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5 Ways to Create a Stress-Free Workspace

30 October 2018

The condition of your workspace has a direct connection to how productive you are and how satisfied you feel at work. When we’re struggling with productivity, the first cause we usually point to is our own motivation. But often, it’s our work environment that’s at fault. Learn how to create a stress-free work environment and you’ll see your productivity start to improve.

A carefully planned and well-maintained work environment can energize and excite you, which has a direct impact on your productivity throughout the workday. Workers who like where they work are not only more productive, but are more engaged, happy, and healthy.

Some aspects of your work environment you may have no control over, such as the building you’re in, how many windows are nearby, and where your desk is located. But you can control your own desk, so here are a few things you can do to create a stress-free work environment for yourself.

  1. Keep your workspace clean and organized.

It doesn’t matter whether you think you’re a naturally messy person and thrive in chaos. If your workstation is cluttered and disorganized, it’s going to inhibit your ability to get your work done well and done on time. File away papers from projects when they’re finished. Only keep the necessary items out on the surface of your desk. Especially if you are a naturally messy person, you’ll be surprised how much organizing your desk will help clear your mind.

  1. Get your wires under control.

With so many electronic devices taking up space on our desks these days, it’s easy for wires to get out of control. You have your monitor, your keyboard, a phone charger, your headphones… Finding a way to get those wires untangled and under control – for example, tying them together behind your desk – will do wonders for making your workstation feel more manageable.

  1. Do office exercise.

Sometimes it’s what you do at your desk that minimizes stress as much as what your desk actually looks like. Humans were meant to stand and move throughout the day, but with the rise of desk jobs, we’re spending more and more time sitting and less time moving or even standing. That stationary lifestyle has real implications for our wellbeing and our productivity.

Make a point of getting up several times throughout the day to walk around the building or do some exercises at your desk, such as calf-raises or light stretching. The energy boost will improve your mood and get your productivity back on track.

  1. Use a standing desk.

One of the most important factors in whether your workspace helps or hurts your productivity is the furniture you have. An uncomfortable chair or a bad desk can sap as much energy and motivation out of you as a bad boss. Choose a sit-stand desk to give yourself options throughout the day. Standing at work has been proven to increase energy and enhance focus, so it’s the perfect choice if you’re looking to give your productivity a boost.

  1. Use the right tools.

Like your furniture, the tools you have on your desk play a big role in how comfortable you feel while you work and how efficiently you can get things done. For example, using dual monitors allows you to spread out your windows, making it easier to shift from one browser window to another while you’re working. Ergonomic keyboards can alleviate some of the strain on your wrists while you type, preventing carpal tunnel.

Making a few small changes to your workspace can have a profound impact on how motivated and productive you feel throughout the workday, which impacts your overall performance as an employee! Get that desk organized and get the right tools and you’ll be employee of the month in no time.