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4 Ways to Optimize the Usage of Your Desk Converter

06 September 2021

When you and your workers have to get things done fast, it might cause overusage of the upper extremities, especially the hands and arms. As a result, you might experience golfer's elbow or strain around the components. Almost 80% of the RSI or repetitive strain injuries come from the overuse of the hands and arms. Hence, there are creations like desk converters such as the ones from Flexispot that can help you prevent the wear and tear of muscles and tendons. Today's article will talk about how these desk converters could help you and your team surpass these difficulties. 

Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

Relief from Pain with Flexispot

Flexispot is well-known for the best standing desks, stand-up desks, and ergonomic chairs such as the Kana Pro Bamboo Standing Desk and Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair. However, there are more products that this global brand can offer you because Flexispot innovates for the best ergonomic solutions that modern workers like you deserve to acquire. 

As the number of Delta variant cases doubles or triples, companies continually allow their workers to stay home and work remotely. Hence, Flexispot continues to support these individuals by partnering with the private companies that give out sit-stand desks to their workers. 

Now, should you decide to provide your workers with a different creation of Flexispot desk converters, you would save a lot in terms of the claims and medical expenses that you might shoulder should there be cases of RSI in your company. Hence, it's very advantageous for you as an employer to use the desk converters from Flexispot. 

So, going further now to the topic, let's understand the full benefits of using the desk converters at home and in the office. Stand-up desks are ideal because they are height adjustable, yet there are benefits too when you have a product that you could carry and move with your two hands. So, here are the ways to optimize the use of the desk converters should you decide to purchase some pieces for your employees. 

Optimizing Desk Converters in 4 Ways

ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converters

a. Try Putting Your Office Materials Atop

ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converters (desk converters that have the straight up and down movement) and GoRiser Standing Desk Converters (products that have the vertical motion but could keep the straight up and down movement too) could make you save some space in the work area. 

The minimum desk dimension that a desk converter like these is 26.4" in width. So, to just a minimum extent, you could maximize the workspace that you need. These converters could carry about 2-3 devices (1 laptop and two tablets). The advantage is that you can ensure that you and your workers could transfer files from one device within just a few seconds because you can lay all the devices with these desk converters. 

It would give you the chance to optimize your work pacing as well. So, choosing these products could help you work efficiently even in a small-spaced room. Nowadays, there are offices less than 20 square meters that offer spaces for WFH individuals or small units that most WFH-people occupy to save money; hence durable and economical desk converters like the ClassiRider and GoRiser could help them save budget. 

Most of all, these desk converters could help you put the necessary office materials even with the given small workspace. Thus you can achieve the minimalist workspace that you need. 

b. Carry Them Easily Around the Workspace

Whether you choose to work in a secluded place by the beach or at the metropolitan in a duplex, using the desk converters from Flexispot would not give you a headache because you can ensure that these products have the ergonomics design. Going back to the GoRiser Standing Desk Converter, you can ensure that its 1.8-inch height can give you easy lifting with just your hands. Most of all, this product could help you achieve the neutral position that you need when working on a busy weekday. 

c. Less is More 

Cliché as it may sound but with the desk converters, less becomes more. These products have fewer keypads to click, but there are more advantages in using this product's compact but moveable part. First, these desk converters from Flexispot have a detachable keyboard tray. So, you need to click the sides of the desk converters and detach the tray from the side panels. Second, the compact design of the desk converters from Flexispot proves that even without much space, you could enjoy functionality equivalent to the features of a standing desk. Hence, it's true that less is more with the desk converters. 

d. A Compact Design Allows for Versatile Placement

So, imagine that you have a long table in the corner of your kitchen. When you need to do some chores while doing your job simultaneously, putting a desk converter is still possible because the shape of the desk converters from Flexispot could accommodate side spaces. Hence, you wouldn't need to worry that putting them in a corner would give you a hard time or strain your elbows and arms. 

Motorized AlcoveRiser EM7

Final Thoughts

Overuse syndrome occurs even in a confined space. Because ergonomic problems such as wrong positions and angles are present, you must strategize the equipment positions and use them to prevent RSI and MSD (musculoskeletal disorder). Flexispot is here to help you achieve an injury-free workspace through products like their desk converters. With these pieces in your office, you could accomplish a minimalist workspace with ergonomic protection.