedback and so much more.

In the article below, we'll go over five tips to become the best employer you can possibly be.

Provide A Path For Career Development

One of the first things to keep in mind is the fact that great employers help create a fantastic employee experience. They show respect to those who work for them by investing time and money into helping further the development of their employees' careers. They teach their employees new abilities and skills, resulting in happier, more satisfied, and far more productive employees than they would otherwise be.

Moreover, by showing loyalty toward your employees, it's far more likely that they will remain loyal to your business instead of seeking out new employment. 

Another part of creating an amazing work experience is actually caring for your employees as people instead of thinking of them as mere cogs in a wheel that make your company move forward. For instance, Google provides areas where its employees can take a nap. They also have free gourmet cafes where those who work for them can eat and drink delicious food without cost.

Google takes care of its employees. Now, no law says you must go to the lengths that Google does, but it should be evident that taking care of your employees is a must in today's world. You need to provide them with the best environment and tools to do their jobs that you can. That could mean all kinds of things, from providing standing desks to mentorship programs. 

A great rule of thumb is to listen to your employees. They'll tell you what their needs and desires are if you let them. Once you know, do your absolute best to provide it. You'd be amazed at how much higher morale at your company will be.

Create An Amazing Company Environment

Providing your employees with an amazing company environment is another part of becoming the best employer you can be. A part of doing that is ensuring that your business has an incredible company culture. It's a best practice to dedicate specific resources to building that culture, which could mean assigning a particular individual or putting together an entire team to make that culture for you.

As noted above, a company culture where employees are valued as people and not just assets that impact your bottom line is essential. Employees are not stupid. In today's world, they have options for other employment, and they know it. If you don't treat them well, they'll leave for a company that will truly value them.

If you're the type that can't help but think about the bottom line, remember this:

There are hard numbers that show poor job performance and lower company revenues, which are tied to employee job satisfaction. 

Google provides areas to sleep and eat, and other companies provide better office equipment. Providing employees with ergonomic chairs and standing desks like the Flexispot Seiffen are becoming common ways that employers can improve their company environment.

Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro)

Think about it. The old way was to shove your office workers into tiny cubicles with uncomfortable chairs and desks. Employees were forced to sit for long periods, and their health suffered from it. Today, however, smart leaders know that it's essential for employees to be able to stand, see, and speak with one another from time to time.

Just as people buy from those they know, like, and trust, employees also do better when they know one another, trust each other, and work as a team.

The Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk is a great way to help make that happen. Employees benefit from the ability to sit or stand, which improves health, and studies have shown that productivity actually increases! 

The Seiffen Standing Desk Is Budget Friendly

Price is always a consideration when deciding to buy. However, businesses can take care of their employees and still keep costs under control. The Seiffen Standing Desk is completely budget-friendly, with a low price tag of just $247. Most managers would agree that a small investment that results in long-term health and productivity improvements is worth the money spent.

Eco Vs. Pro

Whether you choose the Eco or Pro version of the Seiffen Standing Desk, you'll find that beating the standard sedentary office experience is what it's all about. The Eco version meets just about all the needs an ordinary user might have and is also the most cost-effective.

With that said, the Pro version offers a few extra benefits. For example, there are two versions of the Pro, and each offers slightly different advantages.

The Pro (stage 2) has a dual-motor lifting system, making it faster when going from a sitting to standing height and vice-versa. It can also handle more weight. This means that office workers who need larger desktop computers or other equipment can also enjoy the benefits provided by a standing desk.

The Pro (stage 3) has a range of heights unavailable for the Eco or Pro (stage 1). It's a version that works well with incredibly tall people and those who are shorter than average. This is the most versatile version of all the Seiffen Standing Desk options.

The Seiffen Desktop

Another great feature of the Seiffen Standing Desk is its 1" thick chipboard desktop. You can choose from a variety of solid colors to fit the overall color scheme and design of your office. Plus, each is certified safe by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL). 

Remember that all of the great features of the Flexispot Seiffen Standing Desk contribute to a healthy office culture when put together. When your employees stand, they use more muscles, burn more calories, and improve their posture. Plus, the likelihood that they will be engaged in office activities and events, whether that's meetings, organizing charities, or throwing an office party is far greater.

Be Flexible

Being flexible as a leader also contributes toward an employee's perception of you as a good employer. Acting like a dictator who spouts rules and regulations without considering real-life circumstances can cause your employees not to trust you and can also cause their respect for you to suffer. 

It's a best practice then, to be flexible and take your employees' needs and desires into account. Leaders need to balance company goals with the realities of life. For example, many parents have young kids and school hours are not exactly the same as office hours.

A good leader recognizes these kinds of issues and finds a way to compromise. Maybe the employee is allowed to leave work early to take care of his or her children if they also work from home for a few hours after kids have gone to bed. There are all kinds of alternative arrangements that you could consider.

Build Teams

Employers who care about their company's culture, mission, and overall long-term goals can help inspire all employees to feel similarly. Building a great team and strengthening the bonds between employees is a vital part of creating a sense of emotional "togetherness," which is vital if a company wishes not only to survive but thrive in the marketplace.

Give Proper Feedback

Most employees desire to do the best job they can. They want their employers to be proud of them and their efforts. However, it's hard to do that if the employer doesn't provide adequate feedback. Additionally, many employers mistake constant criticism for feedback. The two are not the same.

A great employer can show an employee where they can improve. However, he or she doesn't just leave it at that. They also show the employee how they can improve. They take on the role of a mentor. By mentoring your employees, you show you care about their success, which the vast majority of employees appreciate.


Becoming the best employer you can be doesn't have to be as hard as it may sound. By honoring and respecting your employees as people and as individuals, you can help foster a sense of "being in it together." You have the power to create a feeling of family.

Just some of the things you can do to ensure that are the following:

provide a path forward for career development, viewing mistakes as learning opportunities, and creating an amazing company culture. 

You can also ensure a healthy, vibrant, and active company environment by taking care of your employees like Google does. You could create sleep areas, food courts, or invest in something as simple as Flexispot's Seiffen Standing Desk.

You can make sure that employees want to continue working with you by being flexible and understanding the balance needed between work and home life. And finally, you invest in building teams and in mentorship where proper, positive feedback is given.

Do just some of these, and you'll improve the image your employees have of you as an employer. Do them all, and you'll be well on your way to being the best employer you can be.