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5 Ways to Make Sure You Stay Employed

24 June 2024

Once you get employed, it's not the time to be complacent. Just because you already have a sure seat in the company or you might have been working there for quite a while that they won't get rid of you. Even if you were chosen among a sea of other applicants, it doesn't mean they can't fire you for bad behavior and poor work performance. As an employee, it's the time that you have to give it your all and show the company what you could contribute to their success. After all, the company's success will be yours too, even if you decide to go a different path in the future.

Yet we acknowledge that there's always a reason for complacency. This might not be your dream job at all and you just applied because you need to get employed. The very fact that you got hired is already a blessing in itself because it means you will be able to pay your bills and afford a few luxuries. This is an opportunity and they gave you the chance to fill it in. Unless you have another job that you got hired for or another fallback, you need this job at the moment which means you have to work hard to keep it every single day. Let us be one of the first to congratulate you for graduating from unemployment and now having an office to go to.

There are those who are the opposite of complacent and are really anxious of their standing in the company. They fear that they might get fired or retrenched, especially during this climate where companies have been closing and laying off their workers.

It's hard to gain job security; some people never even do. There are many ways though on how you can show your company that you're an asset they should always choose to keep. We listed down tips below so that you never get a severance letter. We promise you won't.

Have a strong purpose as to why you are staying in your job.

1. Have a strong purpose as to why you are staying in your job.

As they say, motivation would be running low at some points of the day or of the month. You won't always be motivated to work but when you consciously remind yourself of your reason to stay, you'd be able to power through anything. You would discipline yourself so that you are able to finish your work tasks everyday and that if ever you decide it's time to move on, it's of your own choice and not because the company let you go.

You can manage to stay if you reframe your mindset about your job and think of how it has been helping you grow in your career. Actions follow whatever is in your mind so if your decision is to stay, work on your thoughts and see the positive as they come.

Establish a friendly working relationship with your colleagues, but do not forget about your personal boundaries.

2. Establish a friendly working relationship with your colleagues, but do not forget about your personal boundaries.

The friendship dynamics in a workplace are different. After all, you're all there to work and not to make friends. But if you're looking for a strong reason to stay, a good office culture and having friends in the workplace are two of the main reasons for not letting go. But fostering a friendship never means sacrificing your work for it. You can be extra friendly but at the same time, still establish boundaries so that you finish work everyday with great outputs.

For instance, you finish your work in the afternoon and you have spare hours left before checkout time. Use the extra hours to finish any unfinished task or lend help to a struggling employee. Respect is a no-brainer, and should be given to everyone, regardless if they are higher or lower than you in the corporate ladder.

Enhance your skills.

3. Enhance your skills.

You should never stop learning. Remember what we said that your job is disposable? Then you wouldn't want the company to look for a replacement so make them always choose you by enriching yourself with the necessary skills. Since you offer something different to the table, they won't regret ever having hired you. Do not ever think that there's no more room for improvement. You have to always work hard to become a better version of yourself yesterday and the other day. And since industries are always evolving, there might come a time that they won't need what you know now anymore. Make them hire you again for another position because you also have the skills needed for that.

Do your best in every task assigned to you.

4. Do your best in every task assigned to you.

Need we say more? You got hired because the company knows that you are skilled and fit for the position. You have to show management that you deliver only the best outputs and contribute a ton to the success of the company. When you work at your best, you show them that you are a reliable team player, you manage your time well, you are productive and proactive—clearly, an asset to the team. Even if you request to take a leave for a while, they'll accept you with open arms again, knowing that you are the best at what you do.

Equip yourself with tools so that you can work more efficiently and productively. Invest in ergonomic pieces that will help get rid of body discomfort while working, make you more focused and alert, and also ensure that your overall well-being is not being taken for granted.

Respect the time of others.

5. Respect the time of others.

You want to show that you are a consummate professional? Always show up on time. Do not miss your deadlines. Ask for extended deadlines or give a prior notification if ever you won't be able to meet a designated time. This shows that you value your job and that you respect the time of your bosses and colleagues.

During the workday, return to your workspace when the break is finished. Do not be late as it shows that you follow rules.