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5 Ways to Avoid Neck Pain

28 May 2021

Getting Rid of the Neck Pain with an Ergo Chair:

Neck pain is a terrible kind of pain one person would experience at work. It is ranging from a dull or throbbing pain around the neck. There are factors considered when one experiences neck pain. One of these factors is the improper posture made when a person is sitting. This could also bring pain to the neck. At times, when one is forced to bow down too much, he experiences neck pain. These things could be alleviated if one would look for a proper piece of equipment that is built using ergonomics. With this, Flexispot's Office Massage Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair 5080 could be the answer for someone's problem when it comes to how they could avoid the possible effects of neck pain. On the other hand, let us know first what this ergonomic chair is about: 

Office Massage Chair Ergonomics Desk Chair 5080

This ergonomic chair is best-known for its six massaging points that could make a person feel relaxed as he sits on this chair. It helps you relax by pressing on the weak points at your back. Once this happens, the heating patterns would work and could stimulate your back area. This could send more signals to your brain and could ease the soreness in your back. We all know that when a person slouches too much while working in front of the computer, he does not just strain his eyes but also hurts his neck because there is like a force that pressures the neck with the head especially when the person bows down too much as he squints in front of the computer. 

The Desk Chair 5080 has also other features that make it outstanding. Those features are: 

● Solid Rolling Caster:

The solid rolling casters could help the worker easily move the ergo chair. With just little adjustments, the worker could sit and relax on the chair. He could swivel back and forth without him losing balance or falling from the chair. 

● Adjustable Height:

From 17.3"-21", one could set the desired height that suits his body frame and his height. With ease, anyone could adjust on this using the chair's adjusting pin which is located at the backside of the swivel chair. 

● Maximum Load Capacity:

The chair could carry a load of up to 250lb. it's a sturdy ergo chair that could not easily be broken no matter how heavy the load is. At times, people get hesitant to choose the usual office chair because they think it could not carry them but with Flexispot's ergo chair

● Seating Area Dimension

The Desk Chair 5080 has a seating area dimension of 20.9 for the width and 19.3 for the dimension so this could ensure safety for the user or the one who's sitting on this. We sometimes do different sitting positions but with the desk chair 5080's wide dimension, we may be sure of our safety no matter how many times we make movements while on this chair. 

So, looking at the incredible specs of this ergonomic chair, we may be guided now on how to maintain proper posture while on this ergo chair. Maintaining proper posture is difficult especially when we are working. So, how can we maintain a proper sitting position and what could we do to ease the back pain and neck pain:

5 Ways to Avoid Neck Strain with the Desk Chair 5080:

● You may do stretching while sitting:

Try to stretch your arms and fingers. Then try to stretch your back. Imagine the vertical line running from the top of your head while sitting on the Desk Chair 5080. The 6 pinpoint massage of this chair could help you relax more as you stretch and massage your fingers. 

● Do the stretching of the Head and Neck

After the massaging points of the Desk Chair, 5080 worked, try to do the stretching of the neck and head while you are sitting. Try flexing your fingers against the chin and push the chin upward, stretching and exposing the neck. Then, put pressure on the back of the head by pushing it down with the palm on it.

● Observe proper sitting position. 

This could be done by making your feet flat on the floor, chest out, and back arched. This could help you do the proper posture. With help of the Desk Chair 5080's breathable cushion, doing this would not be painful, unlike the other swivel chairs that make you feel sorer when you try observing the proper sitting position. 

● Place your arms on the padded armrest of this ergo chair:

By doing this, one can rest his arms properly after stretching or after a long day in the office. Our arms and hands are the ones who move a lot in a day. At times, when these get sore, they affect the neck and eventually the spine.

● Try to twitch and turn the hips a bit

Pain felt around the lumbar area could affect our necks, hence twitching and turning the hips could help us ease that pain. After a few minutes of stretching on Desk Chair 5080, one could stand up and stretch his lumbar and hips. This could be done in front of the workstation.

Final Thoughts

Avoiding neck pain is quite impossible when we get busy in front of the computer but with the Desk Chair's effectiveness, one could avoid the severe pain brought by the neck strain. It is because this ergonomic chair could improve your sitting posture as it increases your work efficiency. This is pivotal in making you achieve all your plans at work without getting tired and exhausted after rendering the 9-5 job. Most of all, choosing this ergonomic chair can be a good choice because you could invest in a chair that could keep you healthy, the stress and exhaustion that we get from too much work can create havoc on our health. So it’s smarter to keep ourselves in shape despite your busy schedule at work. As they say, smart buyers know what good quality is.