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5 Ways Ergonomics Will Help You Get More Business

13 November 2023

There is little doubt that there are several benefits of ergonomics and that each of the benefits revolves around creating an efficient work environment.

After all, a work environment that is not adequately designed can significantly contribute to employee frustration and post-work fatigue. Over time, if this concern is not addressed, it can negatively impact the productivity of each employee and decrease the output's quality. While reduced employee productivity and quality of output are a concern, what is worse is that a poorly designed workplace can expose your employees to the risk of injury.

However, ergonomics provides a solution to all these problems. It is the study of designing work environments and how humans interact with the systems and environments such that the people's capabilities, efficiency, and limitations can be considered so that employee productivity and quality of output can be maximized without exposing them to any safety hazards. Apart from enhancing productivity, you can rely on ergonomics to decrease the risk of injury while boosting employee efficiency. And while it applies to all industries, it is especially true for certain industries like health care facilities which are more prone to injuries due to the nature of the job. According to research, successful implementation of ergonomic tools and accessories can bring several positive impacts on the business; however, implementing ergonomics in workplaces requires the participation of all employees and continuous commitment.

We share this guide with you as we have gained valuable insight over the past many years on how ergonomic improvements can help create better work experiences for employees and provide businesses with a competitive edge in the industry. In what follows, you will learn about all the ways in which ergonomics will help you get more business.

Here are some of the ways through which ergonomics can help you get more business.

How Ergonomics Will Help You Get More Business?

#1. Ergonomics Enhance Employee Productivity

Employees who work in an ergonomic setting experience a positive impact on their health. By using ergonomically designed furniture and workplace setting, employees experience improved overall health. This typically starts from the cardiovascular system's enhanced well-being, which then spreads to other parts of the body in terms of improved blood circulation, and better oxygen distribution.

Moreover, employees who work in an ergonomic work setting also experience a reduction in aches, pains and spasms as an ergonomic workspace setting aids in providing adequate support to the spine and help maintain the spine's natural curvature.

When your heart and musculoskeletal system are healthier, your body will have reduced tension as an ergonomic workspace setting allows you to make yourself feel comfortable. Furthermore, the natural balanced position of your body will prevent you from straining your neck and eyes while reducing swelling and discomfort in your legs because of less than optimal blood flow.

Since workplace discomfort can significantly impact employee productivity, when employees work in conditions where their physical comfort is enhanced, it positively contributes to increasing employee productivity. Since employees are not focused on aches and pains and discomfort associated with working, it enhances their focus, contributing to increased productivity.

But how does employee productivity help you get more business?

It is because when your employees have better productivity, they can produce a favorable outcome for the organization. For example, when the sales team is more productive, it will interact with the clients better and convert more potential clients into actual sales. Similarly, in a manufacturing unit where employees can maintain the natural position of their body, it allows them to increase the output, which positively contributes to actual sales.

Hence, when your employees experience improved productivity will help you get more business.

#2. Ergonomics Improve Mental Insight

When your employees are more comfortable at work, they not only end up producing more output but also experience improved mental insight.

When employees get a chance to sit and work in an environment that doesn't contribute to aches, pains and discomfort, they can channel their mental energy into their work. Hence, when employees are less anxious and more comfortable, they can become more focused, which will further contribute to increasing productivity and enhancing the quality of work.

#3. Ergonomics Allow Employees to Produce Better Quality Work

The improved mental insight brings us to the next reason how ergonomics help you get more business. It is through improving the quality of output that your employees produce.

In a poorly designed workspace, it is common for employees' energy to be channelized towards combating discomfort. When the focus is on fighting fatigue and discomfort, it lowers employee productivity, but more importantly, it also lowers the quality of the output that your workers produce.

However, ergonomics can change the outlook.

Since an employee's energy is no longer directed towards combating fatigue and discomfort in an ergonomic workspace setting, it contributes to improved productivity. But there's more to it. Since ergonomics help improves focus and mental insight, it also allows employees to enhance the quality of work they produce, which can help you get more business. After all, all your potential customer wants from your business is better quality output at an affordable price.

#4. Ergonomic Work Environment Contributes to Eliminating Hazards

Part of creating an ergonomic workspace may be about enhancing employees' output and the quality of work. However, another significant aspect of creating an ergonomic work environment is eliminating potential workplace hazards that can be dangerous for your employees.

Ergonomics is about creating a safer work environment that will contribute to a lower risk of accidents and reduce medical expenses for the organization. But more importantly, when you eliminate workplace hazards and make your workplace safer for your employees, your customers view your organization as a responsible organization that intends to take care of all its major stakeholders. When you take measures to take care of your employees, it communicates to your potential customers that you as an organization will be equally attentive to your customers' needs.

This will encourage safety and collaboration to the next level, and you can make the most of your business.

#5. Ergonomics Help Increase Employee Engagement

When your employees know that the organization they work for provides the best working conditions, the output reflects better quality work and increases productivity. But it also reflects better employee engagement and lower employee turnover.

Since your employees don't experience discomfort, fatigue and associated stress, you will notice an increased involvement of the employees in business decisions which stems from better employee motivation.

As the businesses' turnover rate reduces, it can indicate to your potential clients that your business cares for its stakeholders, which will help you get more business.

How Can You Access the Benefits of Ergonomics?

If your organization intends to access the benefits of ergonomics for its business, then know that it's time to implement the changes.

As an organization, you need to start by focusing on individual workstations and analyze what changes they need to ensure employee safety and enhance employee productivity and well-being. One of the ways to get started is by analyzing the needs of your employees. You can take their input and combine it with your assessment of improving the workplace setting.

Analyze the situation and your workplace layout before you start making any changes. With appropriate planning, you can get the best possible workplace for your employees and for your business. Some of the other tips that can help you set up ergonomic workstations for your business include the following.

Incorporate measures that lead to improvement in productivity and comfort, such as providing opportunities for ample breaks and physical activities at the workplace,

Focus on creating a hybrid working model,

Send weekly emails or reminders highlighting measures that employees can take to improve their health and well-being.

Look Forward to a Better Work Environment Today

Now that you know how ergonomics can help you get more business and how you can access the benefits of ergonomics, you are one step closer to creating a better work environment for your employees. But you need to work with a reliable supplier who can provide you with the most relevant resources and advice.

At FlexiSpot, we understand that ergonomics is all about balancing efficiency and comfort. With over 20 years in the industry, we have gathered enough experience to research and create innovative designs to help you or your employees become more functional and healthier. From ergonomic office chairs to height adjustable standing desks and other workplace accessories, FlexiSpot is there to cater to millions of customers worldwide.

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