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5 Ways to Ergonomically Strengthen the Phasic Muscle Fibers

31 August 2021

The Phasic muscle fibers or the fast-twitch fibers are responsible for transforming glycogen into ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). ATP and glycogen are the chemicals that store the energy in the muscle cells. These fibers also help our bodies create energy and sustain it. The reason we could move and extend the range of our motion. On the other hand, the phasic muscle fibers' downside is that they are prone to muscle fatigue. Muscle fatigue could root in improper posture, physiological distress, and a sedentary lifestyle. 

So, what would happen if these fibers would not get ergonomically strengthened? The answer is: as these fibers get exposed to muscle fatigue, it could also affect your strength and agility. As a result, you get quickly irritated, stressed, and slow. Once you get stressed, you could also become prone to disease-carrying viruses such as Covid19. Hence, in situations like this, you need to strengthen these fibers with the help of the well-known provider of the best standing desk, sit-stand desks, stand-up desks, and ergonomic chairs. In this article for today, we will talk about the five ways to strengthen the fast-twitch fibers ergonomically. 

Flexispot for the Fast-Twitch Fibers:

The challenge of the sedentary lifestyle affects the movement of the person and mainly the fast-twitch fibers because as the range of motion gets hampered (due to improper posture and stress), your chance of strengthening these muscle fibers is getting small, especially with the non-ergonomic equipment. Hence, Flexispot can provide you the ways to overcome this problem. 

Numerous products of Flexispot could help you ease the pain you feel around the back where the phasic muscle fibers are present. Indeed, at Flexispot, you can strengthen these fibers and make sure they don't get too strained. Further, they create pieces of equipment that you can use during power exercise. So, here are the ways you can make the fast-twitch fibers strong and would not get prone to muscle fatigue with the help of the Flexispot equipment pieces:

Strengthening the Fast Twitch Fibers-The Flexispot Way:

Adjustable Dumbbell LCL

a. Fast Twitch Fibers Could Get Strengthened with the Dumbbells

With the Adjustable Dumbbell LCL of Flexispot, you could strengthen the phasic muscle fibers. It's because when you use the ergonomic dumbbells of Flexispot, you can have power movements. 

This product has the function that can make you gain 11-35 pounds in just seconds of ergonomic swaying. It has an anti-slip feature that could help you grip the handle of the dumbbells well. 

As you tone the muscles and sways the product, the fast-twitch fibers get more robust, and they keep storing energy in the muscle cells and turn the glucose into ATP faster. Moreover, these fibers begin to get stronger than twice their usual strength because this ergonomic product from Flexispot can help you gain the power you need in just a few seconds. On the other hand, as these fibers quickly become prone to fatigue, you must observe 60-90 seconds of intervals where you would slow down and rest to regain the strength these fibers need to accumulate ATP again. 

Vibration Plate Exercise machine VB1

b. Phasic Muscle Fibers Could Get Strength From Power Exercises Like Core Strength Exercise:

Another way to strengthen the fast-twitch fibers is to do the whole-body vibration. This exercise is another form of power movement. The Vibration Plate Exercise machine VB1 of Flexispot could help you execute this activity because this product has 99 levels that allow you to gauge the resistance level you need to perform a specific aerobic routine perfectly. 

So, when you set the level of this exercise machine on a higher level, the more the phasic muscle fibers would get strengthened and active. Thus, putting this product next to your office table could help you have an aerobic routine easily. 

Deskcise Pro V9

c. You may Use a Desk Bike Too in strengthening your Phasic Muscle Fibers: 

This next product is the awardee for the 2018 CES Innovation award. When we talk about the resistance level, the Deskcise Pro V9 can also be useful for you when you want to improve your phasic muscle fibers. Its unique design and superb functionality had helped the product itself to become well-known in the market. 

Moreover, this helps the leg power strengthen, too, because even with a busy schedule, you can finish up your heavy workload in the office while you tone your muscles well. So, even when sitting for more than 30 minutes in the seating area, you would not feel fatigued. Instead, you would feel invigorated. 

AB Foldable Rowing LCL

d. Rowing Using the Flexispot Product Could Help You Improve Your Back Muscles:

The AB Foldable Rowing LCL could also help you strengthen the phasic muscle fibers because your back also has these fibers. Thus, when you set your routine on the rowing mode, you would be able to pump iron along the fast-twitch fibers that may result in the activation of more fibers. Thus, this product could be very advisable for you. 

Moreover, this product could help you revolutionize your movement. It protects you ergonomically and tones your muscles well. Moreover, as you maneuver this piece of equipment, it can save your elbows and knees. If you compare this product to other products that do not have enough ergonomic protection for users like you, you will notice how each part can condition your elbow and shoulder muscles without giving you the spine strain. So, this product is indeed the perfect one for you because as you attain a beautiful physique, you can strengthen the power of your phasic muscle fibers. 

e. Push-ups can also help you strengthen your Fast-Twitch Fibers with the Help of a Standing Desk:

Flexispot also has this kind of product. The Kana Pro Bamboo Standing Desk can be a suitable desk product for stretching activities such as push-ups. When you try using this desk, you can optimize these fibers. You would strengthen your shoulders and make these fibers stronger when you use this product. So, it is very recommendable to use this stand-up desk that you could also use to optimize your work pacing. 

Final Thoughts:

To have a speedy movement in the office, you must have the well-coordination of muscles in your body. That's why optimizing both your muscle fibers could help you become more robust and agile. Therefore, the use of Flexispot equipment pieces is very recommendable.